Newly Friend Game (ft. @SelenaGomez)

(pretend nervous yell and laughter) (hooves trotting and neighs) – So this is happening! What up, everyone? It's your girl, Superwoman, with this wonderful, beautiful, fabulous human being, Selena Gomez – You're so sweet

– Oh, no Thank you so much Now, if you know anything about me, which you might or might not, it's totally cool either way, you know that I'm a huge Selena Gomez fan, so this is a huge honor, thanks for being on my channel – You're so sweet – [Lilly] Oh, I try

– I just met her, and I don't know that much about her I know everything about her – It's an unfair advantage, in my defense – But we're gonna play the Newly Friend Game, which is similar to the Newlywed Game, but for two people who just met, trying to become friends So we have a list of questions, and I'm gonna write my answer down

– Okay – Selena's gonna Can I call you Sel? – Yeah, for sure – [Lilly] Aww, F yeah – Sel's gonna write her answers down

I'm gonna guess hers, she's gonna guess mine, and we're gonna become friends – Okay – Are you about it? – [Selena] Yes – I'm about it – Oh gosh, that's so hard – Don't feel bad that I'm writing, I'm just scribbling things to make it seem like I know what I'm doing

I'm, do you want to guess mine first? Or should I guess yours first? – Okay I'll guess yours first – [Lilly] Okay, here we go – Umm, Are you in love? (record scratch) Oh, sorry, is that personal? – [Lilly] With a person? – Yeah – [Lilly] God, no (mariachi music) – Have I ever really been in love? Uhh, besides Dwayne Johnson, not really

(Selena laughs) – So, not really – I'm gonna say either, "Wildest Dreams" or "Welcome to New York" – (gasps) "Wildest Dreams"! – Are you serious? – Oh my god, nailing it – [Selena] Oh, yay! – Oh my gosh I'm so excited – [Lilly] I'll tell you why

I think one of the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard is that whole– – [Selena] Absolutely – That melody she has in it, I will attempt to now imitate it, but I can't It's the, "ahh, ahh" That little thing she does – [Selena] Yes, you got it! – It's so good

– Just, like, you got it basically – And she lies to make me feel good, so good – I'm tempted to say "Bad Blood", because you was all involved in that, but I feel like that's the obvious answer New York? – Okay, well you got half of it right – Oh, "Bad Blood"/"Wildest Dreams", okay

– But look, we're, like, we're already, do you know what I mean? – So many high fives – We're, like, in love already – So many high fives – Hashtag one love – What up, tattoo reference

– Ugh! – (laughs) Youre quick, girl The worst rumor you've ever heard about yourself is that you were pregnant (baby cries) Every single one (laughs) Aww, that's a really witty (Selena laughing) and sad answer at the same time – Not really, are you kidding me? – Okay, true

– It's made me stronger – [Lilly] Okay, good I'm like a rock – [Lilly] True, true Mine is pretty specific

– Well, because I could see how you are caring, just from our conversation, I would assume that you wouldn't like when people say that you're fake or disingenuine – I literally slept with You Tube to get where I am (laughter) So not, like, not a person Like, I just slept with the website – Oh, how do you do that? – [Lilly] to get where I – I don't know, but that – [Selena] I feel like that's a big corporation

– [Lilly] But, you know what, I don't have that much energy, also – I get that one too – I'm flattered you think I'm that capable, but no – Mad love, I hear ya – I'm gonna make it seem exciting

It might just be like, "Bring me guac", I dont really know what it is, but, you texted Taylor– – To bring me guac? (laughs) No, just kidding – To be like, "Really nervous and excited about Revival Might puke" – It was my mom I said I'm here and have a safe flight

Cause she left I'm gonna say maybe one of your best friends? ish? – Yeah, I'll take that, I'll take that It's to my girls "Whats App" group It's called, "F Boys, Get Money" (cash register bell) (Selena laughs) – I'm shooting a collab with Selena Gomez today, and I'm gonna die and pass out and spontaneously combust before I get there

Sweat, sweat, sweat emoji (laughter) And I feel really lame for not having staged a better situation But no, that's what it is – [Selena] Why? That's great! That's genuine Thank you, that's so sweet – Oh my god

– This? – No – It's a heart, it's gonna be a heart – Yes – Okay – Do you see my Instagram? It's all like, I don't know why, cause I just want people to be like, "I love you, understand me"

– You're all about the love – Okay, youre all about the attitude then You're gonna have one of those girls – I do use it a lot, but what's up, this is the new way I say hello now It's the poop emoji

It's the way I just start conversations now – Okay, that's my assistant, by the way She has, like, she does that for life – It's, like, just says so much more than any words could, you know what I mean? – Oh man – I'm gonna say, I'm gonna go a safe route and say math? – I'm yes, I'm horrible at that too

– I'm also horrible at math – But I said texting back – Oh, I am also horrible at that! That's a really good answer – Or, like, banking, or – I'm also horrible at that

Close Kind of Relationships (laughter) I am very bad at relationships I am the worst at them

– Meaning with a guy, or relationships with who? – Yeah, meaning with a guy Meaning, I need to start buying cats now (meow) – How about I change the question a little bit – Okay, sure – And say what's the one you're most looking forward to hearing so they can't be out already

– Okay – I'll do my favorite one – Okay, sounds good – Imagine if I, like, wasn't really a fan, and I knew none of your songs? Wouldn't that be so awkward right now? (laughter) if I was like, uhh? – Honestly, I would just be like, alright, list the ones that are out You don't care

– No, no, of course I do I'm gonna say same old love – No – No? Oh, she's like, "No" (laughing) Okay what is it? – "Kill 'Em With Kindness"

– Okay, mine is also "Kill 'Em With Kindness" – Yay! – I'll tell you why Well, you tell me why first – I mean, it's just lyrically one of the best songs that I've ever– – Same I felt the same way – (laughs) I love you

– Well, "Kill 'Em with Kindness", because if, I think, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, I feel like this one of your mantras to, like, deal with a lot of stressful times in your life – Absolutely – And I feel like you've tweeted it twice – Yeah That's just always been what my mom has, kind of, imbedded in me

It's just you have to wake up with yourself every morning, and people are gonna give you their worst, and it's so easy to be mean – Of course – Cause it's just like, I'm latin I can be mean real fast if I want But, I just, I don't feel good about myself, and I think people need to hear a message like this

They just do It's, like, i mean, one of my favorite lyrics is, like, your mouth is like a gun Like, everything you say, your lies, are like bullets And you have to, you have to– – Exclusive preview, right here The last question's gonna be, I know you just met me

I just met you, even though I feel like Ive known you Am I scaring you yet? – No! – She's like, get this girl out of this frame – Stop! I just invited you to hang with me after, you're fine – Oh snap, you heard Okay, even though we just met, what is your favorite thing off this short meeting about me, and what's my favorite thing about you? – Okay – Damn, I need spellcheck

I don't know how to spell this word – Umm, this is kind of weird, though, for me, cause I'm like, "this is probably what you like" But it's so weird Hopefully, like, my groundedness? – Yeah, I do really love that about you, but in my very incorrectly spelled way, I put perseverance – That's so nice! – Yeah, the reason why, and people always question me, like why are you such, people know I fan girl over two people, The Rock and Selena Gomez

It's fine, I can admit it, its cool And I always say its because – [Selena] That's so nice – I feel like Selena's been in this industry for a really long time, since she was young, and shes gone with a lot of ups and downs and challenegs and she always handles things in a way that I hope I could handle them one day So, in my difficult times I'm like, "What would Selena do?" So, it's pereseverance is my favorite thing

– Gosh, that's so nice, thank you – I didn't even stage it, that was authentic right there – That's really sweet, thank you – I mean, it could be my amazing fashion sense, but I'm not gonna say that on camera – Right, right

– Maybe my smile? – Oh how cute I'm not very much of, like, a public thing – Okay – I think this is what I like – Your heart and humor

Oh, I love that! – I think you're so sweet – Thank you! That means a lot – I really think you're very sweet – That's like a real compliment It's not about my– – And you're funny, I like your timing

– It's not about my hair That's the first time the compliment wasn't about my hair – Really? You have beautiful hair – And by the way, it's not fake Can you just pull this real quick? – Yeah

– Is it fake? – Wait, I gotta check the weave – Get in, get in there – [Selena] No – Thank you, there you go – Oh my gosh, it's so nice – Selena Gomez confirmed my hair is not fake

– Mine however is very fake (laughter) – I hope you enjoyed that video, thank you so much for being on my channel – [Selena] Of course, are you kidding me? – You are a sweetheart! – Thank you for being so sweet – If you don't know this, Revival is out right now The link is in the description you can also get the little i right there, click it Check out selenagomez

com for tour dates, cause you're going on tour as well – Yes, sup – Support it She's wonderful in real life as well So you should support a genuine person

Umm, also if you want to check out more of my videos, like, thats cool too, you can click the last one, it is right there My vlogs are there All the links are in the description And you should subscribe, because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday I'm gonna do an outro, its very complicated

You can attempt to mimic it, no one really gets it, but it goes one love Superwoman That's an S, believe it or not Wow! Nailed it That is a wrap and zoop

– Oh my gosh, zoom, hit boy would be so happy – Oh my god Screen shot the F out of that moment (laughter) – ♫ I'm so sick of that same old love ♫ That shit, it tears me up ♫ I’m so sick of that same old love ♫ My body's had enough ♫ Oh, that same old love ♫ Oh, that same old love ♫

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