Michael Jackson – Thriller (High School Edition)

(horror movie instrumental music) – [Voiceover] "I'm not like the other guys," he said "I'm different

" She responds with an innocent smile, and asks "What are you talking about?" Suddenly the clouds shift and reveal a full moon Michael starts to twitch and scream out in pain He starts to convulse, as his hands turn into claws and his eyes turn yellow She begins to scream and run, but she's to slow to escape the vicious werewolf that Michael has become He's gaining on her, he's right behind her

He grabs her, takes out his claws, and – Boring! (class laughing) – Least scary story ever (class laughing) – C'mon Miss Singh, this stuff is so fake and lame

– Fake and lame, huh? And let me guess, only real things scare you? – Nothing scares me (laughing) (class laughing) – Oh really, nothing scares you, huh? Okay Let me tell you a different kind of story ("Thriller" by Michael Jackson) ♫ It's close to midnight ♫ And you're scrollin' through your phone under the sheets ♫ And now you just might ♫ Stalk your ex to find out who he meets ♫ You try to sleep ♫ But jealousy controls all of your fingers ♫ You try to leave ♫ But accidentally like one of his pictures ♫ From last week ♫ It's four AM now ♫ And you're almost done ♫ That 10 page long essay ♫ It's due tomorrow ♫ But I noticed you started it today ♫ You try to save ♫ But now you see that spinning wheel of death, yeah ♫ You shut it down ♫ Because you think your file autosaved ♫ But it's a blank page ♫ You're feeling frisky ♫ So you grab your phone and start to text ♫ You know it's risky ♫ But you snap a picture of your chest ♫ And then you send ♫ Hopin' that he will ask to Netflix and chill ♫ He texts you back ♫ And says you might have sent it to the wrong man ♫ It's from your dad ♫ ("Thriller" instrumental music) Darkness falls across the land, a class dismissed is close at hand, puberty crawls in search of teens, to terrorize your self esteem, and all the girls, they cry for Zayne, fearful it won't be the same, but 1D's fate is coming near, they'll break apart by next year, and beware of tuition fees, thousands of dollars for one degree, and when you think you've got it all, you still won't ever find a job, and if you do, your boss will suck, you'll slave away for just twelve bucks, pay insurance and then pay for rent, Donald Trump might be your president (students murmuring) (zombies growling) (ominous instrumental music) ("Thriller" by Michael Jackson) ♫ 'Cause this is thriller ♫ Thriller night ♫ And soon as you make money ♫ You'll pay taxes your whole life ♫ This is thriller ♫ Thriller night ♫ 'Cause one day you'll get married ♫ And just fight, fight, fight ♫ Thriller ♫ Thriller night ♫ You'll think you've got it all ♫ 'Cause you've got tons of Facebook likes ♫ Thriller ♫ Thriller night ♫ But the coolest kids in school ♫ Usually fail in life ♫ 'Cause this is thriller ♫ Thriller night ♫ You always serve a shake ♫ But soon enough you'll serve a fry ♫ 'Cause this is thriller ♫ Thriller night ♫ And nothing's gonna save you ♫ 'Cause your parents and teachers were right ♫ (fearful gasping) It's okay

Let me take you home (evil laughing) Hello, I hope you enjoyed (raspy coughing) I'm just kidding, I'm a unicorn Hope you enjoyed that video, Thank you so, so much to every single person involved I appreciate it

It was amazing to have you be a part of my video If you liked it, please give a thumbs up, because it was a lot of work Comment below, let me know your favorite part You can check out the BTS, AK my blog, right over there You can check out my last video right over there

And if you're on a phone and the annotations don't work, I'll put all the links in the description Oh yeah, make sure you subscribe, because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman, that is a wrap And sup' ("Thriller" by Michael Jackson) – [Voiceover] The Durrani Brothers

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