Targeted Ads | Horror Movie Trailer

– Yeah, I've always wanted to go to Hawaii I know, the water looks so blue we should totally

(suspenseful orchestral music) Hey, I'll call you back (suspenseful orchestral music) Do you ever feel like someone is following you? Someone who knows you a little too well (suspenseful orchestral music) Tracking your every move

All the time, no matter where you are (suspenseful orchestral music) Always watching you (dramatic orchestral music) (lock clicks) I'm not alone They know everything, where I wanna go, what products I want! Don't you get it? They're listening all the time even right now How do you know? August 1st at 11 a

m, I was getting Starbucks At 11:13 am I Instagrammed my green tea latte That's the algorithm

The algorithm knows – There is no algorithm! It's in your head – It's not in my head! Don't say anything Don't want anything Don't talk about anything

Where are you? (dramatic orchestral music) Where's my credit card? – No, Lilly – No, no! – Don't do it It's what they want – I have to, I need to! (dramatic orchestral music) Shh, don't say anything Don't say anything, don't say anything

– Lilly, I think you need a doctor (dramatic orchestral music) – Yo, did you like that video? Because I love it I'm actually thinking about making this a series So comment below and let me know if you would like that If you wanna watch more videos like this one Click right over there

My second blog channel where you can see what I do behind the scenes and all that stuff is right over there And make sure you click subscribe because I do new videos every Monday and Thursday One love Superwoman, that is a wrap And

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