Reaction of A DISS TRACK AGAINST MYSELF Roast Yourself Challenge by IISuperwomanII | It’sZeyzey!

Hi! Ssup everyone It's Zeyzey! and guess what i'm doing today? Check that out, that's what i'm doing today check that out, that's what i'm doing today leggo! Also there were two reactions when i first like heard about this whole situationroast yourself challenge the first reaction was omg this is gonna be so funny i can not wait for the video but the second i was like aaah

i really dont want her to make fun of herself you know she's so perfect i dont know i might be biased because i really like Lilly i mean i love she's just that's for another video because if i start talking about Lilly i'm never going to shut up let's just get on with this She needs to take off her makeup nd put on some clothes im sorry aaw she's so cute look at hertrue! yess i know right?it's you're girl superwomanthe beat though

it's nicereally? 8M people beg to differ let's go on

omg look at this look i actually like this look instead of the bun it's open and with braids it looks really cute i love jump cuts it keeps you guessing you know where will i be next? it's mysterious

we all wish we had that hair same! true haha yeah! no you're not same what? lemme just rewind that she looks perfect she's ok! she's just awesome her belly is ok and the belly button ring is just aaaah yess! i dont know well it is the challenge so we have to like go with it but like for realshe's just perfect in any way i might be biased and i don't really care but Lilly is just everything and moreand there's nothing you can do about it ok? ok! what? realy? dont say that ooooooooh! wow! it's an awkward topic hahaha true

shemurrr! her make up is so perfect yesss interesting! LOL she's bad at her job and she has a billion viewsevery monday and thursdayyy i will i will baby anything for you work it girl work work work ittt she has the perfect smile look at her! ok and it's over that was interesting and the beat also was good she's just so talented i dont know i dont even have any what can i say i mean Lilly

i cant even talk about her i dont like talking about deep situations with other people i just want to keep these feelings to myself but if i start talking about Lilly trust me it will take me 365 days and i won't be fed up so if you liked that video make sure you rate comment and subscribegive this video a thumbs up and how was the react video like should i do moreor less or like never do them either way its cool Ya i'm gonna see you in my next video, this hijabi is signing out BYE!

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