(horse galloping and neighing) (wooshing) – What up everyone it's your girl Superwoman, and shout to 23andMe for making this video possible #Plaid #Glad #Ad

Okay, so I did this thing the other day Got this cool DNA test Spit in this cool tube Mailed it in a cool envelope, and waited And I just got my results back

(horns blowing) And you know what I learned, I can't be blamed for being annoying No, it's not my fault, you see? It's my DNA DNA stands for dio-ribyo-nucleus-acid And here is what I found out (hip hop music) Hey can you keep it down a little bit, I can't sleep

– Uh, yeah (typing) – A little more (typing) Almost (typing) Perfect Thank you

(footsteps leaving) (footsteps approaching) (typing) I can hear you typing from upstairs Please, I'm not a deep sleeper (quietly typing) Thanks (footsteps leaving) (footsteps approaching) Honestly, is there a reason you're breathing so loud I don't mean to be annoying, but my DNA is just really sensitive to aggravating noises while I'm trying to sleep

It's science So could you just (inhaling) (footsteps leaving) (footsteps approaching) Why are you blinking so loud? (paper rustling) Up next, spice level, okay High Ah! And when your DNA results confirm that your sexy

Tell me something I don't know, science – [Woman] Yo, have you seen my mom's spicy chicken recipe? It was on the counter – Nah (paper rustling) Okay, yeah, see this makes more sense Thanks for letting me sleep over

Night – Night (light music) (blankets rustling) (blankets rustling) (blankets rustling) (blankets rustling) You all right? – Yeah My DNA just makes me more likely to move in my sleep than the average sleeper Sorry, I know that's not fair to you, so if you want you can sleep on the couch

Wait, wait The region with the highest percentage was inherited from my dad (light plucky music) – What did you win? – Huh, nothing I bought these – Because? – Because I just found out my muscle composition is common in elite athletes

So, you know, I wanted to make my muscles feel more at home – Okay, show me five jumping jacks – Okay, I don't need to prove anything to your mediocre muscle composition – Do you know what jumping jacks are? – Do I know what jumping jacks are? Don't be ridiculous Of course I do

And I have had a yoga mat and weights, I'd show you Okay, obviously I'm kidding I know what jumping jacks are Doi, I win that game all the time – [Woman] That's Blackjack

– Wow (slapping) Yeah, you know I always wondered why the biceps on my legs were so toned – Mmm Did you take grade six biology? – Okay, you're just jealous of my DNA Don't worry, okay

I'll let you touch my muscle composition if you want to Oh, that's a really good dating profile bio (typing) Alright here's the answer, I don't know, I feel like I'm like 50% British, I don't know mate, I feel like I dress really well, and I feel like my chromosomes are quite fit, or like 50% Jamaican, that makes a lot sense Mash up the chromosomes, you know what I mean? The DNA my you here me now Alright, 99

9% South Asian Hm Makes sense You know, my hair is pretty great (dance music) Yes! Blow my DNA in the wind

Muah ah ah ah ah! – This can't be about genetics (blowing) – Yes, look, Lilly, I am queen I am queen! Wait, wait, wait, it also says less than 1% North African (typing) Also it says most likely to gain one more subscriber, so if you haven't done that already, do it, you know, because science

(dinging) (slamming) (wooshing) Hey, thanks so much for watching this video and thank you again to 23andMe for sponsoring it If you wanna take the test and learn more about yourself you should do that Go to 23andMecom/Lilly for the latest promotions The link is in the description

Last video right over there Vlog channel there Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love Superman That is a wrap

And zoop!

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