Signs Of A Good Best Friend

(neighing) – I will kill you – I told you I didn't do it

– But you're lying You were the only one that was alone that night – When? – When you went to the washroom – You think I faked needing to go pee so I could steal your watch? – I don't know I'm just saying when you came back downstairs, your bladder didn't look any different

– What does that even mean? – Yeah And I know you need the extra cash for Kevin's birthday Oh my god, you know what? You probably sold it on Craigslist – I'm an engineer, okay? I don't need extra cash Kevin and I broke up

– Okay, so then you just want to meet Craig Makes sense – Hi, Kardashians I'm looking for my sane friends What the hell is going on? – Lilly's acting crazy and thinks I stole her watch

– Wait what? – Okay I don't think, I know – Lilly? – No yeah Erica's my best friend She knows me I have expert intuition and I am 2,000% sure about this

Erica, tell him – You stole my best friend's watch you piece of trash – Tell him – Oh my god – How did it feel? Did it feel good wrapped around your evil wrist? – Oh my god

Oh my god, do you know what? I actually even remember you wearing it the other day – I've never even seen your watch, okay? That's insane – I remember it, too I remember thinking oh, Rosco's wearing a watch Cool

– Who even wears watches, okay? I have a cell phone – So do I, but I like the way it makes me feel – She likes the way it makes her feel – Yeah, sure I couldn't always tell the time on it because it didn't have numbers, it had those fancy little markings But still, it made me feel like a lawyer

– Yeah We feel the defendant guilty as charged How dare you disrespect my best friend? Come on, Lilly Let's get out of here – Mouth breather

– Dude, you're completely wrong You let me borrow your watch last week – Damn it – It's okay – Are you having a good day? I hope you're having a good day

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