The Difference Between Brown and White Girls

O my God, I have very Intoxicated yesterday, I drank about 14 doses of tequila Hey girl, I have a very Intoxicated yesterday Where he drank a box full of drink Smirnoff Ice alcohol Oh, girl, I can not I am busy on Saturday My niece to marry No, I can not, I'm busy this month My niece to marry Darn, and then, we exchanged kisses Then, we captured each other's hands Mom, do not! Concept? Stop yelling at me! What ?! I told you How much are you stupid !!! I hate you, stupid! Stupid! I'm sorry mom, I've learned my lesson Mom, I told you that I am sorry Mom, I told you that I am sorry -asamta! Mom, I have obtained the (+ B) (study sign means a very good high, which is the third best mark) (A sign of study means a very good high, which is the third best mark) Mom, I have obtained the (+ B) Hello, hello to our house, let me introduce you to our family This mom Kalin, dad, Paul, and my sister Ashley Hello, hello to our house you some juice This is my father esteemed, respected my mother, my sister and respectable Darn, girl I seem wonderful in Kevin's published by Welcome? Welcome? I'm fine, Listen I want you to MAKE that image that I have numerous dedicated to my friend, okay? BEST FRIEND I have my family in Facebook Facebook I'm sorry I have not had the opportunity to introduce myself last week Colin Edward I You Bella? Yup you are going? Please do not go

Sorry, I do not think we met before Jessica No I do not think we met before But, Welcome to my uncle Alhterm, how are you? Mom Hla told decaffeinated please I'll be at the bottom within a minute Listen, Larkin your car down the street will meet you there Well, for my mother I will wear this My mom will kill me! (American song) (Song Indian Bolioodah) (American song) (Song Indian Bolioodah) (American song) (Song Indian Bolioodah) Well, see you tomorrow girl, Enjoy at his home Do not go with you! Thank! Thank! Arkpa in the taxi! Frankly, sometimes I wish us to have "secret language" even Incny us to talk about people in public places, do you understand what I mean? Whatever, then you (Speak Balbannjabah): Look to Is this even a skirt? Did not bounce underwear by? We've gone crazy (American song) (Song Indian Bolioodah) I totally agree to do so A, I totally do that approval

If you did not tell anyone, right? I can not wait for Samra Can we Um kinder to sit in the shade? Do you want to quarrel? Is Is this the girl would like a fight? What? Bring me a hidden Carry me "Abannda"

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