The #BraToss Challenge (#GirlLove)

– What up everyone it's your girl, Superwoman But, some people call me Lilly, and I am the proud creator of Girl Love

Girl Love is a social good campaign that encourages women to support other women, because when women are empowered, everyone wins In just one year, Girl Love has had tremendous impact What up everyone it's your girl Superwoman, and welcome to the girl love series (upbeat music) – [All] Spread Girl Love! – We've determined that it's super cool to compliment other women, but this year, I want us to go one step further in showing our support Yup, I'm talking this kind of support

And once again, I'm asking my friends to join me – Hi, I'm Charlize Theron – I'm Winnie Harlow – Tia Mowry – I'm Victoria

– Laura DIY – Stephanie McMahon – And this is my bra – My bra – My bra

– I know, it's cotton, that's how I like it – I'm tossing it in support of strong, powerful women everywhere – And I challenge you to do the same – This is – The bra toss

– The bra toss – Post a video on Twitter or Instagram, – Tossing your bra in support of an amazing woman in your life – Then tag that woman, plus two others that you want to take this challenge – Use the hashtag Bratoss or hashtag girllove – If you get tagged, it's your turn to bra toss

– Ladies we all know – A little support can go a long way – Whoo! – Oh, that wasn't even close – The challenge starts now Tag, you're it

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