Old People Vs. Technology

(unicorn whinnies) (hooves clopping) – Guess what? I buy new Apple computer – What? I thought you went to go get a Blackberry

– I did and then I also buy Apple computer – You said you wanted tablet this time? – I got them and then I buy Apple computer – Apple computer? Manjeet, you said you wanted a Dell – I did and then I also buy Apple computer – I thought you wanted new notebook

– Okay, calm down I don't wanna spend that much money on props Dad, why'd you buy a new computer? Your old was so good – Oh, because this one have calendar application – Okay, they all do

Well what is it, a MacBook Air? – Air? No, it's not Nike, it's Apple computer (doorbell rings) – That's the installation guy – I'm on instant gram and someone writing small Simpson faces under my post – Mm, maybe they have wrong number – So I'm thinking right there, that's where we want the shelving unit

– Alright, that shouldn't be a problem Let me just open my computer and show you some example pictures – Okay, great – Lily, what it mean when somebody say "slide into my DM" – It means direct messages

– Slide into direct message, ah, okay – Alright, there's a photo album somewhere here Just, oh nope, that's not right Let me, let me start over – Did you want a hand with that or? – No that's okay, just finding my bearings here

– In my DM somebody send me eggplant picture They must be vegetarian, oh I like eggplant too – Mom, block them – Do you want to set up Safari? My new computer already planning our next vacation

– Alright, let's try again here Oh, here it is Photos, okay And collections Years, oh no, that's too much

Let me go back, one second There we are, okay – I really don't need to see any example pictures I just want a basic shelf, just basic – You know, I know, I'll just show you on our webpage

We got one of those on the Let me just get into the internet here – Okay Paramjeet, I'm going to change pressure in room with my computer, hold onto something – Oh Manjeet, be careful, okay? – And AirDrop – Dad, AirDrop is a way to send files to people that are close to you

– I see, okay Let me send file to neighbor, huh – Send eggplant picture – Okay, here we are Yeah, this is our website, see we've got our featured shelves here next to all these apps

– I don't see any file dropping yet (phone dings) – New iOS available How'd they get my bloody number, huh? – Okay, that's a phone update, Mom Can I just purchase your basic shelf, please – Update? No thank you, okay? I'm fine with current date

I don't want virus – Please date me first My computer have calendar application – Jealous – Oh, I know why AirDrop no working

I didn't turn on Cloud Okay, Cloud Still look pretty sunny though – I'll just put your credit card information into our system here, oh here we are, here we are – Would you like to back up your computer? Okay

Done – Lily! How do I get a calendar application? – Just need to find Google Let me just start over – Manjeet, AirDrop him Google – I don't have Google

I have Photo Booth – Mm, will that work? – Photo Booth, yeah, that's the one that has the example pictures AirDrop that to me – Paramjeet, I have hotspot on my computer We don't need stove anymore

– Okay, shh, nobody talk! Nobody talk, I don't wanna hear another word from anyone about technology, okay? You need Google? Okay, Google – [Google Home] Please log in through the Google Home app – CD, please be quiet – Thank you so much for watching this film project of ours If you wanna see the last internet video, it's right over there, the last V log right over there

Make sure you go ahead and click that subscribe button because apparently this is a job that people get paid for to do so go ahead and do that Every Monday and Thursday we're over here and uh

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