My Mom’s Morning Routine

(mystical chimes and horse running) – Hello everybody And welcome to my good morning routine YouTube video on internet

Today I'm going to show you how I wake up and become fit, young, spicy Mom First, I wake up at six o'clock, on Saturday, for no reason And I'm not bloody useless bum, so I make my bed every single day No, better (finger snaps) Not yet

(finger snaps) That's right I do brushing teeth Then I make these noises for minimum five minute (hacking, gargling, coughing, and choking) (hacking continues) I start my day with a nice cup of tea I know maybe you thinking you do same thing, but no

Your tea garbage My tea make me say (happy sigh) Then I be very good mother, and I check to see if my dumbhead, Lily's still sleeping (knocking) Lily, you sleeping? (upbeat music) Oye Lily

Hello You sleeping or awake? Hello Oye Lil Lily

Lily, you sleeping? Oye, Lily Hello Lil? Lil? Lil, you sleeping? Hello? You sleeping? You sleeping? Okay She's a still sleeping like a lazy bum So, then I decide to vacuum

(vacuum running and hitting door) Then, I drink tea (satisfied sigh) After this, I change my clothes Now that my O-O-P-D on point, I do cleaning Wash dishes Do sweeping

Do laundry No, no, no, hold on Not like this When I do cleaning, I like to complain very loud So everybody know how hard my life Look at me, I am bloody slave here

Going to run away (angry mumble) I'm sweeping dirt? Or I am sweeping all my happiness into garbage? Every day, laundry You dirty people Learn to clean your bum bum better, okay? Dumbhead Then I drink tea

(satisfied sigh) Then I spill the tea You see what Billo wearing other day? Capri pant (agreeable sigh) You can see all her bloody ankle Shame, shame By nine o'clock, I like to compare Lily to other kids

You know, Guita's kids always waking up every day, seven AM Now it is time to get to business Other people's business I go outside and look to see what neighbors are doing Who this girl? Whose car that is? Which vegetable they growing? I need to know everything

Then I drink tea (satisfied sigh) By this time, I'm getting bored, so I lie to Lily about the time Oye, lazy bum, get up! It's bloody 12 o'clock, okay? (upbeat music) You going to have breakfast or lunch? Dumbhead No morning is complete without talking to my very average husband On weekends, I like to start fight over nothing

Oye, you finish milk already? (mumbles in agreement) – Going to buy milk today? – Every day drinking a milk – Should I not drink? – I'm sus-go grocery every day? To buy milk? – Okay, I won't drink – What do you mean you won't drink? Who I am buying for then? Want to know secret? I drink all the milk With my tea (satisfied sigh) Hello, thank you so much watching my YouTube video

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