My Parents React to my Instagram Pictures (Part 4)

(upbeat music) – Hello! – Guess who's back, back, back, back again, 'gain, 'gain – Manjeet's back, tell again

– Best Shawn Mendes song! – I know most people these days staying at home, and not going to work – Or maybe some people still doing work, because they're doing all housework in house, because everybody else useless – Or maybe some people stuck at home with people they don't like – Okay, why don't you go outside and shake everybody hand, huh? I don't care – I am very happy

– Okay, I hide hand sanitizer from you – We decided to do one of our favorite hobbies, you know, beside working out – Criticize, I mean, react react to our daughter Lilly's Instant Gram pictures – That's right, but before we do this, Lilly want us to say, "Please subscribing this channel" – Huh huh, you want to see more Paramjit and Manjit, but mostly Paramjit, then click subscribe

– It is free to do, also it is very nice thing to do, so don't be dumb – Do right now, or I tell your mom you're pregnant, okay? That's right, you too boys – Okay, let's do, shall we do? Let's do, okay! Oh my god, Instant Gram! Oh my god, nine point two million followers This the real virus right here – You all have nothing better to do, huh? Nine point two, heh

Ew, dirty animal! Ah, so smelly! Oh, and then there is also goat in this picture – Lilly always have the weirdest friends Okay, first Humble the Poet, now this? – Why Lilly look like Beetlejuice got his period? – Lilly the GOAT (foreign language) of all time – You know, so funny, I never see this picture of Lilly and my mother-in-law

– Lilly still the hairier one – Okay, next (Paramjit whines) I don't understand why Lilly always do makeup like raccoon – She look like Marvel villain Tinter profile picture We all know you evil Lilly, okay? You not fooling anybody

– What bloody YouTube tutorial you watching, huh? How to do smoky eye and disappoint your parents at same time? – Look like a evil Charles James – Not Charles James, dumb head, it's James Charlie – Huh, huh, James Charlie Her eye look like barbecue after I use – After you burn

– Okay, Lilly looking like a girl! – This my daughter? Where she is, huh? Vanity Fair, okay, circus time! (Manjit sings calliope theme) – Huh huh, she look like a Snow White You know, except she will never have seven men around, that's okay – Hold hold hold, who the bloody hell is Jon and why she went to circus with him, huh? Why he taking pictures of you, Lilly? – Lilly, you went to circus with somebody before marriage? What will people think – I like circus though, I like rides, you know, roller coaster going up and down, up and down, up and down, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Remind me of my wife's mood

– I like circus too you know That's why I marry clown – Heh? – Okay next (clears throat) Look at me, my name Lilly, I want my mom to beat my face – I have one question, okay Lilly? Am I at a KFC, huh, no? Okay, then why I am being served this leg? This (foreign language), heh? – This is how I teach you to sit, huh? – I come from India to Canada, 1972, for what, huh, for this? – I remember when I was small girl I want to wear one capri pant, my daddy say no you cannot wear capri pant, why for what huh, so my daughter can wear bloody broken clothes that don't even work properly, huh? – I work 30 hours a day with only one hour sleep, for what? – People laughing on the street, look you hear they saying too oh, you see Paramjit daughter, yeah, she wearing broken dress so she definitely doing drugs, they are saying

– You know, when Lilly eight years old, she say daddy I want bike, so you know what I do, I buy her bike okay, for what? So she can ride all over my heart, huh? For what? – You know they saying oh she definitely went to jail, they saying on street, listen, they're saying! Put your dress on my head! – Garbage! – Okay, next Hmmm, good job – Drinking in ocean? You don't remember what happened to Nemo? – Then she say mummy, I don't understand why I have a pimple – Nemo get drunk and then he get lost – Mummy, why don't I have a abs? (imitates gulping) Dumb

– And then he get eaten by shark, okay, him and his dumb friend Judy – Not Judy, Dory – Huh huh, Jovy, doesn't matter, okay, the point is now they both dead, I see them both at supermarket – Okay okay, on Wednesdays we pretend to have a money – Okay Lilly, we all know you rent this outfit okay? That's okay I know fashion

– Look like Big Bird on drugs – Huh, what is that, I have to put my emotional support animal in cage? No no ma'am, no don't worry about cage, this just my daughter – I pay four years university tuition, okay? And my dumb daughter don't even know how to wear jacket properly – When your jacket made of Care Bears but your life still very sad – Why you don't put arms through jacket, huh? And then you going to come and say mummy I am sick, mummy help me

What is point of jacket, huh, to put on my head? Heh? – My daughter (mumbles) okay! My daughter look very pretty look, look, look, heh Manjit quick, put this picture on Shaadicom This my daughter, looking for husband As you can see, she is thirsty candy cane

– My daughter want to know where is Waldo, huh? So if you Waldo and also doctor, then please send your bio data! – I promise her sleeves won't always be balloons like this – First time I am ever feeling proud – Yeah, wait huh, what about when you marry me? – First time I am ever feeling proud! – Okay – Wait wait wait, Paramjit, why Adele hugging Lilly? – That's not Adele, that's Meghan Trainor – Huh, okay okay, huh

The closest Lilly will ever get to a trainer – Look at this one, nice girl, hmm! – Oh my god, look at this one, Lilly why can't you dress like this more often, huh? Nice girl – Look like cover of Bollywood movie, you know? (foreign language) – Slumdog Average – One Idiot – (foreign language), Always Dumb

– (foreign language) Zone – Hmmm, hmmm, the real reason the NBA get cancel – How dinosaurs really got extinct – Lilly, you make Barney so mad, he turn red – Lilly, why you always bringing home this kind of boy huh? You think these kind of people can give you good life? – What village he from, huh? – Huh, what's his backup plan? – You think his family will respect our family values? – Mmm, according to Jurassic Park, the answer no

– Instant Gram, okay I hate it – When life give you lemons, make a shirt – Neck pain but make it fashion – I don't understand how you never know how to button your shirt, but you somehow always know how to push my button

– I don't have time to help daddy with computer, but I have time to match my hair tie to my shirt, I am a good daughter, coo coo coo coo coo, garbage – I don't have time to learn to make roti, but I have time to show my bra, when am I going to see bloody picture with Lilly and some curry, huh? Okay, touche – Hmmm, Lebran James, good guy Okay, that's it we did YouTube video Make sure you liking and subscribing

– Huh, and if you want be useless dumb head kid that's staring at phone all day like tick tick tick, follow Lilly on Instant Gram at L-I-L-L-Y, that's Lilly – No cap – Hmmm, no capping – Hello everybody, cool guy Manjit Singh here, Chandigarh, sector 17, thank you so much watching my YouTube video and my YouTube channel, last video right over there if you want more L-O-Ling, huh? Second vlog channel right over there, more L-O-Ling Make sure you subscribing to my channel, clicking subscribing button, thank you so much, one love Manjit Singh, that is rap and doo doo, thank you

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