Maybe Chivalry Should Die

– I know what you're thinking Just hear me out

(horse neighing) (chimes twinkling) What up everyone? It's your girl Superwoman And calm down Don't get me wrong I'm all about being polite But sometimes I feel like chivalry is less about being polite and kind and more about maintaining gender norms that make no effing sense

And honestly, if chivalry died, I feel like guys and girls would be happier Chivalry should die Here's why Reason one It's hard to spell

Okay, here is what we're shooting today Let me know if you have any questions – Um, what's chiva-larry? – Yeah, chiva-larry, you don't know chiva-larry? Yeah, it's a story about a Hindu God and a white God (blows raspberry) Reason two Sometimes, yeah, it's nice to have a guy hold a door for me

But other times, I am also fine holding a door You know why? 'Cause it's a goddamn door and it doesn't matter Oh, wait, unless Oh no Oh no

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no Ah! If you don't know where that's from and you just think I'm insane, shame on you – Whoa, no, no, let me hold that for you – It's fine, I got it – No, really, I can get it

After you – It's no big deal, go ahead – I insist – I also insist – Nah, I'ma get this one

– We're not even going that way – After you – I've been in this situation countless times where I'm holding the door and the guy literally refuses to go through it And I'm just like, brah You're not being a gentleman

You're being annoying We done missed the 10:00 o'clock show, okay? Stop wasting my time Reason three Car doors are the same deal, okay Like yo, if you're in front of me and you're ahead, open the door for me

You wanna be cute Do it okay? But if you're making me wait to open the door for me, I promise you I can manage I also own a car I open its door everyday I will be fine

– No, no, wait, let me get that for you – It's fine, I can– – No, I'm on my way Oh, you know what? Forgot my wallet, hold on Wait right there! Hey girl, I got you Don't even touch that door

I got you – My hero Like, I could've Ubered it in this time, fam Reason four Now, the obvious example of chivalry that people talk about all the time is paying for the bill at a restaurant

And know when I say this, some dude is gonna be watching this like, shut the eff up feminist That doesn't happen First of all, feminist is not a bad word It is a compliment So thank you

Second of all, it does happen (sighs) Yeah, hey, we're out to dinner right now No, he's in the washroom Yeah he's not doin' so great Lost his job, lost his car, lost his house

I know, I know, I know I'm fortunate enough to take care of the both of us, I know Yeah, I'll probably buy him a card today or something Okay, listen, he's back Okay, gotta go

Okay, bye Hey – Sorry about that – Check sir – In fact, today, literally today when I'm recording this, I was going to a meeting and I was really really far from the little valet attendant guy

So I was turning into the parking lot, my windows were up, and he just sees my car, which is a Tesla, humble brag, and he's like "Sir, this way" And I'm like, you couldn't even see who was in the car but oh, it's a Tesla so it must be a sir I rolled down the window and I was like (automatic window whirring) I'm sorry, was you talking to these boobs? Like brah, I secure the bag okay I'm fine paying for some damn pita chips and artichoke dip It's fine

Reason five Biologically, on average, men are physically stronger than women That's fine I'm not mad That's just what it is

So if I'm tryna lift something heavy and I can't, I might call a dude No shame in that But that doesn't mean I have zero physical ability – Hey yo, let me help you with those – No, it's okay, I got it

– Oh, here let me at least grab a few – No because I have this balance system If you grab one, (books thudding) they're all gonna fall – I got you, no worries – Sure, okay thanks

I was just going to my car It's right over here – Wait, let me get that for you – Really? Oh hey sweetheart, let me hold that single paperclip for you Don't hurt yourself

Shut the eff up You ever seen a Charlize Theron movie? She beats up guys left, right, and center But I get it Back in the day, women literally wore corsets and couldn't do these things Okay, but look at me

Full range of motion I am able to do all of the things Ow Again, Charlize is a better example Reason six

You know what I do love about chivalry though? I love that guys give me their jackets because I'm always cold Having said that, I don't like it if the guy is clearly suffering – You must be cold Here, take my jacket – Oh no, I'm actually okay, thanks

– Don't be silly ma, I got you Take my jacket Here – Okay sure, thanks Are you not cold now? You're only wearing a T-shirt

– No, I'm actually hot – Oh, you're hot? – Yep – Okay, if you say so I think it's starting to snow – Cool

(glass clattering) – I cannot tell you how many times this has happened in my life where I'm like actually chilling, someone gives me their jacket and they're like, no, no man, I'm not cold I'm like bro, you're wearing a G-string and it's snowing You cold, okay? Your nips are about to cut me And that's why chivalry should die, for all of those reasons okay? Because I am a woman and I can handle my own Most of the time

Hey babe, can you hold my keys and my camera? I don't have any pockets – Yeah, not this time babe Sorry, just leave them at home – Wow Chivalry is dead

What? Okay, listen All I want is chivalry to die And then resurrect when convenient for me (drum banging) (chimes twinkling) Hope you enjoyed this video It's all jokes

But you know what's not a joke? Gaining access to education for so many women around the world Yesterday was my birthday I released my new Rafiki campaign Please support it All the information is in the description

Every Rafiki you buy helps girls go to school in various places around the world Check it out, check it out, check it out, check it out Do, do, do, do, do, do, do Now, now, now, now, now

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