The Dinner Debate

(horse galloping and neighing) – And I will take the cheese pasta but with no chicken – Got it

One Margherita pizza and one pasta, no chicken – Got it – Sounds good – Thank you – I'm starving

– Same I'm withering away, like my cup size is decreasing – I mean, I'm just gonna devour this – I have an involuntary thigh gap right now – Here you go

– Oh, what, that was really fast – Didn't want the video to run too long – Oh, sure – Thank you – And your pizza will be out in a minute

– Oh (upbeat music) – [Lilly] Am I allowed to start eating? Let's evaluate the situation There's two other people here What are they doing? She's waiting She's not waiting

But do you really wanna be associated with Danielle – And technically, that's not even incest 'cause we were drunk (laughs) – [Lilly] Okay, definitely not Ugh, what's taking so long? What if I had a medical condition? – You have a rare condition called mozzarella deficiency It's important you consume cheeses right away

– [Lilly] Oh my God, yeah, what if that's true? I'll bet you, like one of out eight people are at risk I should say something – You guys should definitely start eating, don't wait for me – Oh, great! Okay, cool! – No, don't be silly, of course we'll wait – [Lilly] What the F did you just say? Do I agree or screw it? Just take a bite

But what if I take a bite and she never forgets this? – Whatever you do, don't tell Lilly about my party, I don't want her to eat all the food before it's polite people get a chance – [Lilly] (sighs) And Brit is rich So her parties are lit – Seriously, eat, it'll get cold – [Lilly] Oh my God, you know what? She's right, not eating this immediately would be really offensive

I don't wanna disrespect the chef Imagine he's watching me right now thinking, – They don't want to eat my food! I've got shame to my entire family – [Lilly] Honestly, this is so dumb I should just eat, who is even keeping track? – This determines everything – [Lilly] And it's not like we waiting is gonna bring her food faster

Just F it – And one Margherita pizza The chef saw your friends waiting so he made it faster – Jesus Christ, finally Oh, excuse me, there's chicken in this

– I am so sorry I will get you a new one right away – Oh, okay (upbeat music) – These rude motherfu (loud bang) Thank you so much for watching this video, you liked it, give it a big thumbs up, or if you think my puppy is cute, also give it a thumbs up My last comedy video right over there, second vlog channel there Super hands tees re-stocked, lillysinghcom

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