The BEST Gift To Get Your Mom!!

(sleigh bells) – Psst! Lilly! – Yeah? Did you just have a seizure? – No, no! Shh, shh! I am doing sign language – You want me to watch you give birth? – No, dumb girl! I am saying, "What Christmas present I should buy your mom?" – How does that mean what you just did? – Hello! "What present I should get mom?" – I dunno

What about like, perfume? – Bleh – Okay, jewelry – Meh – Ooh, what about a nice purse? – Nah – Okay, a Ferrari! What do you want from me? – Be serious, okay? I want to give Mommy something really nice

You know, I was reading article on Google and they say if somebody already have everything and you don't know what to get them, you improve something they already have – Hmm Improve something – Yeah! But everything she have already perfect! – Hmm – You know what I mean? (burps) Whew

Was samosas! – Hmm Well, maybe not everything is perfect – What are you thinking? – I got it Hold on Hey, yo

Do you think you can come over for a bit? I need your help – Really? You ordering pizza? Okay, tell them well done, okay? – Nope You are getting a makeover – Huh? (doorbell rings) (battle music) – No, no thank you I don't need makeover

I am very handsome guy People thinking I look just like Johnny Depp Look at my selfie – Wait, wait, wait I got a better idea

(whispering) All right, Ingrid, I need you to work your magic Go through everything I own and create the perfect DIY outfit for my dad

I know if anyone can do it, girl, it's you – All right, Pops! Time for your new outfit! – Huh? What's wrong with this, huh? This brand-new gray shirt! (sighs) What size is this? – Um, your size – No, no Sometimes my muscle rips right through I'm putting on – Uh, cool

– Thank you – Cool Very cool You like the gym? – That's right The gym like me! – Oh! – You know what I mean? That's right! – Okay, that's it! You're all set! – Oh, I understand! You dress me like a firefighter! The sexy guy! That's right! – No, a pirate! – Pirate? Oh, I understand! Like Titanic! – No! Pirates of the Caribbean! – Huh? Caribbean? But I am from India! – Okay, pirate from India

– Pirate from India! Captain Jack Deep Sparrow! – Good job, muffin Now that he's dressed like Johnny Depp, I think he should actually look like Johnny Depp – Candy, work your magic, girl (laughs) – Candy? No candy for me, please! I am diabetic (sneezes) (Pirates of the Caribbean-esque music) Hello

– Damn, Candy! Damn! High five! High five! (all three cheering) – My mom is going to love this gift – Hello there, pretty thing – Huh? Huh?! – It's me, Manjeet – Manjeet?! What the bloody hell are you doing? – I'm a pirate, babe – Like Titanic? – What? No, no, no, no! From Pirate of the Caribbean, eh? – But you from India

– Okay, Pirate of India! Same thing! Hello – Why you dressed like this, huh? – Because it's Christmas, love And I thought I'd give you something a little special – What, what? Oh, Manjeet! Manjeet! Manjeet! No, Manjeet I don't want this

(record scratch) I don't want you thinking you have to change for me, okay? I love you the way you are I love you for Manjeet Manjeet is bloody perfect the way he is, okay? – I love you so much You know, you make me feel so happy – And I don't want him change ever

– Really, baby? – No, pfft! I'm just kidding! This is the bloody best present ever! Come over here, Johnny! – You bloody mean, okay? You, me, no, no! Okay, if you don't like Manjeet for Manjeet, Manjeet no sleeping with you! Okay? – Johnny! Johnny! – But Captain Jack Deep Sparrow, on the other hand – Thanks so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed that video! Thank you so much to Ingrid and to Candy for making this video! – Group hug! – And if you don't know who these gorgeous women are, why, why? All of their links are in the description Check out their channels because they are awesome sauce! If you liked this video, give it a big thumbs up! Make sure you comment below! If you wanna check out my last video, it is over there

My vlogs are over there And make sure you subscribe! Because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday Y'all wanna try my outtro? See if you can do it? – Yeah – Okay, here we go One love

Superwoman! Here it comes You got it? – What? Wait, what? – That is a wrap! And, zoop! Girl's night! Girl's night! Girl's night!

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