Pregnant With A Food Baby

– Sure you wanna do this? – I'm ready Hurry up, open the wrapper! – [Man] I'm trying! – Oh God, oh God

Oh yes! – Oh my God Oh, the guac – Get the guac, open the guac, do it! Do it, do it, hurry! – Oh yeah – Wow! – How was that for you? – That was amazing – I'm stuffed

– I feel pregnant – You look pregnant – I think I have a food baby – Are you serious? – Yes – You're pregnant? – Yes! – We did that? Oh my God

– I'm so excited! – We need to celebrate – I'd like to thank you all for coming to my food baby shower! I wanna thank so many people that made this possible To those who deliver food, to those who make delicious food, and to those who make me sad enough to eat more food than I should Let the games begin! On your marks, get set, go! – [Man] No, hey, don't pressure me here! – [Woman] The other way! – [Man] Stop it! – [Woman] The other way! – [Man] I need some tape or something! And over and in, and we tuck the flaps and we're good! – What's in the bag? You have 30 seconds to identify every ingredient in the bag And go! – Salsa! – What kind? – Medium

– Yes! – Rice? – Brown or white? – How can you tell the difference? – One feels like a terrorist, the other is mentally ill – Oooh, typical – Green peppers! Red? No, no wait, wait wait Green – Correct! – Oh, the baby's kicking! – Oh, I can feel the cheeseburger! – This is close to grandkids I'm getting

– Welcome to The Price is Right First item on the board: a single, crispy steak taco – I'm gonna go with three dollars? – Three-o-one – The retail price without tax is three dollars and ten cents Up next: a chicken burrito with cheese – Four ninety-nine

– With a side of guac – Oh, 12 dollars – Correct! Aw, Barb, was that you? What else do we — Oh my God, I needed this We were talking about this, remember, this was the number one on our registry – Number two

– Number two on our registry Ah, Phil! Phil! – Make sure you use it! – Last one No, no, this is too much! We were just talking about this, thank you so much! Honestly, everyone, thank you so much Oh, I think I'm going into labor – Okay, lets — – It's time! – It's time, okay! Okay, come on, breathe

– Don't forget to breathe! – What is taking so long? – Should I go in there? I think I should go in there – She's gonna be fine, people get through this every day – Yeah! – Push! – With a smile! – Breathe! (farting noises) (toilet flushes) – It was beautiful! (friends cheer) – I am so, so proud of you! – Let's make him a brother! – If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up just like that Check out my last video right over there, second vlog channel is right over there, make sure you check that out Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday

Oh, it's coming, it's coming One love, Superwoman, that is a wrap, and — (fart noise) – It's beautiful!

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