My Life Changing Experience in Kenya – Help Me Send Girls To School

– Yo, we have something to tell you One, two, three

– [All] Spread girl love! (screaming) (laughing) – That was not rehearsed That came naturally to us (upbeat music) This is insane This is amazing I'm in a different world right now

We are not on the planet that we were Woah! Are you kidding me? I've never even been to the continent of Africa so I had no idea what to expect I travel a lot in the world I've seen a lot of places, so I thought it's gonna be another place I'm gonna go

There's gonna be different animals Some of them might kill me Maybe a different climate It must be very, very hot, be sweating all the time I landed

The first thing, as I got off the plane, and I was like, "It is cold I'm in the wrong, the plane took me to the wrong place," because in North America we think Africa's always hot No, it is definitely cold in the mornings and nights One of the main reasons I came to Kenya was to partner with Me To We and create a Girl Love Rafiki Bracelet I had a chance to visit the design center and that was really cool because I got to see my rafiki design come to life

I mean, prior to the trip I had phone calls and sent email after email about colors and vibes, but to see it in real life, it was really overwhelming There's only been a few times in my life where I felt like I'd given birth to a child You know, a tour, a movie, this was one of those moments When I saw it, I was like, "Oh, this is my baby!" I've worked so hard on this It is exactly what I wanted it to be and it just represents so much to me

It represents not only being passionate about Girl Love, but doing something about it This is so cool! Do you see my awesome rafiki? – [Man] No – Do you see it? This could possibly be one of the coolest moments of my entire life right now Look at this This is the Girl Love bracelet

Look at it Look at it Look at it Look at it I want to learn how to make one

– Is this your neighbor? – My mom would be so proud So, do I start, does it matter which side I start? – You can start with beads and then (mumbles) – Okay, got it How long does it take to make one? – We finish by 15 minutes – 15 minutes? – Yeah

– And it take me three hours! Oh my god (screams) So, basically each one will be unique cause this is the recipe in here Look And then I'm gonna go like this and get them on and each one will be different and made by hand (upbeat music) Look! That's so cool

That was, like, fifteen-ish (laughing) Heading to the Masai Mara Did I say it right? – Masai Mara – Masai Mara (upbeat music) This is where we landed

Oh my god This is insane (chuckles) We landed on the grass in the middle of a vast piece of land When we were landing, I saw a zebra Can we just, can we just take a, hello, can we just take a, I saw a zebra when we landed, like, out of my airplane window

– [Man] (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) – [Man] (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) That's right Look at them, they're just chilling in the (mumbles) right now (upbeat music) Everything was living in complete harmony

All the animals were coexisting with each other I said, "Wow, humans could really take a page out of this book and learn from this" This morning, I woke up and it was the first morning since I can remember that I couldn't go to Instagram and Twitter and my emails and so I woke up in bed and I was just lying there, like, "Do I just wake up now?" (chuckles) and it's so different It's like a totally different set of priorities and life and morning routine (upbeat music) I had the honor of having a conversation with five mamas who, by the way, is my new squad

Just saying Because they're so funny and so fun and just so positive (upbeat music) I think one of the things that caught me most off guard and you see it when you're driving and the kids run up to the car and they're like saying, "Jen!" with this huge smile on their face Same with when I sent to the empowerment center, it's the authenticity of their reactions Even myself, I'm guilty of always being robotic on, like, "How are you?" "Good, how are you?" It's just a phrase

It's a pattern of what we say "Nice to meet you" "Nice to meet you too" And I think what hit me like a wave of fresh air was I went in and there was just this smile and reaction that was so genuine that you cannot fake We were beading bracelets and I was telling them about Girl Love and they were telling me about their life and they're awesome and beautiful

Look how beautiful they are (laughing) They're just so happy with the opportunity they have to bead It was part of their culture before and now they get to do it and get an income from it and they're just so genuinely grateful for that This is the Internet You can say bye

– [All] Bye! (laughing) – She's so cute – (speaking in foreign language) Bye (laughing) – One of the mamas said that she was married off at 15 because her family traded her off to her husband for a cow and a blanket – [Woman] (speaking in foreign language) a cow and a blanket and she trade out for that, been trade out for that That means she's around 15 years old

– Did he do that? (laughing) – [Woman] Yes (laughing) – Did he do that? – Yes – So she got traded for a cow and a blanket Traded to who? The husband? – [Woman] Yes, the husband – At 15? And she said that laughing as if it was like, "That's what happens

I'm telling a joke," and I was just like a cow and a blanket? Ask me the number one question is how old am I, am I married and do I have kids and they're all astonished that I'm 27 years old and I'm not married and have kids and they made fun of me and I was like, "Mom, is that you?" (laughing) When I was asking them questions about, you know, their kids or their life or their daily doings, the answers were so simple What do your kids want to be? And it was my daughter wants to be a lawyer and my daughter wants to be a doctor and then there's me and my friends that are like, actress, singer, dancer, all of these things that are probably just out of their realm of reality because they know what they need and they want to fulfill those needs and so that was really inspirational for me to hear because it just made me realize how blessed I am to go up to my parents and say, "I want to make YouTube videos" Wow, we complain about so much stuff back home (singing and clapping) (background chatter) Just a little bit of traffic Good morning! So we were told last night that we gotta be here at 7 AM on the dot to go for a walk and we're told you come at 7:03, we gonna leave without you so I woke up at 6:45, rolled out of bed and landed here along with all these beautiful people

It's 7:07 right now and these people just showing up Disrespectful Disrespectful I bet these charity people right here because people buffer in time for them They know they're always late

Jackson, it's 7:07 – [Jackson] (speaking in foreign language) – This guy, good morning It's good afternoon now What are you talking about? What you talking about? It's 7:07, dawg

(laughing) Well, we're going for this walk You know I would never agree to wake up at 7 o'clock for anything, but Winnie was all, like, "For the vlog, it's gonna be dope and it's gonna be a great experience," so I best see, like, a giraffe riding a rhino right now I best see Winnie riding a hippo right now I better see everything great right now I'm trying to see Mufasa resurrected from the dead right now

It's hot now About to carry some water like the mamas do so they said 15 kilometers and they carry, and they do this five times a day and it weighs about 50 pounds We're gonna try to do it once (laughing) One of the responsibilities of daughters is to fetch water

That can take the whole day It can take many hours and so that's why girls don't go to school That boggles my mind Like, a girl can't go to school because she has to fetch water Coming from where I'm from, which is, like, let me turn on the tap, like, this is no part of my day

Why would I even consider this taking up any of my time so what WE Charities set up a well and water system at the school so that girls can go to school and still fulfill their responsibility of getting water I'm really excited for tomorrow because we are visiting one of the schools that WE Charities built and we're gonna speak to the students, so the girls that attend the school (upbeat music) – She has given us water from (mumbles) who has (mumbles) at the school and also Ghana and (mumbles) – These bracelets, this one right now, they employ 1400 women, which is a lot of women and that income lets them buy new clothes, it lets their kids go to school, which otherwise they wouldn't have done, it also lets their daughters go to school because prior to the income they got from these bracelets, only sons would go to school (upbeat music) So now it's recording

So now this will go on the Internet so if there are anything you want to say to the Internet or say to the world (laughing) This one right here, you're gonna see her in movies soon She gonna be a superstar Superstar in the making right now What's your name? – My name is Vickie Troon

– And what is your name? – Massy – My name is Pase – And I just came from their school Now we're going to Vickie's house cause she's gonna show me how to party and dance and she's a really, she's basically a class clown She's very funny, I can tell

I can tell and so we just went from the school and now we're going to the house We're gonna walk there It's 20 minutes away, right? And I thought everyone's so affectionate You just hugging me, so good, like friends, so affectionate I love it

And I got to see where she lives and I got to see her family and I think what took me back the most is, you know, it's a very small living space There's very little light It was very different from what I'm used to as a privileged North American I'm just so used to always wanting more and always complaining and always not being satisfied and being surrounded by people that are trying to make technological advances, upset about their grades, upset about something at work, and then you meet people like Vickie and her family that are in a dark family room with H1N1 posters as decor in their family room, but are smiling so largely, being so hospitable, offering us chai, offering us lunch, come back any time, thank you so much for visiting us in our living space That was a huge eye opener

(upbeat music) The biggest lesson I learned from today, through the water, through the schools, through the mamas, to seeing the hospitals, is that when I'm sitting in North America and we're having these conversations, there's always this idea that the problem is too big to fix It's always like, "Yeah, girls can't go to school You know, people can't afford to do things The problem's way too big There's nothing we can do about it," and then when you come here and you see the school and you see the mamas making the bracelets and you hear them say, "My daughter goes to school because I'm making these bracelets," you're like, the problem is actually not too big to fix if you just start to fix it

A few years ago there was a really bad drought in east Africa Usually the income from beading goes toward clothes, like I said, and just a better life, but during the drought a lot of the animals died A lot of them were food, so the income from the bracelets actually went into their basic survival Food and water and so if this organization, these bracelets and this structure didn't exist, like, people would have died That's, like a, how can you say the issue's too big

People would have died if it wasn't for this three stranded bracelet on my wrist I've done a lot of things in my life, but this is, by far, one of the most important I hope you will join me in supporting women's education and spreading Girl Love around the world This month, for my birthday, I'm asking you for a gift, to purchase a Girl Love Rafiki and support those who are less privileged than you and I I've met the girls

I've visited the schools and I've seen the impact firsthand It's not our job to be a witness of humanity, but rather be an active member of it (upbeat music) Girl Love We're in this together (upbeat music)

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