My Family Sucks at Game Night

– Yeah, no That's what they saying on news

You gonna get coronavirus through text message now – Lilly, I wanna you to stop doing YouTube, okay? So many dirty people with the germs leaving comments – Yeah, okay, that's not a thing – No, no, it's true Your uncle always on computer watching videos on RegTube, and now we have so many viruses

– You mean YouTube? – Same thing – Same thing – Right (cheerful music) (sipping) – Thank you – Yeah, this is fun

– Lilly, do some entertainment – Like what? – I don't know When you with friend you always playing fun game, huh? Fortnite, Monopoly, Bumble – No, no games Every time I try to play a game with you guys, you never play it properly

– What you talking? Remember that one game we play when you were little girl? What's it called? The one where you roll dice – Oh, yes, checkers – No, not checkers The one where you roll dice Hide-and-seek

That was so much fun – Good Hide-and-seek Checkmate – Fine

We'll play a game – Oh my god, I am so nervous – Party time – We're gonna play charades Okay, it's an acting game

– Oh my god, Bollywood game? Okay, I want to be Priyanka Chopra – You said game, not time machine – What you say? – No, I say, oh hello yes you are such nice Desi girl – I am very good at acting okay? I've done for 30 years – Yes, I know

This why my life has been drama – Okay, everybody write down a either a movie or TV show and then we'll take turns acting them out and we have to guess, okay? But you cannot talk Got it? Okay done? – I'm going to Grammy for this acting, okay? You watch and see – Very good Okay cool

I'll go first Okay, here we go Okay, okay, this is easy We got this – Fishing, fishing! – Riding motorcycle

– Making roti! – How'd you know? – Dinosaur – Karate! Ninja! It is flying your face! – Touching lip Lipstick! – Silence! Quiet! Mute button on remote! – Boat – Stop, no This means movie, okay? Just focus

– Peace, peace sign One Piece! – Scissors – Jungle Book – Four, six, eight! Paramjeet, right it down Drugs

– Jungle Book – High blood pressure Oh, the day I met your dad! – Cast Away – I say fishing, you say no? – Why didn't you say it was movie (agreeing) – Your turn

– Okay, this is very scary movie – No, you can't talk – You never say like that! – Now Lilly making new rules – I did my turn, did I talk? – Okay, that's your strategy, this mine – Jungle Book

– You can't talk! – Oh, okay, I understand I am just here to be bloody slave, do cooking, cleaning, bloody useless kids – It's a very good movie actually – No, not even in Punjabi! – Yahtzee – That's a different game

– Oi, Lilly No talking, okay? Cheater – Thinking – Muzzle? – Jungle Book – Why you don't wash dishes, huh? – [Lilly] Confused, you're confused

Is it the movie Clue? – Jungle Book – Why you chewing with mouth open, Manjeet? Is this a movie? I don't know – Asking, ask – Ha, that's right! The movie "Them Ask" – Them Ask? I've never heard of that movie

What does the paper say? This says, "The Mask" – 10 points for me and I pass Go collect $300 thank you! – You sink my battleship, huh? – Okay Easy, easy Okay

Look – Smile, happy, good mood – Okay, I know Jungle Book – Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham! – No, there's no Bollywood movies in this

– Me, a mom, wife, Paramjeet! – Jungle Book – It wasn't Jungle Book the first 10 times you said it (singing in foreign language) – Happy mom? Mom in a good mood Your wife is happy? – Yes, that's right! – Wait, what? I've never heard of that movie What does the paper say? – Mission Impossible

(cheery music) – I know I am sleeping on couch – Paper, okay Okay, thank you – And, go Okay, we're gonna need more than that

– Shh, he's doing Keep going, my brother Good – Pineapple – It's movies and TV shows, so it can't be pineapple

– Cheeseburger – Do something else – Teenage Mushroom Ninja Turtles! – Do anything else Like point at something in the room – Mushroom Ninja Turtles

Teenage (buzzer) – What was it? – Dog – Oh – Tough – Very difficult

– That's a hard one, I know Tough – Lemme get this right You had A Dog's Purpose and you couldn't think of anything to point at in this room – I was telling you small puppy

Look, look, look, puppy Small puppy Look, oh, no puppy Puppy – This is going to be first time she don't talk in 40 year

– Life of Pi – My wife – Munjeet in the morning – Ha, yeah What? Jumanji

– I hate her – Munjeet at night – She very mean She very mean Jungle Book

She acting like herself right now – Munjeet all the time! – Wait, what? – Lion With Dev Patel – Oh, yes he's very nice boy – Very handsome

– You know this one I think – Don't you say it – Jungle Book – The Lion King (buzzer) – Oh no, I am loser

– What was it? – The Jungle Book – Seriously? – Oh, I forget this movie – Uno – Yo, what's up! Thank you so much for watching this video There's so many things you could be doing

I appreciate you If you liked it, give it a thumbs up Last video right there: how to deal with brown people part 2 My second vlog channel's right there And yo, subscribe if people still do that, and you wanna do it's free! One love, Lilly, that is a wrap and zoop!

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