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Big news: I got merch Y'all have been asking me since forever to release new merch because it's been a minute But I have this thing where if I don't do something I wanna do to the best of my ability I didn't wanna just rush something, so for a long time I've been working on merch Some quality merch And today I am happy to say not only do I have new merch, but I have a long-term sustainable merch plan, so get used to this Shut up and tell us about the merch Launching today, Tuesday, December 19th, right now

What you talkin' 'bout, Willis? One See the thing about Team Super is we don't just hope for our dreams, we hustle for our dreams So, now while you hustle for your dreams, hustle in style with the official new Team Super sweater Hustle harder on the front, Team Super on the sleeve Comes in black with white print and white with yellow print

Cue montage (hip hop music) Two Protect yourself from all the negative vibes and waste mans around with the official S logo camo tee Bam! Available in black and white Cue montage

(hip hop music) Three What up everyone, it's your squad Team Super It's not a gang sign, it's a love sign It's origami with your hands The official hand sign tee AKA I'm wearing it right now

That was my tata (laughs) Available in black and this red maroon, it's like a deep red It's pretty, it's pretty

Cue montage (hip hop music) Woo, okay Am I done, nope Four See, the thing about Team Super is we don't just survive life, no, we conquer life

So, while you're conquering life like a boss, do it in style with the official like a bawse long sleeve shirt Available in black and white, and oh my God, it's so soft, it's so soft Cue montage (hip hop music) Woo, I'm really excited, okay That is all the merch, just kidding! Five

Yo, where do you live? Is it sunny? Don't throw shade, keep in the shade with this official S logo dad hat Goes perfect with your dad bod or your fit bod or any bod Every bod is fine, we love everyone Okay, now that's it Just kidding

Six See, here on Team Super we understand that unity is strength In fact, we also understand that empowered women empower women In fact, empowered people empower women So, make sure you rep that with the official girl love sweater (screams)

Girl love logo on the corner, stronger together on the sleeves, available in black and pink (screams) And I specifically challenge all guys to buy this sweater, just sayin' Also, cue montage (hip hop music) Okay, there you go Six new

We can't end on the devil's number, just kidding! Seven Just keeps givin' and givin' Last but not least, something I thought I would never sell because it means so much to me

But recently I've just been like, yo, if it's so important to me, I want to share it with all of you I am happy to announce you can now buy the official Team Super ring I have worn this for like 10 years and it is so important to me, but here's the thing: this is limited edition, limited quant There is only a thousand I literally bought a thousand rings and that is all Now if there's 127 million of you on this channel alone, so you can do the math and add up that percentages You best get on it

Cue montage (hip hop music) That is it, seven items All of this goes on sale right now, this moment, first come, first served at lillysinghcom So, get to it

Yo, also I'm just saying, if you a smart one, you might wanna follow @lillysinghfans on Twitter I mean, if you like to save money or whatever, no big deal Other than that, make sure you follow my socials as well Just in case y'all do something crazy like crash the site and there's delays or updates or whatever Follow me on Twitter or Instastory and all that stuff and I'll be sure to be updating you

I'll be sure to be updating you on the update (laughs) And I know you probably have a million questions like shipping and the countries and the price All the answers are on the website or in the description, so click the description before you comment below like, what's the merch? (laughs) Thank you so much for your patience in regards to me releasing merch I just wanna say, whether you buy my merch or not, f it, I truly appreciate all your support where I'm able to even have merch So, thank you for your support, I hope you enjoy

I can't wait to see y'all rocking this stuff 'cause you're gonna look so amazing I collaborated on these designs with you in mind I was like, this gon' look so good on your booty So, let me see it (laughs) My next collab of Christmas is coming out in just a few hours, later on today, so stay tuned

I love you so much One love Superwoman That is a wrap and What the hell, cue montage (hip hop music)

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