Quarantine Makeup Routine

(upbeat music) – Hey, everyone! Welcome back to my channel So I'm in LA, and we're still staying at home, but that doesn't mean that you can't look cute for your cat

So here's my quarantine make-up routine (upbeat music) okay, I'm gonna go step by step here because I've gotten so many comments from all of you asking how I prep my skin (upbeat music) Okay first, I obsessively clean all my products I mean, even though I'm the only one that uses them, but who knows? You know, maybe two-week-ago Lilly sneezed I'm gagging

And obviously I'm talking about just the handles and the cases, not the actual brush that has a lot of the germs, because I'm still consistently irresponsible when it comes to that Like that right there's from 2014 Yas, Queen! Okay, now let's beat this face JK, 2020 already did that First, I start with a fresh face, which has honestly becoming harder to do because I take less showers

I apply SPF because honestly, it's important to pick your battles Okay, later on at the grocery store, someone's probably gonna tackle me for some Clorox Wipes, I don't need the sun to attack me, too #Thesunisoverparty Now before I conceal, I'm gonna use an orange correcter Why? Because if you're brown, orange helps cover dark spots, and also orange equals vitamin C

It's really simple science, okay? Speaking of which Immune system is Gucci I'm using "Rise" by Lip Tinted, and I'm just gonna apply it to all the dark areas Ah there, let's Oompa Loompa up Cover the beard, I know that's not what it's for, but you know

Dark especially right here, dark, dark, dark Dark, dark, dark, dark I have sad feelings Slay! Next, I'm gonna apply concealer, and the shade I'm using is called "40% Chance of being Harassed by a Carrot," okay And the brush is Nimbus 2000

Bury the Oompa Loompa Next, I stop and eat like one to 30 cookies (package crinkles) Now, it's time for foundation, which is super important because my foundation in real life is crumbling, so I can at least have even skin I haven't seen my friends in like four years Cute! The shade I'm using is called, "Please Stop Going Live on Instagram"

It's like a nice, brown, honey shade as you can see from it being all over my face mask We're gonna apply directly onto the brush, so it really mixes in with the germs If you have a nose ring, you know this move (upbeat music) Now, I do this because I 100% of the time get foundation in my hair, and this doesn't solve the problem Now this technique I'm doing right now is called "Just For the Video," because in real life my neck never matches

(upbeat music) Okay, after your foundation, it's time to use setting powder Now, I Oh, I'm out

Just kidding (clatters) All right, so that's all I know how to do, so our skin is prepped Now, every time I'm in this stage, I look in the mirror, and I see a potato looking back at me And you know what? Totes normal That's why we're gonna move on to the eyes, okay? I like to use a shade that has a slight shimmer, you know

Something that says I'm not a hoarder per se, but I'm also not desperate for paper towels, if you know what I mean (laughs) The shade I'm using is called "My Jeans Don't Fit Anymore," and the brush is Andre 3000 (hums) Okay, so now, when you're applying, you wanna dab your Andre 3000 Do this 'cause we like music Apply evenly, and you'll notice that as you do this, some of the shadow falls onto your face and completely ruins all of your previous work

How pandemic of it After I've done that, I like to apply a little bit of white shadow into the inner corners of my eyes, kind of like a glimmer of hope during challenging times, if you will Now the shade I'm using is called "Zoom Birthday Party," they're the worst And the brush I'm using is called Elon Musk's kid Not so bad

You're doing amazing, sweetie Hope Now the goal here is to apply so much that it creates a glare on the webcam, and the host just kicks you out Savage! Now for eyeliner, I'm talking winged Okay, I need a wing so good that I can fly away the second anyone near me coughs

And I'm using "One" by Two-Face, which was ironically given to me by my ex Events may be canceled Shows may be canceled But you know what's not canceled? Being petty No cap! Wanna give that liner a second to dry

It needs to be as dry as your hands are right now So let's move on to brows You know what's not social distancing right now? My eyebrows Yeah, they're becoming one And they're already thick during quarantine, and I'm gonna make them even thicker so it's gonna be thick on thick on thickity thick thick

And so, really, my eyebrows are just gonna make me feel safe You know, like they give you a blanket during a cold night Cute Okay, so that's mediocre, but we're gonna allow it So I know we're trying to flatten the curve, but not when it comes to your lashes, honey

Okay, curl those Oh yeah, that's really built in there Cute Okay, they look exactly the same Now, I use waterproof mascara because honestly, I cry like two times a day for no reason whatsoever

Watched a video of a grandma hug her grandkids through a plastic wall Tears I watched a video of people driving by saying happy graduation to this kid Tears Watched "Little Fires Everywhere," boom

Little tears everywhere I use two mascaras I use a good, fresh, new one for my top lashes, and then I use a dried out one for my bottom lashes, which are less important But the thing is that both of them have dog hair in them Shook

I'm not very good at this To finish off, I'm gonna use a little bit of blush The color I'm using is called "My Vision Board is Laughing at Me," and I'm only gonna put a very little bit Because honestly my natural anxiety is gonna amplify this There you have it, a cute, effortless quarantine make-up look that you can rock in 360p via your webcam when you inevitably have horrible WiFi during this time

Serve Hey, everyone! Thanks so much for watching this video! Shout outs to all the make-up peeps out there that know what they're doing I clearly do not But if you like this video, give it a thumbs up My last video's right over there, and guess what? I'm gonna start making Tik Tok's

I know! Follow me on Tik Tok @lilly All the information's in the description, and make sure you subscribe, 'cause you know, I'd like that One love Lilly, that is a wrap, and zoop!

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