My Parents Accidentally Went to Sex Therapy (ft. Amber Rose)

(galloping) (chimes twinkling) (whooshing) (curious music) – Oy Paramjeet, get me ice

– What happened to you? – I hurt my back working in garden – Why the bloody hell don't you ask for help, huh? You know you have a bad back and you always do bad job anyways Uh – Because I am bloody man, okay? And I want to plant my own flowers like a man – Okay, you always missing spots, okay? – Oh my god, can you guys chill out? Okay, you're effin' up my chakras and ish

– Oy You shut up with your chakras, okay? We always clean whole house because you so messy That's why Daddy back broken and why my knees always hurting Dumb head – Okay, so just go to a physiotherapy

– What therapy? – Physiotherapy Yeah, they'll help your body get better and feel less old – I'm not going – Oy, shut up You going, okay? And I'm going to go with you

That's right Yesterday you brooming, you almost slip a bloody disk, okay? – Because I had to bend very low, okay? Fine I will google therapy and make appointment – You know he can't even get up in morning without complaining about his back "Oh my back hurt so much

" – To be honest, same – Okay Found one It says doctor is expert – Welcome

Please, have a seat (curious music) Tell me what's going on – My neck My back – He was lifting and he crack

– I see So, what exactly happened? – Mr Rose, my back no good – I'm a woman – Huh? But she have short hairs – Sh

You have so many body parts – Thank you? It seems like you guys don't talk about this much – No because it never happened before I'm young – No, to be honest it has been happening more and more, okay Manjeet? He can't even get up

– Okay So you can't get it up Don't worry, I deal with couples like you guys all the time and I can definitely make your lives more pleasurable – Thank you, sir – I'm a woman

– Yes Woman – So let me ask you a few questions Is this injury a result of normal activity? – Oh, yes, we like to be very active – Okay so is this the first time this happened? – Yes

I think I was overdoing it, you know? Digging a little too hard – That's okay, you know usually men overcompensate for their short comings You know, with age Speaking of short comings Who finishes first? – He goes so bloody fast he finish way before me

That's why he always missing so many spots, okay? I like to work slow That way I can finish proper – Okay listen, I was just trying to ho outside very quickly because I was feeling hot – That's wonderful You know, it doesn't matter how old you get, you should still hoe

– I like to ho when it's sunny Yeah, I put on my little flower hat – Great! A little attire can go a long way Let's figure out positions that could work for the both of you – Oh, thank you so much

You know, my knees they always hurting – And I bend over pretty far – Oh, yeah, he's very flexible – Wonderful So you were bent over and you were on your knees? – Oh, no, no, I wasn't there

He was hoeing himself – Oh So it was a solo accident – Yes I did this to myself

– I see Well, you know maybe having a partner in the future can help prevent these type of situations – Okay Okay, you know next time I will make sure my wife is there to help me – With my flower hat on

– Great Making a plan is awesome You know you just gotta put in that work – We work all the time! Yeah that's right In the office

– In the kitchen – In our daughter's room – Oh yes, mm, it gets very dirty in there – Interesting Manjeet, I feel like your wife needs a little encouragement

You know, maybe kinda talk to her a little bit while you're at it – But you know, I like to listen to music when I work, you know? Beyonce, she my favorite – Oh my god, mine too Let's try to role play, okay? Why don't you come over here, just pretend I'm your wife Let's talk it out

(amusing music) Okay So Manjeet, what're you gonna do? – We are going to do work together – Tell me how you wanna work – I want to work until we tired and we can't stand – So, all night long? – Until seven PM

– Tell me what're you gonna do? – Okay, I'm going to go down low, okay, to make sure I don't miss any spots – Mm – I know you like that (giggles) – So how does it feel? – It's a little hard and I'm getting a little bit sweaty but I'll make sure I reach everywhere, huh? – With your hands? – No With my broomstick

– Oh Tell me about it – You know, I have one that can extend very long – My goodness – Mm

That's right (giggles) (clears throat) – Very good, Manjeet – I'm good? – Very, very good – Oh, thank you – You can have a seat over there

– Okay, thank you What have you done?* – So Manjeet I feel like you need to just kinda stretch, maybe slow down a little bit Animal – Thank you so much, Amber We going to go home and try in every single room

– That's right I'm going to fix my back When I'm in bed I'm going to be able to get up – I've been helping him every morning – She been giving me helping hand

– Good thing we listen to Lilly and we come here – Wait Lilly Singh? Oh my god, I follow you guys on Instagram That's where I know you from – You know, she always looking out for us

– I mean, she is so awesome I have never heard of a daughter sending her parents to sex therapy – What? (playful music) – Call me if you need anything! – Thank you so much for the advice (slams) (twinkling) (pops) – What up everyone it's your girl Superwoman and – Amber Rose

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– Hey – Okay

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