Really Offensive Video (ft. Shane Dawson)

– (Sighs) Sorry I'm late – Wow! I didn't realize you were so disrespectful

– Dude There was so much traffic Sorry I'm late, my bad – I'm not talking about the traffic, Lilly I'm talking about the Starbucks cup

Christmas is about Jesus, not themed lattes That cup is too simple and offensive ConspiraciesHmm – Wow, that's really disappointing, Shane Here, I thought you didn't judge me for my religious beliefs – What are you talking about? – Heh, I don't know Just the fact that I came here to spend time with my friend, and now I'm basically being converted to Christianity

Yeah, you can't say "Christmas" to me It's "holiday" – Oh Well then how was your "holiday" shopping? – Eh, it was pretty easy Only one of my nephews is nice, so the rest of them are getting a lump of coal What about you? – Well, I recognize that coal is bad for the environment, so I resent that fairytale

And I don't know we don't really do gifts 'cause that's not important, but, we go caroling – Mmm, right, right Yeah well, you know I was thinking about "Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" is basically promoting adultery, so, I won't be doing that – Oh, I see Because I'm bisexual, everything I do is associated with adultery

Huh, I thought you were different – Oh, so now because I'm colored, I'm different Also, why is your name in blue and mine's in pink? Gender-based stereotypes about color are not okay – I don't appreciate you dictating what color my name, Lilly Especially somebody like you, whose name is culturally appropiating a flower

And the flower community is pissed – Wow! Are you man-splaining what my own name means? – I can't believe you're manipulating my words, and exerting your power over me – Mmm, yeah of course: "man-ipulate" Why wouldn't it be woman-ipulate? – Hey guys, would you like to sign a petition to protect net neutrality? If we get enough signatures, we can make a real difference – Huh, so you're all about #GirlLove and you're so crazy for it? – What about #BoyLove? – So now I'm crazy because I'm on my period? Also, that's offensive to everyone that suffers from mental health issues

You can't just throw around the word "crazy" God – Excuse me It'd only take a moment of your time – OK, I'm sorry, can I see a script? Ha, I knew it! You didn't capitalize "God"

You worship Satan – We're gonna protest as well, and– – But wait, when you said the word "Satan," you only had 6 points, so really you worship Satan Also, I am so offended by your shirt Definitely child labor – This is Amazon Prime, Lilly

Bite me Although, I bet you're too busy biting vegetables that are not sourced from local farmers – Bite you? Wow! Listen I'm not an object here to fulfill your sexual fantasies You're unreal – So now I'm fiction? Huh Well, I'm glad I'm entertaining you

– Makes sense since the Entertainment Industry is dominated by men Yeah, that must weigh heavy on your conscience – Are you calling me heavy? Because that is not body-positive, Lilly – OK, just to clarify: I'm the offended one here – Uh, no, I'm definitely more offended

– There's no way you're more offended than me – Oh, really? Take a look at my Twitter I'm literally shaking with offense – I am quaking with offense – It doesn't make sense when you say it like that

– Wow, did they just make an earthquake joke? That's so offensive – I made a video with – Shane Dawson

– And he's so lovely – I'm in love with him You know he has a YouTube channel It's in the description Check it out He's amazing

Last collaboration right over there Second vlog channel Super 60 starts right now for responding to your comments Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love Superwoman

That is a wrap and zoop I'm offended

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