Struggles Of Traveling Abroad

– What's cookin' good lookin'! (shimmering) A new movie featuring two strong female leads? Yes I will do a #ad Don't mind if I do

Shout outs to The Spy Who Dumped Me for sponsoring this video but honestly, I probably would have bragged about it anyway Let me break it down for you Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon are two BFFs that travel Europe and it's a hot mess, and I was watching this movie like oh my God, they made a documentary about me So me! Except for the part about being Mila Kunis because she's in shape Don't get me wrong, traveling abroad is dope

I mean, even saying the word abroad makes you sound cooler Do you guys like my scarf? – Meh – Whatever – [Man] It's aight – Oh, I got it abroad

– [Woman] Oh my God, I love it! – How woke! – Culture queen – Having said that, traveling is hectic bruh, the struggle is real in the following ways Segue! Number one, over-packing Me packing for any trip looks very similar to me trying to button jeans, okay, because I have confidence that no matter how much I try to squeeze in there, with a little force, it'll close 'Kay, done

Yeah, no, this is for sure gonna fit Just wait, just wait, this is totally gonna close This is what suitcases are designed to do Guys, push your weight down! Stop pushing up! Almost, almost, almost, what'd I tell you, huh? – Wait, did you pack your makeup? – Aight, let's open it back up Straight up, I could be going on a three day trip, and I'm gonna pack 19 outfits, why? Not to mention, I pack like three or four bras

Like, girl you wear the same bra every day at home That's not gonna change in Europe You're nasty in PST, you're gonna be nasty in GMT Don't play yourself, you trash muffin Number two, anxious customs

I could literally be on my way across the globe to do charity work, to help people, to save the environment But when I approach customs I automatically feel like the biggest criminal Like, I know I'm telling the truth, but in what tone do I tell the truth? And how much of the truth? And, honestly, what if I am doing something illegal? Because I did jaywalk on the way into the airport, I'm sorry I get flustered Okay, calm down

You aren't doing anything wrong Just tell the truth You're visiting your parents Yup, visiting your parents Visiting your parents

– What's the purpose of your visit? – I have drugs Damn you! Here's the gag, I don't even have drugs, okay? I just get nervous and my brain farts! Number three, passport paranoia I'm the type of anxious, stressed out person that needs to check if I have my passport a minimum, minimum, of 95 times before I board any given flight And not only do I check if I have my passport, I have to ensure, compulsively, that it is, in fact, my passport Like, Lilly, whose else's passport is gonna be in your pocket? Okay, wait, do I have my passport? It's mine, check

No, wait, let me make sure I have the right passport Good, we're good Wait, do I have my passport? Wait, is this even mine? It is, it is, whoo! – Passport please? – Ah, yes sir, one second, it is right How? My worst fear, honestly it's my worst fear Between that, and triple confirming that my phone is on silent during a movie, my life is just wasting away

No, I'm stopping this right now No more wasting my time on this No more double checking! Wait, am I recording? Number four, random selection So obviously, because I'm a brown person, I get randomly selected very often It's funny how I don't get randomly selected for a role in a Hollywood movie

I'm just saying So the agent opens my suitcase and starts going through all my stuff And I'm just watching along, pissing my pants because I'm just like oh my God, what if I accidentally packed a case of water? Let me tell you, it can get awkward sometimes That's just my underwear And that's my makeup

But I can throw it away, just let me know Okay, yeah, those are for my job Yeah, I do a lot of role play for my audience They really like it, okay – Role play

– Yeah, it's nothing freaky, it's more like funny You know, it's like if I just need to be a white girl for something, you know? – Uh huh, okay And what's this? – That is my curling iron – [Security Officer] It's hot pink – It supports cancer

(vibrating) Every agent thinks I'm freaky because I travel with my costumes all the time I'm like, boy little do you know that I spend my Friday nights sitting on my sofa, watching reality TV, okay? And the only thing freaky is how quickly I can grow another chin Just saying Number five, later-grams Traveling is like a double-edged sword, right? Because on the one hand, you're getting to take all these bomb pictures

Like, look at me all up in all this culture Ha! But on the second hand, you're probably in a different time zone So all your friends are probably sleeping Wait, wait, what time is it in LA? Will anyone even see this? Nine hours ahead means noon here My optimal time is two, which makes it what time here? Aha! 20 minutes from now, set timer

Insta-gram, hah nah nah More like when am I gonna get the most likes gram That time gram, later gram, strategic gram Graham crackers, wait, what? Number six, language barriers Every single person in the world, at some point, has fronted about knowing a language better than they actually know

Every single person, including you Shut up, shut up! Every single person You just ask them do you know Spanish? They're like yeah, I can manage, I'm pretty decent And then you're like (speaking foreign language) I'm like shut up, you don't know Spanish You remember four words from grade nine Spanish

That's me with French, because I'm like oh no, I took French until grade 12, I'm fluent, so, bonjour (speaks in foreign language) Croissant? When you're traveling somewhere where you have a language barrier, it is godsend when someone speaks English Like oh my God, finally! Someone I can understand – Budge out, mate Blimey, I was walking around Piccadilly lookin' for my old mate when a bloke says it's a lush missus lookin' for some help, innit? So I thought I come and chat you up

Not trying to take the mick, love I'm not dodgy, I promise, I just fancy you is all You knackered, should we hop on the tube? – Fish and chips Or not, I be in London riding the tube and the girl's all like mind the gap and I'm like what'd you say about my teeth? Ah, tourists Idiots

Thank you so much for watching this video Make sure you check out The Spy Who Dumped Me It is directed by a female, Susanna Fogel I'm here for all of this The trailer is right over there

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