Migos – Bad and Boujee | My Parents React (Ep. 22)

– Raindrop, drop top I love it when things say my name, and match my lips

What's up everyone, it's your girl superwoman And yesterday I went on my portals and asked what do you want to see my parents reacting to and a whole bunch of ya'll said, your parents reacting to Bad and Boujee And I was like, "What the F?" What the F is Bad and Boujee? Apparently I'm the only person that doesn't know that it's like the number one song in the entire galaxy But now that I know it, I'm hella aware, I'ma pretend that I knew all along, like "Psh, yo you don't know what Bad and Boujee is? Get with the times bra" And by that I mean, make out with a clock

Without further adieu, enjoy my parents reacting to Bad and Boujee, let go, Swipe transition – Hello everyone – Hello Whoop Sector 17

– 2017, new year, new reactor – Hello – Hello everybody my name is Paramvit Today we're reacting to Migos, – Migos – Migos

– Amigos? – Bad and Boujee? – What Boujee? – Featuring ft, Lil, uzi, vert, huh? – Lil, uzi vert? – I have no idea about this song, Bad and Boujee, boujee, this french, this must be French – Boujee, urban dictionary okay, seem reliable, urban, not rural – Croissant – Higher class, flossing Boujee, very educated dentist

– Oh my god, 114 million view? – Okay, come let us play – Oh my god, car on fire already – Somebody blooding talking or this instrument? – Okay, high heel, hello, style, it's style – Okay, here comes the broad, Lion King – Why you going to wear blazer if you not going to wear top underneath? What kind of meeting you going to, huh? – Rain drop, drop top, okay they're going to tell us weather, huh? – Okay, drop top, I understand, because she drops top, that's why she naked

– I hope it's sunny Lilly, how do you make this English? Lilly, I want to make this english – Oh I know this brand, Chanel Chanel, very good brand – Where are the bloody subtitles? – Oh he doing like this

– This French? Oh no no no, sorry, this is Spanish Amigos, that's Spanish eh? Amigos – What are you cooking, okay you not wearing clothes, you not find the top that you dropped? Whoo whoo whoo – Whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo Like owl, "Whoo whoo whoo

" – Okay, you in McDonald drinking champagne? – Which bloody McDonald let you bring champagne? – Why this man smoking inside McDonalds wearing blanket? – This girl eating as big as my garden – Hello, I'm very eating, hello I have tire on my face – Okay, here come Cruella de Vil, Cruella de Vil, she going to steal your dalmatians – How are you going to bloody walk huh? Moschino? You have bomb inside camera

We from the north that way? Which way? – What the blood hell wrong with this man face? He rapping like, this, why this fashion? – I understand, I understand This must be Halloween that's why everybody dresses scary – But the bloody hell you're spilling this Okay, you see I understand you fly go inside and they say "Oh no no no bad bad bad," okay, I understand – Hello, you missing glass

– Mmm, okay, okay, I understand He mental – Why the bloody hell he talking like this, like he having stroke? – Why he rapping like this, like he trying to poo poo, but it not coming out so he trying very hard – Boobie? – Ice on your neck, how the bloody hell there is ice on his neck, he wearing blanket and you still cold? – Which way, you keep saying this, which way, left right, up, down tell me Huh, what kind of GPS this is? – He say diet coke? – Macy Gray? – Pause, pause, one second, sorry one second

Ah hello hospital, yes, I found your patient – Why this bloody guy die his hair with Skittle You supposed to eat the Skittle, not rub in your head, this not how you taste rainbow, okay? – Huh, same – He moving very, I think you left the hanger in your pant – Jacuzzi, why the bloody hell you want to sleep in jacuzzi, you're gonna bloody drown

Like this, you don't see Titanic huh? Jack, Rose, huh? – He bloody talking, he not even singing He not even rapping He blooding doing Q and A on top of weed Question answer, he bloody doing Ted Talk, on top of weed – This is what hooligan do, the hooligan do the dance like this, there's aggression, you know? Urban, not rural

– Amigo, amigo, stop sweating – I'm wearing so many chains, that's right, okay Cool guy – I like this beat, this beat very like this I'm going to buy this man more hair tie, he need more, his hair is coming like this

Like this you are doing, like this Before I listen to this song, I have no bloody idea what it is about I have listened to song, I have watched video, I have no bloody idea what this song about – This the number one song right now, number one? – Lilly you make me watch this kind of garbage, I want 50% ad sent to this video, 50% ad sent okay? Dumb head, this is why you all stupid millennials, okay, this millennials, this is why Dumb head

– I'm going to let you finish, amigos, but Taylor Swift deserved number one song, okay? Thank you – To be fair, I don't know what the F they're saying in that song either All I know is that next time I'm at Mickey D's and they don't let me pop a bottle of champagne, I'm gonna have to choke slam Ronald McDonald "Uh yeah, I'll take a number one, happy meal and a bottle of chardonnay" Yo, hope you enjoyed that video, if you did give it a big thumbs up, come and blow letting me know what else do you want to see my parents reacting to

If you like this video and you want to see them reacting to a bunch of other stuff I'll put the links to a whole bunch of videos in the description, my last video is right over there My second vlog channel is right over there and make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love superwoman, that is a wrap, and sup!

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