One Direction – Drag Me Down | My Parents React (Ep. 13)

– Where in the world is Superwoman today? LA

in a very weird freaking apartment What up everyone? It's your girl, Superwoman, and for the past few days, ya'll have been blowing up my Instagram, my Twitter, my Facebook, my Youtube, all like, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, Lilly, (whispers) Lilly Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, Lilly, Lilly, Can you get your parents to react to One Direction's new music video "Drag Me Down?" Okay, JK, you actually sound way cooler than that But I'm standing out here like, yeah, hell yeah I can If that's what you want, I'm gonna give that to you, okay? Easy peasy lemon squeezy

So without further adieu, welcome to my parents reacting to One Direction's new music video, "Drag Me Down" Let's go! – Hello – Hello – Hello – (foreign language) – Reaction

– Today, I am going to react – Ok, today we are doing One Direction "Drag Me Down" – You know, I get it, don't, wait, one second, one second, ok, I know, I know, one member of this team, they leave Ok, you know what happened? I know this One Direction very well, ok, because they call me on mobile They say, "Hello, when our brown man left, "We need another sexy brown man

" They say they need a sexy (foreign language) I say, "No, no thank you, I am not One Direction "I am solo actor" – I heard a lot about this One Direction, yes I wish Lilly's room was One Direction

– That's why they make the song, they really mad at me They thinking I'm trying to drag them down No, my friends, no, I still support, ok? – But Lilly's room look like a map that was set on fire (mouth trill) Forty direction! – You are just Michelle, ok? You can leave, ok? I am Beyonce – I never hear any One Direction song, but I know girls going very crazy

"Ooh, One Direction, One Direction!" Let me check, is it the right direction? Hm? – I think this video About weight loss, ok? They thinking maybe I eat too much Burger King, ok? Now, look at me, oh, dragging me down to the French fry over here, want a Big Mac over here, Big Mac for brother, hey – Ok

– Naysa – NASA – Ok, ok, they in jail, see, orange outfit, jail – Lilly, you say this boy band! – I never seen hair this long – Is a girl! – Working out, you see, too many burger, oh my God, I have to work out, burger

– Oh, this one is a cute boy, I like this boy – Look at me, I am so cool guy, look at me – Oh my, I understand, Godzilla coming – Ok, really handsome guy, huh? – He looking very serious, oh, my life – I think he bad guy

– Ok, I understand, Terminator, ok – I understand, this is Star Wars, ok, this is Pew Pew Duke, whatever, BQDQ? Whatever, R2DQ, whatever, this one – Ok, camera moving, very nice Oh, you forget to button shirt, huh? Let me tell your mother, huh? – (singing) – It's hurting my head – Terminator R2DQ

– Close your shirt, huh? – You see, when they do like this, they singing, but they been smiling, they go "nee bee dee, "dum ba da da" – Ok, I understand, Oompa Loompas – Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you – Ok, this Ariana Grande, who this one? Ready, ok, now they walk in, Oompa Loompa, we have to go make a chocolate in chocolate factory – Oh, I understand, they going space! – Ok, Oompa Loompa doompady doompa

– This is one small step for man, and one bigger step for smaller man – Ok, all the moving, hurting my head, please stop Get one tripod, please – What are your name? Paul, Paul, Paul my favorite (singing in falsetto) You see? Michael Jack- (singing in falsetto) – Ariana Grande, this Ariana Grande

(singing very high) Ok – I don't know what this video about – I don't know what the bloody hell I've been hearing – I think this video about global warming – I like this video because no boy and no girl in same scene, except that one Ariana Grande

– This video look like my Windows 95 wallpaper – This kind of video good, ok? No drinking, no drugs, ok, no bum bum, no this one – I think I need to make video, if I was in One Direction, ok, because if I was in One Direction, the direction would be better, we would get to destination faster, ok, right now, the direction, they getting lost, they taking wrong way, they on one direction, and chip is saying, "Make a (foreign language," you understand? – No twerking, just working – ♫ All my life ♫ Yo, yo, what do Team Super and One Direction's new music video have in common, huh? They're both out of this world (grunts) I hope you enjoyed that video, and if you did, give it a big thumbs up, make sure you comment below, and let me know what else do you want my parents to react to, and I'll try to make it happen

You can also check out my last video right there It is the response diss track to my mom's diss track to me If you can't click it because the adaptations don't work on your phone, I got you, I'll put the link in the description as well Also check out my blogs over there My blog channel has reached 900,000 subscribers, we're so close to one million, so if you haven't subscribed yet, go over there and check it out, because I do some pretty cool stuff, if I may say so myself

Also, make sure you subscribe, because I do (mangled words) I do make new videos every Monday and Thursday, and I would love if you included me in your day, so we can spend some quality time together But most importantly, I hope you had a wonderful, inspiring, positive day, and that you're smiling, genuinely smiling

(kiss) Until next time, my love, one love, Superwoman, that is a wrap, end zoop Ok, I'm doing this because I want to see my dark armpit, but I'll see, zoop, it's dark! There you go, epic

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