Rihanna – BBHMM | My Parents React (Ep. 14)

– And cue my sick new intro (chimes) (horse trot) What up, everyone, it's your girl, superwoman, and this video has boobs, and tatas, and vajayjays, and blood and errything

Hold up, let me explain My parents are finally gonna react to Rihanna's B-B-H-M-M Bah-hmm And I didn't want to do this video because there is no possible way I can censor this but ya'll have been requesting it forever, so basically, disclaimer, disclaimer! Siren! (siren noise) Red flag Eggplant emoji

This video will contain nudity, graphic images, violence, and all that, so if you watchin' it, you watchin' it on your own will, ya heard? Without further ado, I hope you enjoy my parents rapping to Mm Better Have My Money – Hello – Hello – One second Hello

– (singing) – Today we reacting to Rihanna – Rihanna, uh, Ba-hmm B-B-H, B-B-H-M-M What does this stand for? Lilly, what B-B-M, uh, B-M – Brown balloon have my moustache

– Big bear hug macho man? – Bum bum happy magic mom – Big butler hold my medicine – Bum bum happy magic mom I understand, I understand It's like a brown version of BMW

Okay, so they give longer name You know what? Probably (jibberish) – (Jibberish) – (Jibberish) – Oh, I understand, I understand this one This one like a LOL, but in Chinese – Hello

– See, nice family, but, Lily, we never go picnic Stupid, you always busy – See, Lily, vacation, I like it – Something, here, I am on vacation right now, okay? – Oh, this one, Disney movie Which one? Snow White, no? – Like Cinderella, Cinderella

Oh, look at me, I'm going to ball – Pocohontas, Jasmine, no – Guard coming, this guy going to turn into pumpkin Your mother will come, fairy godmother (humming) – She really pretty

– Oh, Beyonce, I like Beyonce – What, what? – (gasping) – (gasping) – (gasping), Oh, I think you played wrong video, like this one, this one, this – Oh, (gasping), I think she don't know camera recording Oh, my God It recording, you live! Oh, my God, Lily, Lily, this a mistake

– (giggling) – A mistake, sorry – All right, I don't see anything (beeping) – Oh, look at this Beyonce Oh, I like Beyonce – Okay, good, doggie, clothing, everything very good

– Oh, Britney Spear, Beyonce, I love it – She put her inside this one? She doing kidnapping? – (laughing) No, no, no, no, no She doing prayer That's why she need smoke Mmm, shanti, shanti

– What happening here? This (blowing) – Okay (chanting) – (coughing) She joking, she joking – Indian girl, Indian girl! – Indian girl! (panting) – Hello, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh – (panting) – Okay, oh, oh, okay, she naked, she naked

– La la la, dinga, dinga, dinga, dinga, dinga, dinga What is happening here? This a good, okay? – Okay, she not grandfather clock Why she going back and forth naked? This (Exhaling) Indian girl, your mother know you in this kind of movie, huh? – You telling Mom you at school You supposed to be doing hello, making charm, making roti, not doing thing like this, okay? – What she say? Who better have what? – Okay, beat the, beat stupid phone plan, my always over phone bill every day

You say I have no more minute, I am over data, I hate you, phone plan – Your mother teach you to speak like this, huh? – Somebody give this one soap, she too drink – This rated R – Okay, they on Titanic now – Nikki Minaj, you not behaving, okay? Nikki, Nikki, stop

– I will never let go, yuck – Look at this, how she sitting Ladies sit like this? Ladies no sit like this, okay? – It's all done That's all done, thank God (sighing), okay (Nikki Minaj song starts) No! – What you doing with your life, huh? – She hate phone

– Bleh, bleh, bleh – Okay, thank, thank God, police here, thank God – I don't like the way she sitting, everything very open – She heckle her very hard – Mel Gibson, he coming

– Oh, my God, what are you? Really, really, please? – Giving me heart pains – Really – Where are your clothes? – What, you putting your bum bum in her face? She putting bum bum in her face This is not what bum bum for, okay? – I very pay you to stop making this video, okay? I pay you money – Crap, crap

– Okay, good, see now, back to good video now – Good video, better, better, better – Okay, bye-bye, thank you (nervous giggling) – I wanted this over – I don't like this

– She going to kill a Mel Gibson What he do, huh? Who the hell this one? – I understand – Accountant? Oh, I understand What happen here, this really cousin – This man, her father

– Accountant, very successful Parents always say, "Lily, what can't you be like accountant? Why you always saying (humming)?" You be accountant Now she mad, she jealous She going to hurt him, you see? – She say, "Daddy, you know, give me allowance, where's my money, huh?" – Okay, this this (muttering angrily) – Oh, my God, what the bloody hell you doing, huh? – (chanting angrily) – You supposed to be singing about umbrella, okay? Ella, ella, ella, now you bring this bloody garbage? – You have so much money, why you no buy clothes, huh? Why you no buy the clothes? – This my least favorite acronym, okay? – Lie, pow, pow, pow! Hope you enjoyed that video

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And make sure you subscribe, because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday, and I'd love for you to be there One love Superwoman, that is a wrap And zoo-pah Look how fancy all this, y'all fancy this? We steppin on up, up a her Why aren't you in the braid?

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