My Dad’s Morning Routine

(horse neighs) – Hello to all my million fans around the world This Manjeet Singh, chapter 17, in this, my DIY good morning routine

I start my day by tossing and turning to royalty-free pop music like this one (upbeat pop music) First, on my way to wash me, I usually sneeze unnecessarily loud so the whole house can hear me (sneezes) Then I do shaving because I have beard because I am man, okay, not little baby boy Even though everybody else in house freezing, I turn down thermostat because I am always hot No morning complete without watching news program

And I think it very important to give my own commentary Crap! Bloody idiots! Look what they doing Garbage – [Reporter On Television] Texting and driving fines have increased to $500 – Oh, you see this? By 10 a

m, I like to exaggerate what I hear on news to Lilly Just so she know everything dangerous and she should never leave house Hey, Lil, you know what they saying on news right now? They saying all cell phone illegal That's right, no one allowed to use cell phone ever

Any time, they say two million dollar fine plus jail time They saying on news right now And then I turn thermostat down Every morning it important for me to tell stories from my childhood in India and make sure everybody listen Washing car, uh? Okay, good, very good

You know, I remember my first car It is actually rickshaw in Punjab Red one, nice one, best, shiny It was like BMW of rickshaw, first one Oh, you know one day I was walking home from school in India, you know, small, small boy

I walking on my path when cobra, oh, big cobra, come like this I said, "Hey, you, get out of here" It go running That's right, I'm a strong man, you know Yeah, those were the days, you know? I used to drink lassi and eat mango under big tree

You know what is lassi? – [Siri] Looking up the definitions for lassi – Good girl And then, I turn thermostat down So, bloody hot By 11 a

m, I like to call electric company and complain about my bill Ah, yeah, this my favorite hobby What do you mean? I never bloody touch thermostat You know, that's it, that's it, I want to speak to manager, okay? I'm going to cancel my electricity

Every single morning, I do exercise by listening to my favorite songs Why? Because I am strong guy ♪ This ain't for the best ♪ ♪ My reputation's never been worse, so ♪ ♪ You must like me for me ♪ All that cardio make me sweating So, I turn down thermostat Now, I am ready to learn Apple computer

Everyday, I am learning slowly by slowly It-tunes, what is It-tunes? Oh, It-tunes Now, before lunch, I like to complain about quality of minimum three things This a cookie? All sugar, that is garbage This water, too much processing

All bloody chemical Look the size of this Sprite, bloody rip-off This Sprite, more like a sprong Then I turn thermostat down My morning usually end with my spicy wife fighting with me for no reason

She just crazy – You all ready finish milk? What the bloody hell wrong with you, huh? – Ay, why you always so bloody cold towards me, huh? She cold because I turn down thermostat Wait one second before you go I've gotta tell you very important thing I have new television program called Spice News with my spicy wife, Paramjeet on IGTV

You saying, "What the bloody hell IGTV?" Let me tell you Go update your Instant Gram app when you see this little thing there For free, Spice News program You watch on that, absolutely flee, flee, free, free No money, do it now

Thank you, bye Thank you so much for watching this video, my good morning routine You like it? Give it a big thumbs up You comment below, letting me know what other videos you want to see Manjeet Follow me then on Instant Gram down below description

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