The 5 Stages to Becoming a Fangirl (ft. Grace Helbig)

♫ Where in the world is Superwoman today? ♫ Well I'm actually in Sydney, Australia but I recorded this in advance because, responsibility What up, everyone? It's your girl, Superwoman

And yes, someone pointed out that I look at the S every single time and my eyes get crossed, yeah, ISuperwom- see? And scientific fact, did you know there are actually more fangirls populating planet Earth than pandas? And besides the fact that I totally made that fact up, you know it's probably true And there's nothing to be ashamed of, kind of, sorta, I mean pandas are pretty awesome

We all have a little fangirl inside of us, especially you boys I mean, I fangirl sometimes The Rock, Selena Gomez, Alex Russo Shut up, shut up, no, they're different people who are both real And through my own inability to have chill, I've identified the five stages of becoming a fangirl

Stage one: Discovery Now this is that joyous and confusing moment where you discover Idol X, totally unaware that your entire life is about to change ("You belong with me" by Taylor Swift) – Who is this? – Taylor Swift, oh yeah I heard some girls at school talking about her, she's cute – She is, but like do I like this song? – I'm still deciding – Same

Like I think I do Let's watch another one This one's called "Trouble" Stage two: Instant obsession Now this stage can occur anywhere from 20 seconds to one month after discovery, and it is when your body, heart, mind, soul and hormones decide you just like this person, no no no no, okay? You are obsessed with this person ("Trouble" by Taylor Swift) – I love her! – She is my everything! – I can't even

Look at me I can't even, like I'm trying to even, but I can't – Bae! – Mom! – I'm crying! – Slay me! – I died – I am deceased! Stage three: Fandom In this stage, you either create a fandom/fan club, or you join one, but either way it doesn't matter because now this is your full-time job, and other things like eating, sleeping, socializing with other human beingsno longer a priority (quirky music) – Okay done, I changed my twitter to "Swiftie5ever" – My Instagram is now "Taytayisbaebae7" – That's good

Oh my God Her new song comes out in seven days We have to start camping on Twitter – Australia's fandom already started because for them, it's six days – Oh my God, like all of their posts

– Of course, because – (together) We're not a fan club We're a family

– Stage four: Defence line Now that Idol X is your everything, you become protective, which means that if any person were silly enough to ever try to hurt them, you will destroy them! ♫ 'Cause baby now we got bad blood ♫ and it used to be mad love ♫ – Wait wait, wait wait wait – What? – Stop, stop – What? That's the best part! – A critic just posted something mean about Taylor – What? What? Let me see – (together) Mom needs us! (intense music) – How dare you say such mean things about Taylor? – Let me remind you about all of the charity work she does – Let's get #WeLoveYouTaylor trending

Come on Swifties! – That's right, you know and she's against cyberbullying – I will drag you – Remember that time she had a benefit concert to help the victims of a tornado? – You don't even know her like how I know her! (groans) Stage Five: Turmoil You've dedicated all of your days to loving Idol X, and now you only want two things Number one, to be noticed, okay? Number two, to become them and when you realize that neither of these two things are happeningit hurts – I just want her to notice me – Oh my God Same

I tweeted her 4,019 times today, okay? I reached my tweet limit – What if she never notices us? – Don't say that! And honestly either way, it doesn't matter because I am gonna support her forever – Obviously – Oh my God Oh my God

She posted a picture with Selena – I'm crying! – Squad goals – Life goals – Best friend goals – Oh they're so pretty it hurts, it hurts me! Swear to God, if I don't wake up tomorrow as Selena Gomez, I'm gonna be so upset

True story though – Hey, I hope you enjoyed that video with Grace Helbig Thanks for being on my channel, Grace – Look at us – Thanks for having me – being adults and stuff

– Yeah If you liked the video, make sure you give it a big thumbs up, make sure you comment below, and make sure you check out Grace's channel You can click her face, or check the link in the description because we did a video on her channel aboutwhat was it again? – It's about Mean Girls We recast the movie of Mean Girls using YouTubers – Freakin' amazing, so make sure you check that out And subscribe to her, and she does – You know what I mean, – You know Grace – You do whatever you wanted to do – You know Grace – It's a very passive-aggressive time over on my channel, so do whatever you want

– Check out my last video, it's right there You can check out my vlog over there, and subscribe because I'm making new videos every Monday and Thursday – You wanna try and do something with me? – Yeah, how do I do it? – One love – One love – Superwoman

– Oh shitthat's this right? – Yes! – That is a wrap, and zoop! – Okay – Killing it

– Did we do it? – Amazing! – I feel good – I am deceased – We are dumb (laughing) This is the best acting I think I've ever done – If I don't wake up tomorrow looking like Selena Gomez, I'm gonna be so upset! – Me too! (laughing) I'm gonna be so pissed at you

– I'm laughing because this is me – This is your life This is just a documentary, this is not a sketch Welcome to, what's up, (mumbles) documentary This is what you paid for

– I'm gonna be so upset – You should be (laughing) – God, you're tall – I know My mom did it

– (groans) Mom! Mom Helbig – Sorry – Am I looking in here? – Yeah – I definitely looked that way

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