My BFF Helps Me Find The Perfect Boyfriend (ft. Yes Theory)

(bells jingling) – I'm so glad we're finally doing this the normal way – Me too

I mean you can only message on dating apps for so long – Totally In person, face to face, one on one is the best – For sure – I'm gonna be honest

I've had a lot of failed relationships – Yeah, honestly, me too Tinder asked me to be their community manager because I use the app so much – Thank God Okay that's why I brought my – [Both] Dating agent

– Wait, what? – You have one too? – Thomas I rep Matt here By the way voted Most Likely to Become Famous in Class of '99 – Allison, and what a coincidence because Lilly is famous – This is Allison, my dating agent

She's also my best friend, so she knows exactly what I'm looking for in a partner – This is my best friend, Thomas He's been with me since my first right swipe – Oh, let's cut to the chase We don't have all night

Your client isn't our only option for a date – Well, Matt's DM's are more poppin than Mentos and Coke – So, what do you do for fun? – I actually really love hiking – Oh, cool – It's a hard no

– What about two hikes? – No – What about one? – No – What if we throw in an Instagram story mention? – Can we include a swipe up to my Etsy store? – Deal, but he'd have to disclose that she's a hashtag partner – Wait, a public relationship? I don't know about that – Let's stick a pin in that

– We'll circle back – So, what would be your dream vacation? – Ooh, I hate the cold, so somewhere warm, like a beach – Ah, Matt is more of a cold weather guy He recently posted a picture wearing a parka 11,000 likes

– Ooh, that could be a deal breaker – What if we go somewhere cold where Matt can wear his parka, but there's a fireplace? (whispers) – It could work – So we agree then? – Give us a beat to marinate on that – We'll all fly on this later? – Copy that – [Thomas] Copy that

– [Lilly] I copy as well – [Matt] Me too – Swell – I'd love some more clarity around relationship deliverables, I mean I'm already pretty busy I don't wanna spread myself too thin

– Totally agree If I wanted another job, I'd go on LinkedIn, not Tinder – What my client is trying to say is that he values his work and voted Hardest Worker by his mom three Thanksgivings in a row – Date nights How many a month? – How about three to four? – Pending availability, of course

– Restaurants, four stars or higher – Done Is your client willing to get intimate? – Wow – Oh no, I don't care about that stuff – First kiss tonight, hand stuff next time, and intercourse two weeks from now – (whispers) – That doesn't work with my client's biological clock

Let's say intercourse three weeks from now, pending everything's on time – And dirty talk? – Hard pass – Depends on how drunk I am – Very well Here is a list of words my client is comfortable with saying

– Sloppy, daddy – All right, well, now that we've covered the chill parts, what does your client actually watch on Netflix? – "Stranger Things" – I've never seen it – But he can – I'm already on Season two, episode three I don't know if this will work

– Maybe you could start over? – Start over? My client has interests from the likes of Anthony Padilla, sWooZie, Ruby Rose – Meet us half way here – I am the best in the business Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams? I did that – My client has a lot more to offer – We're listening

– Passwords for HBO Now, Apple TV, Disney+ – What about Amazon? – I've got Prime – Okay, deal, but temperature set to 78 when I come over – 72 – 74 with a down filled blanket – Fine, but no embarrassing nicknames – Sweet cakes – No – Snuggle boo? – No – Darling face? – Fluff bum? – Cuddle pea? – Slay bae? – Honey poo – No – What about peek-a-boo? – Fine, but only on your birthday

– Let's discuss causes of termination – Dishonesty – Jealousy – Interrupting me often – I don't do that, so– – She does, but we'll work on it – No, I don't – Remember that time– – Lack of chemistry

– Not letting him hang with his friends – Saying anything bad about Beyonce – [Matt & Thomas] Fair – I feel good about this – I do too – Great, we'll connect about a follow up? – I'll ping you

– [Lilly] Well, bye, nice to meet you and – [Matt] Lilly, nice to meet you – My commission – Of course, 10% All right, bye – Bitch, you gotta boyfriend – I know Woulda settled for half Collabs of Christmas, who is she? I hope you enjoyed this video with – [Thomas & Matt] Yes Theory – They're amazing

You obviously know who they are and if you don't, what are you doing? The link is in the description so subscribe to their channel My last video's there Behind the scene's there Make sure you subscribe to this channel We makin videos out here, son

One love Lilly That is a wrap and zoop

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