Talk back to me (Lilly Diss) IISuperwomanII

i didn't want to have to go into this now But my daughter very bad and she always acting out so i diss her on this track kids hear me shout better rap than the crap coming out of Lilly's mouth (ohh) she think she cool she got so many views (so many views) she on TV, everyday on the news but they only watch for me now, ain't that the truth that's why that ask about your mummy, daddy in interviews 6 million sub and she don't pay no rent (no rent) i'm over it like i am jumping the fence am i your mom or am i your bank accountant? get out my house now let me buy you a tent they say you look like your mom i'm like, don't insult me i have a curves she wear extra large tee i have two kids people think i have three they see photo of you and they ask, who is he? screw loose her mind not ok they making a scary movie about her birthday her brain is backwards they call her cray, cray that's why she always wear her hat the wrong way why you put all these holes in your face? huh? you could change your name to Helbig still won't have grace and they won't call you that grace no they take one look at you and they call you disgrace talk back to me now take it easy talk back to me now take it easy you want to talk back to me i will cancel weefee leave your YouTube channel looking like a static TV i don't know about computers i am no Bill Gates but i pay my own bill something you can't say you're acting like royalty in my house everyday and i'm still waiting for my royalties to be paid your closet full but you still shopping more clothes for tour gonna make us all poor spending cash like it's your mom's store but wait, is that your world tour or your mom's store (oohh) cuz i cam hear them chanting my name Paramjeet, Paramjeet now who really got fame post a status (post a status) and ask them what they won't see 900 likes on a video with Paramjeet now you forget about me like the clothes you don't fold huh? forget about me like the clothes you don't fold i am boss i will bring storm so cold mother nature will tag me and write #goals 10 hours of labour and pain and you still so selfish it's a shame never think of anyone as for a change that's why have ii around your dumb name heehhh that's it you hear me you bloody not going to get your channel back until you apologize to me, okay and you, you watching this at home i want you tell everybody paramjeet is here okay oh, and Lilly you grounded dumb kid go to your room (go to your room!) (go to your room!) (go to your room!) (go to your room!) (go to your room!) (go to your room!) heehhh!

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