Realistic Skincare Commercial

– Ah, ow, crap, crap, crap, got in my eye Crap, crap, crap, crap

– [Cameraman] Take two (upbeat music) – Oi, what he bloody hell you doing dumbhead? There's water all over the floor! – Mom, we're making a commercial – [Cameraman] Take three (upbeat music) – Who washes their face like this in real life? Why can't skincare commercials just be realistic? – [Cameraman] this is take one on a realistic skincare commercial – Oh yeah, can I be real? This is a hashtag ad

That doesn't make what I'm saying any less true I'm goddamn 30-yeas-old, okay I don't have time for myths and fads like– – Oh my god, I just read the secret for getting rid of dark circles – Sleep? – No, rubbing raw organic potatoes under your eyes Nice

– Nice – I need something easy and that actually works, okay Because my skin goes through a lot – Our special micro beads are busting– – Stop You wanna know the truth? That's dry skin, because I don't drink water

Yeah, it's like 8 pm And the only water I've had today is three grapes – [Female] Craft – Oo, four grapes, thank you

That's a pimple, because my mom says things like– – Your butt's getting fat okay You need to exercise – And last week I had a pimple beside that pimple, because people leave me YouTube comments saying things like, your videos are so cringe I hope you get hit by a car on your birthday Over here, that's a first date gone wrong

And these bags are from when my ex got married, to my best friend All these stress lines are from the times I think I can parallel park but I can't, and now people are honking, so – The foaming beads have super– – Stop! People give me anxiety – Hey, can we talk about something later? – Like that And I make bad life choices

– Okay, double cheese burger, large fries and side salad, hold the lettuce – Like that Listen my life is full of crap, okay Doesn't mean my skin has to be I use Olay Face Mask to reset, boost and detox my skin

That way the only dirt in my life, is my girls group chat Ah, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas girl Oh, what happens in Ohio stays in Ohio girl I use Olay hydrating mist so my skin isn't thirsty Just my love life is

– Yeah man, how's your holiday? – Oo, how about I tell you over dinner? – Um – Brunch? – No – Coffee? FaceTime? Look, I'm easy, okay I use Olay Total Effects Whip to help repair my damaged skin Unlike me and my damaged relationships

– Hey – No, shut up I told you I'm still mad It also has SPF and is fragrance free So stop with the sink splashing and the same thing over and over again

– [Female] Get a first aid kit! – I'm a hot mess, and my life is often trash, but at least I'll have nice skin (honk) I'm sorry, I thought I could do it Yo, whats up, I hope you enjoyed this video Shout outs to Olay for partnering with me on it, and I gotta say, I genuinely real talk, love these products Especially the face mask

I'm wearing the pink one and the black one Super easy to use, doesn't make a mess My type of thing Subscribe, because comedy, inspiration and good vibes live here One love Lilly, that is a wrap, and zoop!

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