Struggles Of Having A Crush! Are We Dating?!

♫ Where in the world is Superwoman today Toronto, which means I'm in front of this old wall You know the "I miss the old wall"? Yeah wait for me to get sued

You gonna pay my legal bills? (unicorn hoofbeats) What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman And the other day my girl was talking to me about this dude she liked and then we proceeded to talk about it for like 19 hours and in those 19 hours I realized, yo this is rocket science Talking to your crush is so complicated Like straight up, why don't they teach this in school Like great, yeah, I know how to make a paper mache volcano erupt but my love life remains unexplosive

Thanks education You really pulled through for your girl That and f-ing long division, like ooh yay I can divide the number 2,374 Yet your legs remain undivided Don't piss me off, zoomed in Lilly, okay? We don't even have that much space in this old room, so we're almost the same person

Shut up Crushes, first of all you overthink to death when you text them, right? 'Cause you're like I don't want to come on too strong but I also don't want them to think I'm not interested, so it's like how do I be 2010 and 2016 version of Beyonce at the same time? He hasn't texted today Well don't text him first Honestly don't be so petty, okay If you want to text him, just text him

Yeah if you'se a thirsty ho You've got to make it seem like you're busy and don't have time to waste But you don't want him to feel like you're too good to think about him Well when's the last time he thought of you? Check the time stamp, girl He texted first last time

Okay then you text first this time Whoa, we out here keeping score now? (phone dings) Oh, he texted Wait, wait, you just gonna instantly reply like a parched ho? Like your thirst is unquenchable? You have to make him wait awhile I don't care how mature, responsible and woke I become as a person, okay? The version of Lilly that texts you back will remain petty Like oh you took three minutes to reply to my text message because you were at work

Okay yeah well you'll hear from me next week, through a subtweet While I date your brother And I key your car What? Too much, too much Lilly Rewind, rewind

While I date your brother And key your car Dammit When the pettiness cannot even be edited out When Final Cut cannot even remove the pettiness

Oh no but for real, this ain't a joke It could be like our two year anniversary and I'm still gonna be like (marker squeaks) Oh sorry according to our Excel sheet, I think I have the first kids, so this one's on you, ho Let's go get your uterus installed What is this video even about? I don't even know

(thump) What's happening? (thump) What's happening Also I'm just kidding Don't think I'm a horrible person I'm totally not like that (thump) (thump) So then you start consistently talking to your crush, right? Things are going well and you're like, yo I might actually be on the steady path towards a relationship, until what happens? Every sexy man on the planet suddenly wants to notice you

Just like (sniffing) what? (inhaling) Why is it that when you're about to be in a relationship or you're in a relationship, suddenly you're a magnet for people Just like oh now that I'm potentially in a relationship, every sexy guy with a good heart and a six pack just gonna hit me up Suddenly what's his face broke up with his girl Suddenly Zayn Malik is my new neighbor and he wants to borrow some of this sugar Like where were you when I was drinking and watching Netflix alone, two months ago

You were gay or taken, that's where you were But now that I'm textually active with someone you gonna come out of nowhere with the text like hey long time no talk Shut up your bloody face It's like god is playing some sort of cosmic joke Just like okay let's make all those boys available, all those boys near Lilly

You know what, actually tonight I'm even feeling like a solar eclipse, something real beautiful, but let's make them all get special glasses or else they'll go blind Who do you think you are? (thunder clapping) Okay And then there's the absolute worst part about having a crush or talking to someone That is that moment where you're like, wait, are we dating? Like I don't know the rules, you know what I mean? Like I don't now how to tell if I'm dating someone And I honestly feel like there's this time period where no one knows and everyone's just playing along

And I'm just in this awkward gray area where I'm like, what, is, am I Pinocchio? Did I get swallowed by a whale? Like where am I? Just filling out an application like okay, name, yeah yeah Relationship status (throat clearing) It's complicated Like hold, this ain't Facebook You at the doctor's office

It's either in a relationship or not in a relationship, okay They're trying to check your blood pressure, not comment on your status Get it together (snapping) And I just want to know, are you flirting with other people? Are we exclusive? Are we intrusive? Are we inclusive? Am I a rapper? Does it matter? This is blabber, just chatter Unrelated, are we dating? If you're playing I'm just saying, tell me, that's all Super is saying, aka Super Saiyan

What up tee shirt reference You can go ahead and click subscribe now You know, I know it's not a dis track or a reaction to a dis track, but I promise, you'll survive (sucking) No for real though I don't know how to tell if I'm dating someone

Can you comment below and let me know, because there have been so many times in my life where I'm like, am I in a serious relationship with this dude, or does he just take me places? That's not a relationship That's called and Uber (thudding) Yo wait, before you go pay attention to all these promotional things I'm saying, 'cause look at all the hand motions I'm doing and how animated I am You should definitely stay Yo, if you're not subscribed, make sure you subscribe because I work really hard on these videos and if you are subscribed then make sure you click the bell to be notified when I upload

Does that actually work? I don't freakin' know Sometimes YouTube, figure it out But hit the bell anyways, why not? Look how nice it sounds (bell chiming) Okay go ahead

Yo, I hope you enjoyed that video If you did, give it a thumbs up I actually want to see how many thumbs up I can get 'cause I feel like I just say that, but maybe, like, it doesn't happen Do it Want to watch more videos like this? Right over there

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