Night Time Routine w/ Lie Detector

(horse galloping) – What up everyone it's your girl Lilly, and it has occurred to me that I have never done a nighttime routine video Why? Because why the (dog barking) would people care? But apparently they do

So here's the deal I'm gonna do a nighttime routine video, but I feel like when I watch other people's videos, I can't relate It's like people be making videos about, my nighttime routine in the fall versus winter Why do you have a different routine? I have anxiety in the winter and the fall, okay? It's all the same So I'm not gonna fabricate any part of this video

I am going to tell you my nighttime routine, while hooked up to a lie detector AKA I can't lie, enjoy! (calm music) First things first, let's test this thing out to see if it works

Taylor I'm gonna say something, you let me know if I'm telling the truth or if I'm lying – Okay – Okay, I love when people start a conversation with what's your zodiac sign? (buzzing) – That's a lie – Yeah, obviously Up until I was ten years old, I thought aquarius was a bougie seafood restaurant

– And that's true – Miss me with that noise! Let's do this thing Now my night begins when I come home after a long day, these days that's like after 12, 13 hours of shooting, I'm exhausted, I'm starving, I'm potentially stressed The first thing I do is I quickly cuddle my dog, Scarbro, because he is the best (buzzing) Okay, I have a full conversation with my dog Scarbro, like he's a human baby

Oh hello my sweet boy Mom, where have you been? Momma thought you were never coming home I told all my friends that my momma moved away The first thing I do is adjust the temperature because there is a 1000% chance that I am feeling cold and here's the thing, people think I'm insane and they claim I like it too hot, but I can assure you I like my house at a very normal 74 degrees (buzzing) 76 (buzzing)

Fine, 78 (buzzing) Fine, 80! I'm a camel, sue me! Now at this point I'm usually starving because I probably forgot to eat throughout the day, so I open my fridge and discover I have no food, because I'm trash, so I close the fridge and I stand there upset for way too long just thinking about the fact that I'm so annoyed I have no food But the the thought occurs to me, wait did I miss something? So I open the fridge again and get annoyed all over again when I realize I don't have food, so I decide I'll just have mac and cheese I open my fridge to discover I don't have any milk Close the fridge, pissed! But you know what ultimately, I usually figure out a pretty decent healthy meal (buzzing)

I have cereal for dinner almost every night After I eat I usually do a bit more work, I know I'm insane I go through my inbox, I reply to any urgent things I have deadlines and I definitely remember 10 things that were due today, that I did not do, freak! But honestly I'm trying my best and I work really hard! I'm also a really nice person I'm also not that emotional (buzzing) Fine, screw you

Before taking a shower I usually try my very best to go poop I mean even if I don't have to poop I will really force myself to try pooping, because let's be real, pooping before a shower is like best case scenario And so while I'm forcing myself, I go through my phone and I take this opportunity to reply to all those messages I ignored throughout the day Honestly there's like a 90% chance that if you ever get a text back from me, I did that while I was pooping – That was true

– I'd say on most nights I take a shower before bed because that's my opportunity to just like calm down and zen out My showers are super peaceful (buzzing) Okay fine, my showers go one of two ways If I'm in a good mood I pretend like I'm doing a live soca performance in the shower, complete with an audience ♪ We don't party no more ♪ ♪ We don't party no mo ♪ ♪ When I say issa you say vibe ♪ ♪ Issa, Issa, Yeah! ♪ And imaginary whining

(water dripping) And if I'm in a bad mood, I cry in the shower Yeah, see? And I always feel better after (buzzing) Okay, fine, sometimes I can't actually get myself to cry, but I will force myself to cry Just because I feel like that's what people do in movies and it's very aesthetically pleasing So I'll just thing of irrelevant sad thoughts, that have nothing to even do with me! It's just the right thing to do and I can't even do that right! I'm useless (whining), sick

I brush my teeth every night before I sleep (buzzing) I brush my teeth, unless I forget (buzzing) Fine, I brush my teeth solely when I know I'm gonna be kissing someone I don't care about dental hygiene okay? I care about bow chick wow wow And then I wash my face, and then after I wash my face, every night I put on Olay Retinol 24

Yeah, it makes my skin feel super soft and I legitimately believe I wake up with better skin because I use it That's what's up Now before I jump into bed, I do a really quick workout with the dumbbells I placed right beside my bed (buzzing) I step over the dumbbells on my way into bed because I'm effing tired and I'll just buy bigger clothes! Then I finally lay down, and right before I fall asleep, I think about every single problem, hypothetical and real, I have in my life to take my anxiety level from a two all the way up to a 10 Why? Because why not

Then I feel hot and then cold, then hot again, and then I feel like I literally have frostbite And then when I feel like I'm just the perfect temperature, my alarm goes off And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my completely accurate and honest nighttime routine, because nighttime isn't for being fabulous It's for sleeping Hey everyone thank you so much for watching this video

Shoutout to Olay for partnering with me on this video I do use this product every day, I love it If you wanna pick up your Olay Retinol 24, you can do so in stores or online Last video over there, vlog channel right there Subscribe because we make videos occasionally out here! One love Lilly, that is a wrap and zoop

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