Real Things White People Have Said to Me

– Now don't get your panties all in a bunch (horse neighing) What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman, and a lot of people ask me if I've ever suffered any extreme cases of racism and to be honest, no

I'm fortunate enough to say that I haven't, but since moving to LA I have definitely had some people say some ridiculous things to me But here's the thing, I find it F-in hilarious Here are real things that white people have said to me My dad's name is Sukhwinder – Sukwinder? Sukwander? I'll just call your dad Sam

– Oh my God you're Indian I loved Slumdog Millionaire – So your last name's Singh, are you related to Ranveer Singh? – You know, one of my co-workers is Indian What a small world – So I went to like an Indian wedding once, and I wore the full costume and everything

– Your parents must be really strict – Did they expect you to get married at 23? – I even belly danced to Bollywood music and I wore that little dot on my forehead – So why aren't you a doctor or a lawyer? – Are you allowed to have a boyfriend? – I went to Little India once and I got the best tandoori chicken – Do you speak Indian at home? – Are you a very strict Hindi? – So is your real name Lilly? Stop lying, I've never met a real Indian Lilly – Do you know Priyanka Chopra? She's Indian too, right? – It's so terrible everything you see in movies about India

– You probably want something spicy, right? – You know who you look like? Mindy Kaling – You look so exotic I thought you were from Brazil or something – You know I've always wanted to visit Dehli – My friend went to India last year, it changed his life

– So where are your parents from? – They're from Punjab – Oh, that's in the Middle East, right? – I will take the veggie burger, please – Is that because you're Islam? – Do you have to get an arranged marriage? – Did you experience a lot of racism growing up? – So you're not allowed to have sex before marriage, right? That's crazy – Here's the thing though, right, I don't believe that every person who says something ignorant is trying to offend me I think they don't know any better and no one has schooled them

So this is my attempt to make you understand Here's what the reverse would sound like, if I spoke to white people how they spoke to me – Yeah, my dad's name is Peter – Pa-tah? Pa-tad? I'll just call him Brubjub Wait, are you white? Oh my God, I love Taylor Swift! ♫ Shake it off, shake it off – Wait, Smith, are you related to Derek Smith? He's also from America

Oh my God, the girl who served me a latte at Starbucks this morning was also white, so I totally get you I went to a white wedding once, beautiful, but it was so short, and your families are so tiny You probably tell your mom to shut up all the time I even did the chicken dance and wore a tie around my forehead, it was so cultured Wait, so you're not a country singer? Are you allowed to be a virgin? I went to Burger King once, and I loved it! Wait so do you speak fluent American at home, or British? Or Scottish? Irish

Are you a strict English? So is your real name Sarah? – Yeah – Oh my God, I know like nine white Sarahs Do you know Ellen? She's also white Love her (sighs) It's so terrible everything you see in history books about white people

You probably want something with no flavor, right? You look exactly like Jimmy Fallon Yeah, like the features, everything Wow You look so common I've always wanted to visit Utah, so cool My friend went to Ohio last year, and he said his life was exactly the same And you're from Chicago, right? – Mhm

– That's in Europe, right? – I'll take the steak and potatoes – Is that because your Christianity? So will your parents force you to fall in love, or are you allowed to get arranged? So do you have a super hard time recognizing your privilege, or are you aware of it now? – Oh I don't have any privilege – Okay, so you're not Is it hard to have so many options when you're shopping for foundation? Crap, they don't have any egg nog on the menu Do you drink anything else? Look at your hair, can I touch it? Do you mind? Wow, that is so soft, is that natural? – Yeah

– It's beautiful, look at his hair, look at it Yeah, touch it So what's the religious symbolism of the hat? Wait, so let me get this straight, you actually turn red in the sun, like you change color? That's crazy I watched a documentary about your people, called Supersize Me, so sad So did they like expect you to be pregnant by sixteen? And there you have it, it's not meant to be offensive or anything it just

– Wait, wait, wait Aren't you actually related to someone named Runveer? – Okay but that doesn't – And didn't your parents actually want you to get married at a really young age? – Shouldn't y'all be doing the YMCA or something? Get the F out of here, get out my frame, get out It's all about one love, thanks for watching! We're all friends, this wasn't meant to offend anyone just a lighthearted video If you enjoyed it give it a big thumbs up and check out my last video right over there Bloopers for this video are right over there

Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman that is a wrap and ♫ YMCA – She tricked us

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