My Instagram Pictures (Part 3) | My Parents React (Ep. 27)

(unicorn gallops and whinnies) (logo whooshes) – What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman, and you know what, today I feel like my self-esteem is really high So I decided to put my parents in this video just to balance it out

Enjoy what I'm sure will be the roast of Lilly Singh Hitters! – Hello, my name Paramjeet, and I give long, painful birth to Lilly, and now she making me do this – Hello, my name Manjeet Singh, I also give long, painful birth to Lilly It was very tiring – And today we're reacting to Lilly's instant-gram pictures for third time

– 'Cause she don't have any new idea (photo pops) – Oh, Lilly looking very pretty here, but not very smart, since controller not even on – Which game you play with one hand, huh? (clicks tongue) Liar – Look at me, this candid, casual picture I take, beer bottle label just happen to be perfectly out of frame (giggles) – Lilly don't even drink beer, okay? She take one sip on New Year last year, yeah

She had diarrhea 'til February (blows raspberry) (photo pops) – Oh my God, Lilly looking like a girl in these pictures Oy, how many thousand dollar do you spend on hair and makeup, huh? – No, no wait, this not Lilly Look how skinny this person – Three pair Spanx

(photo pops) When life gives you lemons, you make them into dress – When you literally pull up with a lemon, because you arrive with Lilly – When you dress like the sun, but you still feeling cold – When you trying to do pee-pee cosplay – When you steal Saturn's rings and you make them into earring

(photo pops) – Aha, you see, very nice hair – Looking very fit, too – Very nice facial expression – Very nice picture, Scarbro – Hm

(photo pops) – Ha, look at this, I am too cold, so I am going to wear hoodie, but I'm not going to wear pants – Please click our daughter ad, so she can buy track pant – Also, shoes inside the house, you bloody animal (photo pops) – Huh? – Why the bloody hell you making babies with Drake? – This is what I teach you, huh? To be naked and showing arms? – He not wearing any bloody clothes either, naked – Look how he touching you

– Who teach you how to do this dirty things? – Bloody rap music – Bloody vloggers – Bloody Netflix (photo popping) Who these people? – I never seen before – Okay, when you work at a Foot Locker, but get a promotion

– When you referee at Bad and Bougie Olympics – When you need hypnotize people so they talk to you – (laughs) But you look nice – For Beetlejuice Okay, hello Nick Jonas

– Why the bloody hell she on top of him? – Because he Nick Jonas – Oh, look, my name Lilly, I get boys to come to my house to do collaboration with me – Yeah, come over, let's make video Liar, I bet she don't even have YouTube channel – We on channel right now

– No, no, this Vimeo – Ah, I see (photo pops) – Ah, hm, I remember this picture Remember she post six month ago? – The last time Lilly took bath – To be honest, not that cool

– Average – Very average (photo pops) – Wow What a nice picture, huh? – Very good pose – Nice outfit

– Looking very smart – Ready to go to school – Best picture I ever see on Lilly's Instagram – He look like doctor – I'm so proud

(photo pops) – Meh – What's she doing with her tongue, so ugly – Next (photo pops) (Manjeet gasps) So pretty – Look his tongue, how cute

– He going to be lawyer – Model (Paramjeet's lips smack) Okay, (hands clap) we done looking at garbage now – Make sure you subscribe, because we notice sometimes you not subscribing, and we going to talk to your parents about it – Subscribe, or you grounded

– Or I beat your face, just kidding, grounded, just kidding, no – Welcome back, FYI you can follow both of my parents, Manjeet and Paramjeet, on Instagram and on Twitter, check out their socials, or you're gonna be missing gems like this (photos popping) Look at all these gems, pure gems to be double tappin' Other than that, have the best day ever (door slams) (background twinkles) (video pops) – Make sure to comment below, letting us know what else you want to see us reacting to, because we love doing this

– Ha, and check out our other reactions, we have very many reactions, maybe here, maybe there, up there side or in description, I don't know how Vimeo work

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