Nicki Minaj – Anaconda | My Parents React (Ep. 6)

this video Gonna be crazy What if everyone it's your girl superwoman and I jumped on my Facebook? And I was like what do you all want [to] see for Super Thursday? And so many people were like your parents reacting to anaconda [and] I'm like you really gonna do that to me so I have forced my parents to watch Anaconda Which is Nicki Minaj new music video? What up t-shirt reference? So this should be interesting uh I hope you enjoy, okay dang it hello hello hello, [what] do you think Chandigarh Sex 417? [Lilly] I'm coming double oh Today we are making video reacting to Nicki Minaj, but no [women] Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj [Menard] when me Nano I'm [Nicki] small Banana mine are given [a] [Nicki] [Minaj] video Pod and of [corn] [De] and Conda I Like that one song we say starship man – nah I think it's very good one this video going to be just like jungle book with higher than water Dr

Chilton Tiger and a counter jungle appear I am doing computer For you hello, [okay], but the in general [I] knew I knew it jungle book Oh, yeah Look see jungle look monkey Oh, no, not monkey What are you wearing, though? Then the gym

I think they in the gym What why are you talking like it? Making [messes] movie movie is coming I know mowgli jungle book Mowgli How'd you walking in these shoes? Why you talking like that you're talking very very like sheep doing bad things, okay Mowgli Mommy Mommy Where's Mowgli? doesn't fuck She doing very much like this She do okay Touching everybody you must want to do like this and bump [oh] She did that good dead my God You try anything [this] [is] not a jungle book [Nikki] okay, okay, okay? you like the gym you taking shower, but I Don't like this

I don't like this okay My good one exercise that he got everybody everybody's on jumping jacks [so] [important] You're on the news They said it's dying because they were exercise like this shit, okay? [this] very bad Yes She married necklace She made it necklace for cause you know the necklace you made up your next He made him over her book She very necklace on her boobies Why are you crawling? You can't walk you can't all michael? Oh my God [oh] How do you move it like her name is moving like this? Okay, thank you Thank you She being [tigers] did all my god

I can't look at the tiger naked she moving ready like this very She made it [soon] s what I've been where you are being under that is the soonest she bangs shoelace in at a pop Oh my God, this is for [sitting] this is for making poopoo This [is] not for shaking like [this] for time running on my plate I'm going to watch like this I don't [why] [I] do in the two bananas ah [she] touch please make Targeted a please make roti don't eat the banana Do not eat the banana like that make not deeply [don't] [do] [don't] [dog] crazy [dog] [this] Gonna make sticky you [wanna] be sticky Why why? Why shaking the pan? I'm shaking the [Pan] [ur] Dick oh my God, Rick Oh Good drake is gonna do good thing drag good boy Thank [God] this drake

No drake Don't do things like this He's got that [head] No [Nikki] stop doing this thing go to your room Are you making [are] you too many? digging today What a message, I got one I don't [want] this she's not even [doing] anything She's just saying do big Bob this I like big bump people people look at my bum That's what she's saying Dad no, no okay, please stop this okay stop but I'm never doing like this again

Love you You three take [a] [look] [at] your [pedigree] [after] where to conduct it never [bad] got a room? I found you everyone go to your room I'm going to go take shower [yep], my anaconda Don't my anaconda Don't my anaconda Don't know So that does happen

I hope you enjoyed it one love superwoman that is a wrap and hold on my dad Let's tell you something soup wipe it before you go don't go eat listen to me I have something to tell you you do like this video click thumbs up, okay? I want to see how [many] thumbs up we can get so if you like me if you like my test Hit click the thumbs up okay also check out last videos right there, okay? It's called reviewing the vMa your music about you Go that you check it also my stupid daughter also now do daily Daily video because you don't eat my player now if you want to see her every single day daily video You click right there for our second channel daily blog click then also make sure you clicking subscribe and commenting below? I'll be making new videos every [Monday] and every Thursday [we] now going to show this again This not done Don't own those or done belong them, but we saw anything so make sure you click subscribe, okay? Thank you, [okay]? Okay, bye also big announcement if you live in the brampton area I will be hosting the official music launch of Dr Cappy [it] is a free event at Silver City Brampton this Saturday august 30th at 2:30 p

m But I'm doing something special I want all of you to come rapping team super so if you were a superwoman shirt hat [I] have a sign that says team Super Super and whatever I'll give you some shout outs from on stage all the information is in my Facebook [and] in my twitter so if you live in Brampton, Mississauga Greater Toronto area [I] want to see you there, [okay], [but]

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