Quarantine: The TV Show

(electronic music) (somber music) (speaking Hindi) Aapko maloom hai Sunny kaha hai? – [producer] Lilly, your editor doesn't speak Hindi – Oh, sorry

(beep) (somber music) Do you know where Sunny is? He's not in his room I'm sure he's fine (suspenseful music) – [Man] My son, somewhere that I don't know, during Corona How can this be? How did this happen? Betrayed by my own blood – Hi Mama, hi Papa

– Oye, where did you go, huh? Did you get germs? – No Papa, I just went for (dramatic music) (tense music) – [Narrator] This season on Quarantine Island, things are heating up in the brand new villa Meet your quarantiners (upbeat music) – Samuel My type of girl is one that looks sanitized – Jess

And this is going to be the best quarantine ever I want someone to just like quarantine and chill with, but if we end up having kids then whatever Is what it is – My name's Mel I'm here to have fun, not just isolate me self

I won't spread germs but I may spread me legs – [Narrator] Eight quarantiners – Health-wise I'm a ten To be honest, I feel like I might even be immune to the virus Ya know, I might even be the cure

– Ladies, if you fancy Lillindah, please step forward (upbeat music) – All right – Jess, you stepped forward Tell me, what do you fancy about Lillindah? – Well, it just looks like he could survive a pandemic, innit? – All right – Taylor, tell me why didn't step forward for Lillindah? – I dunno, he just seems a bit sickly

– That's all right – Sorry – I mean, it is what it is – Is what it is – It is what it is

– [Narrator] Oh sorry, I missed that Is it what it is? – Lillindah, who do you want to quarantine with? – I mean Jess is 100% someone I want to be clean with She's a proper fit – I mean, he's my type on paper or whatever But that's from six feet away

You know, I dunno Is he stilll going to be fit when we're done social distancing? I guess we'll see – [Samuel] So where's your head at? – I don't know, I'm feeling a bit hot? – Right – Do you think it's hot, is it just me? – Right – [Narrator] Oh it looks like Samuel is sweating too

– Dunno, – It's just a kick in the bum, innit? When you meet a girl you fancy her and then what? She gets Cornavirus? I'm gutted, mate – When he said he wanted a hot girl he did not mean a fever Sorry love – I don't know, I think I've got the ick

He's proper fit, but I think he ate all me snacks – I like gym, sweating, working out, wash my hands – This is Quarantine Island, not friend island, so – [Narrator] Usually I have to pay to see that – I feel like an absolute mug

And he told me he didn't have any hand sanitizer left? I got a fever – Listen, I'm not afraid to step on peoples toes The boy that I want to quarantine with, (intense music) is, – [Narrator] Quarantine Island One girl's journey to find love with herself – [Narrator] Still to come on this season of the Real Housewives of Quarantine

(jazz music) – God, I haven't had a manicure in like forever No, no, this pandemic is seriously messing up my cuticles So annoying What do you mean the gala's cancelled? – [Woman] It's cancelled – So like it's not happening? – I asked my health coach if I should be like doing a Vitamin C drip into my veins or something, like what do I do? – Okay, so you're telling me the pool guy is not coming because of a lockdown? And I'm supposed to isolate without swimming? – I was thinking about having like a virtual dinner party

What do you think? – So, are you gonna invite Gina? (tense music) – I would invite Gina but to be honest she's the real virus – I saw you, I saw you! You did not sing the whole song! – I am telling you, I sang Happy Birthday while washing my hands Are you serious? – I'm gonna totally freak out right now – I'm done, I'm done You're crazy, I'm done

– If Kelly doesn't wanna invite me to her Zoom dinner, then that's fine with me Her wifi sucks anyways – I don't understand how a salon is not an essential service – Quarantine snacks! Am I right? – Well, I mean, should I just call the astrologer and ask when this will all be over? (screams) – I heard it affects your lungs Not today, Satan

I'm just a little hurt that you didn't join my Instagram live – Okay – I need to – basically – What? Kelly, you keep freezing – What? – Hello? Kelly! – Told ya (electronic music) – I'm gonna make this the weirdest end card ever Mate, you like this video, if you did make sure you smashed the that thumbs innit, and smash that subscribe button

My last little LL's right over there it's haha for giggles My second vlog channel's over there Otherwise, I have nothing to say I hope you are safe and healthy One love, Lilly

That is a wrap and zoop

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