Take it Easy!! (Paramjeet Diss)

(music plays from computer) ♫ Talk back to me, ♫ Now take it easy ♫ Talk back to me, now take it easy ♫ Do you wanna talk back to me? ♫ I will cancel weefee ♫ And leave your Youtube channel ♫ Looking like static TV ♫ I don't know about computers ♫ I am no Bill Gates, but ♫ (laptop slams shut) – Aiiiiiiight What up everyone? It's your girl Superwoman

As you can see, I've got my channel back, which means I apologized to my mom and she said that I have to apologize publicly on video as my first video So I decided to do that In fact, I wanted to apologize to you so much that I got you a cake, because you told me to take it easy So, this is my official apology to you And I even wrote you a song about it

So, I hope you can forgive me Paramjeet ♫ Talk back to you, I take it easy ♫ Talk back to you, I take it easy ♫ Talk back to you, I take it easy ♫ My mom thinks I'm the worse ♫ Imma diss her on this verse ♫ My mom hates when I wear really baggy pants ♫ She states I'll never find a boy, I dress like a man ♫ I think she'd really enjoy ♫ If I wasn't such a tomboy ♫ And worse low rise jeans with a bit of my thong showing ♫ Would you like that ♫ 'Cause then I'd get all the men ♫ And we can sleep together outside in my brand new tent ♫ You never let me be Barbie but I'm supposed to find Ken ♫ You taking out space in my brain ♫ Like, you owe me some rent ♫ You say you don't need me ♫ You say that easily ♫ Say that next time you try to play a DVD ♫ Or work the TV or fix the weefee ♫ Ask Siri, I bet she'll say to go ask Lilly ♫ And yes, it was your girl's tour ♫ A first for me, loved it for me ♫ Not 'cause you gave birth to me ♫ You tryna to take that credit ♫ That don't work for me ♫ It wasn't called a trip to go get groceries ♫ And you say my brain backwards and that I'm crazy ♫ Here's a quick question, was it you who raised me ♫ So your lies don't phase me ♫ I know you don't hate me ♫ Next family party, girl, you gonna praise me ♫ Like, my daughter's so this, and my daughter's so that ♫ She got six million sub, look, they give her gold plaque ♫ And I always support ♫ Yea, you talkin' pure smack ♫ When I was ten, I had to lie to use MSN chat ♫ I don't know how to cook, I am no Bobby Flay ♫ But I can work a camera ♫ That's something you can't say ♫ Remember when you took pics ♫ We was on vacay ♫ And you came home with pics of just some white blank space ♫ Yea, that's some Taylor Swift shhh right there ♫ Now we got bad blood, feel a drip right there ♫ Man, I'm only 26, I got mad white hair ♫ It's cause hearing you nag, it's like a bad nightmare ♫ Why you always compare me to other kids, huh ♫ 'Cause you don't know the crap that they did, nah ♫ You mad at me for making videos with wigs, what ♫ Our neighbor's got a man ♫ She's got a hickey this freakin' big ♫ And I act like royalty, like what you talkin' about ♫ If I was queen, I wouldn't have to hear you shout ♫ Be your slaves who don't open our mouths ♫ 'Cause you're like King Joffery inside this house ♫ Why you always tryna start, huh ♫ You can change your name to Mamrie, still won't have heart ♫ And Lilly's not bad, that's not what people think ♫ They see my mom and they're like Lilly deserves a drink ♫ I'm living in a crazy house, someone save me ♫ 'Cause until I get married, I am not amazing ♫ And my mom treats me like I'm a kid lately ♫ I am a grown woman, I am not your baby ♫ Let's switch it up, yea ♫ We going back to back ♫ I am not your little baby ♫ I am not your little baby, now ♫ Pay my own bills, I'm about to buy my own house ♫ Say you want me gone, yea, ♫ You say that I should disappear ♫ But when I leave for good, man, ♫ Your eyes gonna be filled with tears ♫ I am not your little baby ♫ I am not your little baby still ♫ Keep watching some Ice Age ♫ 'Cause you really need to chill ♫ You say I caused you trauma ♫ 'Cause I'm always starting drama ♫ Well, call me WillIAm 'cause I got it from my mama ♫ Talk back to you, I take it easy ♫ Talk back to you, I take it easy ♫ I said, talk back to you, I take it easy ♫ Talk back to you, I take it easy ♫ I said, talk back to you, I take it easy ♫ Talk back to you, I take it easy, yea ♫ Yo, what's up! It's Lilly and I got my channel back! I hope you like this video If you did, comment below

Give it a big thumbs up You can also check out the diss track that Paramjeet made against me It is right there I'll also put the link in the description just in case the annotation don't work on your phone You can also check out my daily vlogs right there

Yo, I'm trying to hit a million subs on that channel and we're so close, so click that, check it out if you've never seen them before, and subscribe Most importantly, make sure you subscribe to this channel, because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday, and I'd love for you to be there! One love Superwoman That is a rap! And zoop! Get the F out of my video! – What? (laughter)

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