Responsibilities of a Best Friend (ft. Reese Witherspoon)

– Will you take a picture of me? – Yeah, babe Portrait, full body? You know what? I'll take both

– No, okay yeah (whimsical music) – Okay (camera clicks) Yes, yes! Work it, okay, smile Less, less – Okay

– Look that way Now, laugh – Oh my God! – That's like fake, not a fake laugh, like a, "Oh my God, I got caught up in the moment" – Oh, like that? – Boom! – Listen, listen to me, okay? You are a gem You are smart and you are successful and he does not deserve you

– All right, see you in a bit – Hmm, you look a little bit like a hallucination I think you should go change (whining) You know what he is? He's the cantaloupe in a salad (camera clicks) – Oh this is good

Oh, okay – You know how everybody hates getting cantaloupe in their salad? That's what he is, he's just filler Are you doing a shift at the chocolate factory? – You're right, you're right Am I like the strawberry? Am I the strawberry not the cantaloupe? – Yes, you are the strawberry You are the only berry in a salad

You are expensive, and you are a farmer's market berry – Okay, bye – Hey Beetlejuice, it's not Halloween (sighs) – I'm a berry! Mother F-er! (whining) (hip hop music) (mumbled chatter) – [Girl] Who's that? – [Girl] Do you see that girl over there? – [Guy] What a weirdo (hip hop music) – [Girl] Oh my God, both of them? (chuckles) – Are you being weird again? (mumbled mocking) Are you being weird again? – Nanananana

(flicking tongue) My name is Reese with her (growling) Look at me, I'm the perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter – You can't get with this (moaning) I just have so much work to get done today – Kevin and I got in a fight

– Okay Tell me everything (whining) – Can you proofread this text to Kevin for me? (scoffs) Hey Reese, can you see my underwear? – Yes – Ugh – I think it's a little harsh

– Really? – Yeah – What? – I mean, maybe like die isn't the best choice of words – Should I do deceased? What about now? – Yes – Ugh! Should I put a period? – Yeah period– – Die period? – It's more professional – That sounds smarter

– I mean he is your boss – Okay, what about now? – Yes – What? – I told you to stop buying stuff off Instagram ads – But the algorithm knows me so well! (camera clicks) Oh that's good – [Man] Yeah, like if you want I could show you my lightsaber collection, it's actually pretty impressive

I just can't let you touch any of them 'cause they're in mint condition, so – Oh my God, I'm so sorry to interpret Can you help me for a second? Yeah, I have explosive diarrhea, I need your help Sorry, yeah, be right back Can you just, yeah sorry! (phone rings) – Oh my God, how is it going? – Oh my God, it's going so good

He is so hot Honestly I might spend the night with him tonight (phone beeps) – Hi Aunty! – Hello Reese, where is Lilly? – You know what, she is in the washroom and she might have to stay over tonight, because we are studying our lines, for the show On the count of one– (screaming) – One, two, three (camera clicks) One more Just do it, just do it – One

(screaming) Seriously, you guys are perfect for each other I have never seen her this happy, I'm so happy for you both – He is the best, thank you Should we go do your thing, babe? – Yeah, let's go – Let's go, okay

– Oh, just a second Yeah, listen and listen good If you hurt her, I will find you I will key your car, I will hack your Venmo Do you hear me? Oh yeah, let it out

(moaning) – I'm sorry! (whines) – It's okay, it's okay Just let it out of your body – Are you mad? – No, I'm not mad But also, you're a great guy and I hope it works – Thank you

– Okay, perfect But I will kill you Not mad! Yes this is Mrs Witherspoon Yes, I am Lilly Singh's professional reference

– Ugh, can't find my phone! – You know, she's very organized – I hate my life! – And she has a great attitude – I paid like $90 for that Popsocket! – You what she is, good with money (screaming) No, that's my neighbor – Are you mad? – I'm not mad

– Don't be mad – I'm not mad! Hey! – Bye bye, I'm running late – Okay, have fun on your date – Yeah, thank you – Oh, come back here

Okay, you're a little stinky – Thank you (gagging) Oh my gosh, honey Did you have seafood? (screaming) Okay, do you still want me to do the bikini, honey? – No! – Got it – God no! No! Hey thank you so much for watching this video with

– Reese! – She's amazing, I'm obsessed If you wanna check out her YouTube channel, it is down below, do it right now! My last collaboration's over there Behind the scenes vlog channel right there

Make sure you subscribe to this channel 'cause we makin' videos! One love Lilly, that is a wrap, and zoop! We're like twins – That's really impressive

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