Subscriber Shout Outs, Channel Updates & My love for IISuperwomanII

ok oh my god I people alive I wait until I get a few views and then I'll start my live broadcast right so let's be can't this can't oh good lord start out all the way to watching hey guys hey I am so so sorry that I was late I i had a very very interesting afternoon to say the least anyway I am so sorry that I'm late and I had so much stuff to do I had to grab dinner i still haven't eaten dinner yet just so you guys know i have not eaten yet but it's ok because i wanted to get this live stream starboard and get things going and yeah uh anyway I went to chipotle way I still at what you guys don't even know the line was out the door and anyway it was lenders I had some things to do this afternoon again I'm sorry everyone saying hi greetings salutations just eat peanut butter half you still think about long uses but you're missing a in there anyway i am so happy you guys are here it's good to see you guys and god yes like I said it's been quite an eventful day quite eventful afternoon and I'm glad to be with you guys like knowing that you guys are here is just amazing anyway first things first let's get a few things out of the way so that i can tell you guys kind of what's going on tell you some awesome surprises and a but it's okay yeah yeah anyway first use of yes you did get old by the way i didnt be four you get old but if you're gonna tell me to do something come with me for your work spelt correctly but it's all good because I spell a ton of words incorrectly so that we can front of you which just effects of life anyway oh so let's wait a couple minutes and see if you will people get online and that will start with the news i'll do some shout out but tell me why don't you guys tell me how your day was let me know and just chat biggie tell me how your day was I would love to go that we just pull up a few things online and the doorbell rang that is not for me I wonder who that is for was that way was not really all a somebody said their day wasn't very good why was it why wasn't your day very good so many other ways whoa-oh-oh glad your day was also well I'm not giving you Toby's addressed that's just weird on so many levels and I've been a few you to conferences and I've heard the people jumping on the back of the legs buses like tour buses and doing all this crazy stuff so no I'm not giving told me insulation or wait because i had no no no yeah i do just going to have to figure that out yourself buddy but I'm I'm glad everyone's day for the most part was fairly decent I like we got a field work viewers so i guess i can start going in to let's see i'm reading something I was the only wanted eighth-grade that didn't get acknowledged for helping to possible with those donations well I'm sorry you did not get the knowledge that definitely sucks but and I know right now what your age you probably think a hugely you probably think that this is the worst side and look what I promised you would get better it's not definite its that committed oh you'll be fine I mean you're going to be doing a stage which you're probably in high school Susan once you get to high school and college never got stuck you didn't never school no matter so well but he asked me and I ok now ok why wouldn't I be anyway look at all these people truth joint huh I feel so happy anyway let's get on to doing a all you think my hair's 30 minutes Thank you Thank You of anyway let's go on to the look and crannies of this episode alright so first thing I want to tell you guys is that over the past week i have gamed a thousand subscribers and 00 t man thank you for the compliment about your first live streams thank you anyway let's get on to some of things first I want to tell you over the past week and a half or we have gained a thousand subscribers and i would like to thank all of you with you share my videos and if you did this and that I reached about a thousand over thousand subscribers this week and I am so truly grateful but some of people i know that you guys have been calling me some nasty names i deleted some of their college because of a photo that i re-entered physical form out there for smaller youtube channels and I went on that for what you do was are you gain a few subscribers everyday and you put your name uh you put your name on a list and it shows up for like a day at all anyway of anything people were pointing that out yes I did join they formed to help us like travel you don't by views and you don't do anything you just put your name up there people can look at your material and decide if they like it or not and people with like lying i subscribe to their channel and they subscribed to my channel and that tell it works so first of all let me tell you this to anyone out there who is bad that i use a following to help give myself more exposure out there and you to gain subscribers number one how do you know i'm on this website if you're not on it yourself that's the first thing double to any youtuber out there of any youtuber out there I don't know what some of these people and I'm not accusing you guys but uh uh anyway hold on give the one sec alright so I'd sorry guys that guy or whatever his neighbors that were erased the skies for the last time I deleted him i just love had a band people for my checks and I'm not having any kind of heat in my chair that's just not good at this is a place of positivity and loves and will do you keep it that way anyway gets thing that i want to say is that yeah like I was saying about this uh this website yeah I'm on this website is tough to put out there and plenty of not you guys but for heavy of you out there who feel like just because you put a just because you put a video out there you're not automatically gonna get seen and don't say YouTube is overpopulated with you go other people i'm just saying that you gotta do things to put your name out there or else you're not going to get out there are so many other awesome youtubers out there so that yes i use the website to help me get words closure so people know who I am it's kind of like putting stuff on whether i'm going to do it and it just so happened that people want to buy context i subscribe to them at gay subscribe to me and that's just how it works no I'm not sorry i use this website and yeah anyway uh yeah awesome I've done best planting about that so oh yes anyway which leads me to uh no I don't need to do the shout out yet like I just got here anyway I just got on here fire fighter goal yeah that's your lips i just got on here so of your that way anyway which brings me to my next thing i want to talk about Oh a lot of you guys asked how i started youtube yr started YouTube are the videos and the way about that but it's time you guys know why it's not an obsession i am just extremely passionate why i said Lily say i want her she's probably my favorite youtuber I cannot wait until I meet oh my god i posted yesterday was a birthday i posted a picture of her which I never do oh my god also decided I think she's beautiful she's only installation or she's just awesome and i hope i could have happened channel as far as like what you stand for I hope I can be half the person was so passionate and stands for the things that she stands for oh forgot other way moving on so we're going to get to the shouts go because I that's why most of you came huge that's always going to be but because you watch shouts uh you guys seriously this is my beautiful face a beautiful face and all you care about is totally and shout outs and such like I hooked and truly hoped anyway let's start with the shell else now in order for you to get a shout out I need you to like be subscribed to this channel which i think most of you all uh no you're good anyway you gotta be subscribed to this channel if you want to shout and you have to like this video which most of you all subscribed to this channel but if I did you write the video and subscribe to this channel and once you've done that we will start with the shell out so uh send me some questions that would be awesome but post there to shoutouts I need to give to a couple people are actually there are three shoutouts that I need to give to people so let me pull that up right now and then we will go from there you can do okay what's your favorite food I came all people here well what's like shoe size that that's weird i'll answer all those questions a-anyway first thing let me oh no it's fine he anyway first thing I want you guys to do another way i'm going to give you guys a shout out is this first thing I need to do is I just part and Instagram think that's a really good flecks of black line who she is and uh she's inspiring uh oh I guess photographer and everything so we put it in right here if you guys have an instagram i would like you to get you like photography and everything she's a really of she's a really good person that i really like you guys to follow this individual good on instagram because she is super super awsome I so yeah that's the first thing I need you to do is uh I suppose that I need to do is to follow her your banana oh good lord here's a pretty bad i need you guys to follow her on Instagram you have it really good friend of line is really cool photography and I know we need you guys to do there and i'll be another way you guys the shell so ways to get shall L subscribe to this channel like this video and follow the way that I put right here i'll put in bed and that would be awesome I so wow look at all these questions good God anyway next thing I need you guys to do is most of you have facebook right if you have facebook of Jesus Christmas most of you guys have facebook i assume i know this is kind of boiling right now but I want to get the logistics out the way so I can answer your questions we could have some fun and will be awesome so just let me get hold off on the questions for a couple minutes let me get these logistics out of the way and then i'll do a while shout out I promise like you guys have facebook i want you to this is my facebook page i want you guys to like my facebook page and the reason why I want you guys to like it so what things like this happen again and I'd like 20 minutes late the one-mile-wide strange you guys will know and i'll put it on so I want you guys doing it again copy your place I want you guys to go right now if you can and like my facebook page so that we can you guys can stay updated on all those things because i know that a lot of you have twitter or instagram but I don't most of you have all but I know most of you have facebook so i'll put it in a few more times sporadically threw out the light the two-hour strange and thank you guys for being so understanding that I wait for my life's to you oh look at all these people joining hi how are you oh good lord anyway it's fine if you don't have a facebook that's fine but if you do that what that would be awesome I go please like master oh that's a little strange that a little disturbing anyway uh let we put the same again this is why facebook so I want you guys to stay updated on everything that would be really really awesome I next thing of Houston think i got was just a few more things and then we will be able to get to all the shoutout I want to do and uh you'll be awesome just wait but you are going to get your shoutouts that close again please follow me on facebook when you have it you can stay up-to-date on all the stuff like my facebook page it will be are some oh god I had a list of things that I needed done uh oh Jesus I was doing something else and i can't remember what i was going to say oh yes now here is the really important thing guys really really important i am going to be doing a contest starting today so uh chances my wife lying down anyway he's going anyway we're going to be doing a I of gonna sign will be going to contest today and I'm really really excited about it are here is the contest that we are going to do uh well I'm glad the birds are going anyway we're going to do a contest are you guys ready here's a contest i'll go on if you guys have like I said you guys have a face of Facebook or tumblr i want you guys to create some of the best Biebs possible that's what I want you to do so there is by Facebook and oh crap well is like tumblr always be tumbling not working that's crack anyway case in point i'll call batches well I want you guys to do is I want you guys to a I want you guys to send a link on facebook i want you guys to create some games and once i get like women that like twitter by tumblr going i'm gonna put that up you two I want you guys to stake the leaves and i will pick a winner gets $MONEY week if you can come up with the most creative and awesome me and I wanted to be ghastly I don't like disrespectful legs if possible to use profanity that's fine nothing sexual or anything

need or anything like that let's just keep this fun and light-hearted it so I want you guys to wait to me and I want you guys to send it to me through Facebook and Tumblr once i get tumblr up and this is a contest that starts right now and we'll be going blue until the next slide stream gets tuesday and i will pick a winner and you will get a surprise I'm not going to tell you what the surprise is but i'm really excited so again for the rules i'll even take them out here on the wall I'm not gonna take it out i'm too lazy now the rules click some memes put it on my facebook and my tumblr and i will pick a winner and you guys will get a surprise one lucky winner will be getting a surprise gets weak and I am super excited to see how clean and you guys can be so that they got repeated myself enough you guys know what to do of oh you're a tumblr is working i'm so happy i know we just like shoot that we just don't like dashboard and then i'll put that up here and that will be good to go and it will be also dashboard dash board dashboard so there's my tumblr guys create Mesa means leaving on my facebook and leave it on my tumblr and oh also I almost for that all most forgot come on stupid jack there we go there's like Facebook and complex available Oh what you don't believe are awesome what you guys leave the UV with that you've made I want you to hash tabet jazz well so we're going to get a hashtag started a hashtag my game when you a hashtag my name when you make the meeting so we're having a wee in contests facebook tumblr hashtag wagon we'll have a contest and whoever wins will be getting a surprise alright alright i will be like disposing and put it up my social media links throughout the the night and we'll be going from there anyway i want you guys to start secondly questions if you guys want and as you guys are sending me questions i'm going to be doing some shoutouts right gal Oh shiny i'm so excited shouts shell else so no one another thing i'm not going to dab I don't believe a getting stretched no I haven't no gabbing policy and other people want to dab that's awesome but I'm not going to do it anyway shouts use of Gonzalez SuperDuper XD don't be duck get a shout-out gig Brotherhood gets a shout-out team and get another shout-out Joey Thomas deadpool 26 to fireball gets a shout I don't know what some of these people are still watching a chronic wisdom you get a shout what else did I get every party I feel like I got a body Oh Darius Stanley gets a shell you said it's lagging a lot i'm sorry so you guys all got your shoutouts who is this began a guy anyway fireball you got a shout-out to westland you get a shout-out to oh uh anyway I want you guys to go on alright so let's start answering some of your questions and i'll do some more shallows Oh George away laughs and you get a shout-out I did not see you get you still there I'm sorry um somebody asked me to talk about oh never lunge never budge uh okay yeah what you talk about your personal life clearly i don't know if this is the place to talk about your personal life I mean if you want to put up something but just be very careful about what you share and how you share side mean I can't we get out while everyone else time but if you want to share some of your story on here huh I guess you can just be very uh just be very line for of who's watching and who is listening because you can't you can't trust everybody even though I think I can trust you guys you can't trust everybody I'm just putting that out there right now all right one is my favorite type of forward that's a great question i don't watch for that's weird we're going to just move on from there and do that watch know anyway this is fireballs you tube channel and you guys want to subscribe that would be super super awesome and yeah I guys it's kind of gross let's not talk about poor that makes me very uncalled call center and I don't have a block i'm not going to block you guys but I do know how anyway uh yeah let's say moving on to the next question I know you guys ask me questions so i'll try to go back and answer all of them somebody asked me do I like Dexter I what I love dexter the show's over now obviously but Dexter uh yes there was a great show i hated the season finale but its okay its whatever somebody asked me do i think i'm going to make it to 10,000 subscribers i hope i make it to 10,000 subscribers oh but yeah I will make it uh ways potato chips where's potato chips are good what's my favorite type of ways salad clean i don't really like that I don't we like sour cream and onion I just like playing all ships you're gonna untie subscribe why would you untie subscribe yeah let's if I don't I it's ok jazz I'm alive oh my god you guys are funny alright so I'm glad use of store wife uh I don't know what a star both challenge is I don't get it I don't know what you want anyway what's my favorite fast food chain I don't know what it I try to stay away from I don't know how to answer that question i guess if I had to choose a fast-food change it will be 1 DS 1 juice is pretty good-looking people getting like being its original picture to all look at this people are ya whoever's doing this sexual thing I really need you to stop that's that's goes well not gonna be weird and sexual or just here to have fun anyway let me put my things again oops some things what's that the wrong then anyway you look here look here let's do it again that ends my facebook and this is like tumblr don't forget i doing oh we're doing a medium contests throughout the week and i'll pick a winner don't forget to hashtag my game all lower case as well when you leave the wheel next question is do i watch ad away i don't watch at a rage like I used to oh I mean so a world I guess but i'm not really into doing at a way for watching it but it's okay oh you would do you want to be a DUI well your DIY a DIY of what a i'm not very handy so if you guys want to watch the poke my eye out cover finger off because I'm really quite see well oh yes but i'm not really a DIY kind of person galaxy ice cream I don't know what that is wasn't asking some peculiar your questions very peculiar huh let me see something look at all these people for liking my facebook page you guys so please oh I'm like super happy that you guys are doing this like let's get back what what is going on I told like back on here why I put up another screen for a couple seconds and all held late ones what is going on here Oh what you just said that Edward on my thing and have black of course i was thinkin uh anyway let me say how long have I been doing my livestream doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo we have one thumbs down one to go that's horrible go anyway it's all good I uh let's see do I like horror movies i watch horror movies horror movies are pretty damn epic I don't have a favorite horror movie I just know that i love you i like electronic music yeah what's all that music is pretty cool it's not too bad you I'd pop yes I like pop kinda sorta depends on Park of what it is i colored we got a big fan of what is on the radio today but in general i like pop music yes I do like Skrillex skrillex is a i don't know if i call he's definitely electronic i don't know if i call a dubstep i'm going to dubstep that's good do I like gay movies I don't know what the date is I think the movie is just a routine and if you happen to be gauge for in the movie good for you if you want that gay and happy to be in a movie good for you I think our society just to what you're putting people in a box and that is got cool these are some really cool questions i like that you guys are adorable are so yeah these questions are awesome let's see maybe i don't know if i'm going to go for a four hour or four always 45 minutes and that quite sure what I will be doing but we'll figure it out cook you like multiplier PewDiePie oh well I'm trying to be very diplomatic as I answer these texts this next question I mean PewDiePie is ok i'm not really into gaming I have nothing against email I just got uh I just got a gable but what they do is good i'm not quite sugar-work pliers and I'm not sure a couple details but i'm sure that cool what your best me I don't know what I best be it is i know that people have been really mean and a half maybe beams about me and it sets a lily best things so i really don't know what like best beam is uh I just do that some people have been being to me so I try to stay away from it a little concerned about doing us of this contest because I hope people are too gasps closely for we shall see uh it's a joke do you ever do cooking what do you usually eat i can cook i think on a little crazy when I can cook i made pasta pasta pasta and wall pasta cereal I'm really good at cooking cereal oh I would bad ants sandwich maker uh yeah you have a disability so I guess Cory is you to the channel yeah I do have a disability calling she's me and something yeah I do have a disability of uh that's why I started this YouTube channel because i want to bring to light the fact that sometimes people with disabilities don't get treated well or something will think that disabled people don't do anything with their lives and that's very hopeful I've actually had somebody tell me that I was going to go to hell because God would never make anything as ugly and I am so that will be holy to do it somebody would be that need to say that he walk you disable and you're ugly and yes so it's it's it's it's fine well thank you thank you thank you for telling me thank you for telling me fuck the disabled but to answer but to answer some of your questions you're actually kidding how are you kidding like that's not funny to say something like that like you're the reason that i created this channel whether you think it's a joke well not that was very different spectral and hopeful towards it all right other questions what's your favorite holiday movie I don't know what my favorite hollow is uh yeah it's ugly oh god i'll come back to that question to answer about my contact you can we use any editor you can use whatever you want just sent me the mean and hashtag jazz well uh yeah that wasn't funny at all I don't know why you thought that was something to say but he learned his lesson have you know we won't his lesson anyway like I said again you just do give me one second guys I'm looking up something right now now that was a good we that was and also be actually I really liked that 1i think you'll be that's true but because he stopped talking but I think he was the one that gave my video a thumbs down but it's okay uh anyway we're going to say you see if I just saw you your being and I think it's hilarious but I be you oh well but i do you put it on my actual wall like talking about my actual facebook to I actual facebook wall but I thought it was awesome anyway oh yeah anyway so that was really funny don't forget to hashtag jazz well that would do super super dope that you could do that that would make me happy that's my facebook i don't know how to do that how do you not know how to do that all you do is like just post it on Facebook wall that's all you have to do um yeah that's my facebook and here's my tumblr so yeah send a few more questions i'm probably going to beg the wife stream and that we're going to about 10 minutes I'll be ending the live stream so yes that would be super awesome to send me some questions uh yes so that's a lovely thing to say wonderful such what you thought ah it's such a wonderful thing to say give me one second guides so i just banned this cory guy from my account hell no longer be able to post stuff at all we don't need that kind of negativity and all a day ok anyway please each one plz a 20 x 67 and great day how are you do I shop in the children's section of clothing ah no I do not shop at wall I just get a small like an adult small but also the person who said that you loved me and I hope I could come to you and told his wedding I hope I can cover this morning's ship soon do I shop at the mall no I don't shop at the ball I actually shopping uh I think shopping a why uh I right shopping for I went shopping for a while shopping shopping technology and I like shopping for sneakers but when it comes to actual clothing i actually really really hate it it bothers me god I hate it its it's awful we have the same shirt size that is also did I see Suicide Squad god yes yes all Suicide Squad it wasn't that it wasn't that great it wasn't great at all it was just it's kind of annoying I mean lifted anybody really expect Suicide Squad to be that good it was ok i know i think he was more Hobday do you think I'm like what do you think elaborate was going a cool gorilla people actually in still talking about halong bay that happened over the summer just let it die the poor girl i mean first of all have you wet as a mother as a parent how do you want your child uh do I blame the parents for hobbies yes yes i do I blame the parents for hobbies death because if they had been watching the child then the zoo that seems me zoom would not have felt the need to shoot the at all I understand why they have to do it it doesn't matter is you Adam wasn't got no human life ship or a double life should be taken so therefore i think the zoo to always say the right thing I think they did the thing that they thought was best for the animal and that happens to be chilled shooting I mean it's better than a terrible dead then the child it's unfortunate but I glad to see that happens so yes I kind of do blame uh somebody should parents should definitely be blamed for pompeii and killed somebody should have got Peter I mean there was no time seriously was go time so that's also oh also to all the people that believe that you guys but to all the people that are leaving gasti comments or buy YouTube and now on youtube and that disliking live video that's not going to stop me from that's not gonna stop me from making videos you're not gonna stop me from doing this like I have a purpose i want to be successful and I'm not going to have some punk-ass people trying to get me down so yes huh hold on how do i do the thing with the be you wave to me and then you just upload the picture onto my facebook i don't know how to answer that question yeah I'm sorry people are idiots all be a bit just ignore your already successful thank you guys that you guys just enjoy frustrating because sometimes like as you guys know I am disabled sometimes he was no people think they can say even more hopeful things to me and that really upsets me because I'm here to make a difference i want to make people happy and I building I have a purpose and if that sounds too arrogant or too cocky then oh well but i just want to have a purpose I want to inspire people and I want to make others happy so yeah again here is why facebook and here is by tumblr so you guys haven't please post the movie or just follow as i'm going to try to post every day and on tumblr and don't forget to hashtag as well also do any of you have Instagram got asked this question before oh you guys are so sweet uh they should have killed the kid instead of how long oh I don't know you're joking about um I understand that you may be an admirable welder and I don't really know how to adjust that situation but i guess because I uh because I'm passionate about he wins uh oh why's that because I'm passionate about your rooms I think the kitchens lived I wish that the kid or around bay oh the cute all the while back I wish y'all would have gotten killed but at least it was that uh that was like here I will publish them i don't know if i punish like it i mean all I mean the kid was little it was really a buck so the kid was well i don't know if i would punish the kid I feel so as a parent when you can is that young you need to be on them Katt Williams was like about the zookeepers ate that the truth I feel like as a parent you should have a hold of your kid I know that you can't have watch your kid every second of every day but especially at a zoo everyone so there's no excuse for why this kid's got home ah yeah alright so I'm going to be wrapping things up guys because it's getting close uh because it's getting close to the end of my weekly show are again so Oh guys you don't have to get to the hole I could debate you anyway let's do something housekeeping things before i get to go in don't forget this beam I know you don't want me to go but I have to eat i have to have talked to my roommates and I have eaten since like the time that eat everything since like 11 o'clock this morning I need help to upload this someone help all of you guys you don't want to lose you making me so happy anyway let me see how i can post a anyway oh dear lord help you god it's like it's going down hill now yeah we anyway and help to upload it you should have you that know how to use this I'm very confused anyway uh here uh oh I was it that wasn't nice you should have said that Congress that anyway let's do some quick housekeeping things before i end this episode don't forget you guys have you guys have a week actually we will get more people the moment uh okay well done with this person uh anyway I just bad that guy from our conversations did you post it did you post it and you post it so excited did you post it all you have to do is just upload it and put it like on my wall so that would be pretty awesome anyway I'm sorry for all the pain that was put on you today you can hey shout out to bag drag known for being here uh anyway oh good lord he figured it out i think i got it looking bad usage in a bit of first one to do a meal this is awesome so let's go through the rules again well here's the thing by gets Tuesday you guys are going to be leaving memes or like Facebook and write instead of my Instagram my facebook and why tumblr uh what help hold on hold on hold on let me check the cell causing and dying packing up a lot uh-oh did you post it did you post it no we didn't post it oh well for keep shelly uh who do you want to be President who I want to be President I want Western the whole to be President and if you guys don't know who was the whole is he if you guys watching the baby last night let your whole was the guy who uh Lester Holt was the guy that was the common teeter forward to the debate he should be President he choked a lot of points last night so yes uh Lester Holt for president anyway anyone but trunk and that the truth aight that the truth anyway I'll find a way to post the beach if you can't figure it out but keep trying all you have to do is just make the picture and then upload it chill a like my Facebook or tumblr i will be leaving that in the description like Belle control seen a sack control there is like Facebook and here is like top work don't forget to leave some awesome means though I will be cooking a winner next tuesday on my livestream at 7pm will get all these people joining I feel bad because i'm going to go into it but yes thank you guys so much this has been another awesome live stream as usual of you guys all amazing as usual you make me so happy i would that be where I am without you guys but have a great night all the people going to bed there's like Instagram and Jesus come on come on jeans got a lot of don't have to keep chickens and here is live Facebook Instagram social media all kinds right here it's also in the description below after and slide strange will be posted so all of you guys can see it uh anyway yes they do guys for joining me don't forget if you want a surprise and to the need contest but that's tuesday and i will be puttin down video on Thursday also guys all these people joining now what I have to close them so anyway you guys to watch this live stream what I've done posted it uh also i have a description that love me oh all i feel so bad wait how long as I god I've gone for an hour and five minutes i'll go for like a 20 minutes to roll it enough to get these shall helps so many 2014 and kt gold book you guys got your shoutouts so thank you guys for tuning in also have a po box so that was super cool if you got it you guys with something a little bigger whatever because I know if you view the comments said you had some fans alt that you wanted to send me my po box will be in the description of this video at all all my other videos I'm going to get going thank you guys so much for the support and don't forget to enter the main contest have a fantastic evening or day wherever you are and stay blessed I've

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