Stages of Moving in with Your Boyfriend

– So you're thinking about moving in with bae? Or maybe you don't have a bae Or maybe you're married

But I don't know what you are Just watch the video (horse galloping and chimes) (popping) What up everyone? It's your girl, Superwoman I know what you're thinking I've never moved in with anyone because no one wants to live with me Girl, that was rude

Judgemental, much? What are you, my mom? Whatever Either way, I'm a writer Okay, this is what I do I don't have to actually experience things in order to portray them Not in Hollyood

That's why white actors play all those brown characters Yo, stage of moving in, aka jail, what up t-shirt reference I'm so smart Number One: Making Space Another human is going to be living with you and you want them to feel welcome and wanted which means you need to give them some real estate to work with (drawers opening and closing) – Hey babe

– Sup roomie? Oh my god, I can call you that now Big day – Yeah, great, but listen I thought you were going to clear a little space for my stuff? – What are you talking about? I cleared this entire drawer for you – Babe that's a box

– Okay babe, think outside the box Look Now it's a drawer, just for you – What about this drawer? Can I use this drawer? – Okay don't be silly That drawer holds all the greeting cards I've ever been given throughout my entire life

Important stuff – Right – Welcome What are you serious? My greeting cards Okay, those are very important

Yeah, okay, they're right up there with those empty containers and old perfume bottles that I refuse to throw away Or that shirt that I don't fit in right now because I'm too fat, but I will fit in one day Stage Two: Forgetting (door opening and closing) Ahh! Stranger danger! (broom hitting person) – Stop, stop, babe, what are you doing? It's just me I live here now – Oh my god

I am so sorry – Jesus – Yo my bad yo Listen a lot of things happen in my day I can't keep track of every little thing that went on in my life

Gosh, it won't happen again Number Three: Being Too Nice When you move in with someone, you start to notice all the goddamn annoying things they do like breath inconveniently (laughs) You don't want to be difficult to live with No, you're like chill You're like a mature adult, so you gotta address these concerns politely with kindness

If fact, not only are you going to do that, you're going to downplay your concerns Hey babe, sorry to interrupt It's not a big deal I was just wondering if like you could do your dishes maybe There's just a few piling up, whenever you have time honestly

– Oh yeah sure Of course babe Yeah and dually noted Alright – Great

– Hey babe Yeah I just noticed something so minor; it's honestly nothing at all, but I was just thinking that maybe after you're done taking a shower you could just clear the drain a little bit It's just every so slightly clogged with your hair – Oh yeah, I'm so sorry Yeah, for sure, I'm on it

– Great – Seems annoying huh? Don't worry This all changes after a year (glass crashing) – Ahh! – What did I tell you?! Get your nasty hair out of the drain! Number Four: Forgetting Again (door opening and closing) Ahh! Stranger danger! – Stop! Seriously? It's just me – Yo, I'm so sorry

My bad, yo, but why you sneaking around like that in the first place Stage Five: Discovering Weirdness (teeth rattling) Wait you've kept all your baby teeth? – Yeah, just in case – In case what? – Yeah, no babe You're definitely supposed to change your Brita filter – That's not a real thing

So you might think you know someone well enough to move in with them Like oh we're so cute, let's move in together But you haven't even scratched the surface of the weirdness and you realize that when you actually live with them, yeah that weird, demented, insane surface because you discover way weirder things It's inevitable Everyone is gross and unattractive, and that's why you should just commit to the next stage

Stage Six: Let It All Hang Out Yeah I'm just constantly in this stage to be honest I skipped the first five stages Boundaries? I don't know her Hey that mole on your back has a super long hair on it – Ew, babe, could you get it? I can't reach

– Can you sit still? I don't want it to bleed again And this right here is precisely why I don't want to move in with someone until the last possible moment I don't want to lose that magic I think you're sexy and wonderful As far as I'm concerned right now, you just piss glitter and poop Skittles

I don't want to move in with you and when I go in the washroom I see your skidmarks all up in the toilet Peace (gong) (chime) Yo, hope you enjoyed this video Real quick, big announcement September 26th, 2 days from now, it is my birthday, and I am doing another Rafiki campaign to support women's education with We Charity so follow my socials

Two days from now, I need to talk you Other than that, make sure you subscribe I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman That's is a wrap and zoom

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