Lilly Singh’s Top 10 Rules for Success (@IISuperwomanII)

– If you lie down at night, and you are not utterly exhausted Then you, my friend, do not want it bad enough

You have every single thing you need to do whatever you need to do and the only person stopping you is you Even if two people are doing the exact same thing, they're not going to do them in exactly the same way It's unpossible You need to find people to work with that work harder than you, okay When you're in the room with them, you feel guilty because they're working so hard and you're like "holy crap, I need to get my ish together

" – She's a Canadian YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, actress and rapper Since starting her YouTube channel in 2010, her videos have gained over 15 billion views In 2016, Forbes listed her as number eighth on the highest paid YouTube stars in the world She's Superwoman Lily Singh, and here's my take on her top 10 rules for success

Rule number one is my personal favorite, and make sure to stick around all the way to the end, for some special bonus clips Also as Lily's talking, if she says something that really resonates with you, please leave it in the comments below and put quotes around it so other people can be inspired as well Enjoy (profound music) – What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman, real name Lily Singh And you may or may not know me but either way, right now that is the absolutely irrelevant because I am exactly like you

I have so many dreams in life, and so many things that I want to do, that it both excites me and stresses me out I've had my heart broken so many times and I am totally terrified of growing up I have so many things to do on my to-do list and I tell myself I'm going to do them, but then I spend more time making my to-do list than doing things And I'm totally content in life, until I jump onto Facebook and see another status about someone getting engaged, oh, now I'm eating a Mars bars and googling pictures of Beyonce and Jay-Z And let's just say, although I'm not their daughter, I'm still feeling blue

I get it! Humans, we're all the same yet we're so different Now speaking of dreams and passions, one of my passions is to spread positivity and that's what I hope to do in these few minutes, to you my friend So, it has come to my attention, that a lot of people in the world want to become something They want to achieve something They want to reach some sort of goal

Everyone, whether it's "I want to be an actor or actress", "I want to open my own business" "I want a six pack" "I want a Bugatti" Everyone wants something, anything, everything

You, for example, just take a second, think about what you want in life What do you want to become? What do you really, really desire? Think about it You got it in your brain? Okay, so you're thinking about it Good, good, good Now keep in mind that there's so many other people in the world, right now, that claim they want something really, really bad

Okay Now the purpose of this video is for me to stand here and call you out and say, you don't want these things so badly, because if you wanted them so badly, you'd be getting them Now before you cuss me out and close this video, let me br– br– br– break it down for you If you lie down at night and you are not utterly exhausted, then you, my friend, do not want it bad enough Because if you have a dream or a goal and the concept of sleep does not seem foreign to you, then you sleep too much

Because when you trying to reach a goal, sleep should feel like a guilty pleasure You should go to sleep at night, when your head hits that pillow, it's a straight seven! The straight up, praise the lord, I'm a get some zzz's And here's the thing, right? I hear people complaining all the time about being broke, not achieving their goals, nothing ever goes their way But then those are the same people that go to sleep, 'cause they're too tired Stop working 'cause they're too lazy

Can't drive to a meeting 'cause it's too far Can't network with people because they don't like them Who can't finish a project because the game is on Who can't take on a challenge because it's too much work So to you, I say, "Hi, hello

Welcome to the real world" Where as hard as you think you're working, there's many people working 10 times harder than you So let me just ask you a question, why do you feel that you deserve success? Why do you deserve to reach new heights, and achieve great things? Because this is the reality of the situation, you can be doing anything, say you're a musician, and you wake up and you spend hours and hours and hours practicing and working on music And then at night when you're tired, you go to sleep, and you're like "you know what, I worked really hard" I can tell you, that somewhere out there, there's another musician whose choosing to stay up that one extra hour and that's putting in more grind than you, my friend

Aka what I'm trying to tell you is all these people who have dreams and say they want to become something, and say "the world is against them" Sweetie, the world isn't against you, okay? Your excuses are against you

So hi, hello, my name is Lily, I go by the name of Superwoman, if you don't know me, now you do, and we're friends, what's up? Whoever you are, whether you know me or not, watch my videos or not, even if you've seen me for the first time, you have a dream, you want to achieve something, stop watching this video Okay, watch the video Ain't no harm in watching the video Watch the video But after this video, okay, achieve something

How do you know not to touch the stove when it's on? Chances are when you were younger, you burnt yourself a few times and now you know it you touch it, it's going to hurt But how you would know that if you didn't burn yourself in the first place? As humans, we learn through mistakes How do you know how to walk? Because when you were a toddler, you fell on your butt a couple hundred times Now that concept doesn't change over time From the moment which you were born, to the moment which you die

You will always learn things because you f–ed things up Or because someone hurt you Look back, honestly take a second and look back at every lesson you've ever learned and I can guarantee you that lesson is founded on strong mistakes, heartache, tears, and a whole lot of other sad things If you've learned who to trust, it's probably because someone has lied to you And if you've learned how to be positive, it's probably because you've been negative

And if you have the app, Find my Iphone, on your Iphone, it's probably because you lost you Iphone So when you make a mistake or you fail or you're heartbroken yeah, cry, be sad about it That's okay But also be 10% happy because yo, this is going to teach you something amazing that will help you in the future There is a huge silver lining to everything

Picture it as exercise for your soul The biggest people make in life, is thinking that their brain controls them, when really they control their brain Let me show you right now, Touch your nose No, no, stop what you're doing right now, just touch your nose Did you touch it? You touched it, right? Congratulations (clapping) But O-M-G, how did you do that? You did that because you told your brain you wanted to touch your nose

So question for you, why is it that when you're scared, upset or angry, suddenly you can't do things? Because my question is, how can you not do things when you're in total control of yourself? Because, can I be real with you? You can do whatever you want to do as soon as you stop making excusing, and start taking ownership Touch your nose, complete a task Same the same But hold up, let's be real, this is YouTube and we all know at least one person's going to comment below and be like, "Okay but what if my hands are tied behind my back, and there's a hurricane inside of a world war and my dog ate my homework? I'm not in control then" And this is where I'm going to reference my good friend, Mr

Bob Marley who says, "None but ourselves can free our mind" Because although there are CEOs, there are parents, and there are presidents, no one in this world has more power over you and your mind, than you Now don't get me wrong, homey, okay, You may have difficult circumstances indeed, but that's perfect, that's why we have such an amazing mind and soul But you got to remember, even though your mind and soul are amazing, that doesn't mean that they don't get hurt And when they get hurt, you got to remember that negatives aren't forever

Because let's be real, baby, how many times have you take a negative and developed it into a beautiful picture? And if you can't remember, let me remind you Remember when you were younger, and you lost your best friend Or when your dog died Or when your fish died Or last week, when your favorite Game of Thrones character died and you were like "life is terrible, I'm never getting over this

" Hi, hello, you're still here You're still existing, I see you That's because everything you thought you couldn't overcome, you've overcome So logically, it's a bit ridiculous for you to assume that you can't do things, when you've, in fact, been doing them You have every single thing you need to do whatever you need to do and the only person stopping you is you

In life, people will hate on what you do, and this is my take on it, it's not natural to be like "Oh, I'm going to go on this girl's video and write she's a whore Dah, dah, dah" That's not a natural thing to do The only reason someone would do that is because they're dealing with their own insecurities Someone doesn't like something, they can easily ignore it

But when people feel the need to go out of their way and comment on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, that just means that they're just really frickin' insecure And if you do have haters, which inevitably everybody will have, handle it like a bawse! At the end of the day, all of the people that want to tweet their witty comments on Twitter or on Facebook or on YouTube, I'll never respond, why? Because you're still watching what I'm doing You're commenting underneath my video, giving me a view, who's really winning? Even under this video, someone will write a hate comment Many people will, why? Because they're mad at what I'm saying right now, and they're mad that I'm calling them out, they feel bad about themselves And they wish they could wear a winter hat in the middle of summer

And they wish they had this freakin, where is it? Pimple right here They wish they did, you wish you did (coughs) You have a hater that's super annoying and is like, and you have a hater that's super annoying and like keeps bothering you, just agree with them and tell them to shut the f- up Dude, how did you know I'm a whore? How did you know? How could I not have noticed that I'm black? I feel so stupid I can't believe you knew I was black and I didn't

Oh my god, you're right, I do curry and I am smelly I'm going to go take a shower and Febreze Everyone says they're "working" but I believe one percent of people are actually working The other 99% of people are just making to-do lists And to-do lists are great

Unless you're doing them wrong, in which case, they're totally pointless Because some people out here treating to-do lists like they're vision boards Like they're f-in bucket lists, like f-in life goals Tell me if you can relate, have you ever made a to-do list that looks like this? Finish essay Read chapters 1-5

Buy new jacket Respond to all emails in inbox Clean room Find true love Grow hair so I can do that cute braid

Learn to play chess Get six pack And if that's what your to-do list looks like, you, my friend, need to calm the f– down, okay, because post-its aren't genies They don't make wishes come true Aladdin took place Agrawbah, not f-in Office Depot

And I know, I know when you're making a to-do list, it's so tempting to think that you're invincible and you're going to do all this stuff today, okay You been writing your to-do list and it looks like the f-in lyrics to Rihanna and Drake's new song It's like ♫ "Work, Work, Work, Work, Work" Just be real I find the key is to have two to-do lists, one for things you're going to do today, ak

a before you sleep And one for longer term goals Example, today: read chapter one Longer term goal: read chapters one through five

If you want, you can even have a third list called, LOL, where you write things like, find true love (laughs) So yo, check this out, right I'm about to blow your mind No one on this planet is crazy in the same way that you are crazy No one is you, no one has the same characteristics as you

Which means no one can do exactly what you do Even if people are doing the exact same thing, they're not going to do them in exactly the same way It's unpossible! Two dancers can't dance exactly the same Two artists can't paint exactly the same Two doctors will not heal people in exactly the same way

That's just the bloody facts Okay, and I know what you're thinking, "yo, what the f- Lily, why you being so tumbler, let me explain though" If no one can be exactly like you, that means it doesn't make any sense for you to compete with other people The only person you have to compete with, is the older version of yourself Stay with me

You are going to succeed, are you ready for this? You are going to succeed, because the world is waiting for what you have to offer because no one else can offer exactly what you have to offer and if you don't work hard and you waste that opportunity, it's like you didn't show up to a job interview that you already had in the bag So, don't be damn you, don't be damn you My camera You know I see people stressing all the time about this, about that and 'about all the problems in their life and I'm here to just keep it real and say, your problems are so important but really they're not important at all And let me explain

Something might be bothering you right now, and that's totally cool It is important in your life and no one else understand it, that's fine, but baby look around Life is waiting for you to live it So go ahead, smile, be happy, make a new friend, take a trip, treat yourself Get up, randomly dance, right now

So be happy, because I promise you, as important as your problems are, they are not nearly as important as all of the good things you got going on I'm sure this is not the first time you heard this, but it is significantly easier to get work done when you're surrounded by like-minded people In fact, that is almost half of the reason I moved to LA But this is not about me, this is about you

That doesn't mean that you got to move to another country I mean you can if you want to but you ain't got to do– but if you in LA, yo hit me up If you're lucky, the people who hustle and motivate you are your friends

But can I be honest, they're likely not I bet your friends are so great at holding your hair back while you puke At eating pizza with you, at golfing with you, taking ugly selfies with you, hanging out with you, watching movies with you Great, do all that stuff with them But if they're not great at working with you, why are you with them when you're trying to get work done? You need to find people to work with, that work harder than you

Okay? When you're in a room with them, you feel guilty because they're working so hard and you're like, "holy crap, I need to get my ish together" And if that's not your friends, then so be it That means it's okay to say, hey no, you can't come over 'cause I have work to do Different people work in different sit-iations Feel confident

Dress to impress yourself When you leave the house, look at the mirror Look at yourself and if you don't go, "Ssssh, daaaamn!" Then you need to change Feel like a million bucks And that doesn't mean you have to spend a million bucks

You don't need that Gucci Gucci, Fendi Fendi, Prada Prada, You can be rockin' that straight 725 from Wal-Mart, and still be hella hot I'm saying make sure when you leave the house, you're dressed in an outfit that you feel confident in If you're worrying about your crack showing and you know your booby popping out, and your pants being too tight or too loose or something, you're not going to feel confident You need to feel sexy, you need to feel hot You need to feel smokin'

And everyone is beautiful in their own way, so don't give me no BS about, "I'm ugly and my hair is ugly and my skin is ugly, and my–" The hell was that? "And my skin is ugly and just everything–" No, everyone is beautiful in their own way, so don't give me that crap, okay? That means you just need to connect with your inner sway, and get it poppin', alright (sigh) So you're sitting there, standing there, lying there, watching this video and life has beaten the crap out of you I'm talking straight black eye status You're crippled emotionally and mentally scarred People have hurt you, ish has happened, you lost your boyfriend, you lost your girlfriend, you lost your job

Life has kicked you in the genitals, over and over and over and over, and you just cannot take it, you give up I get it, I do I know what that feels like and so I'm here to tell you, to get the hell back up! If you fall 899 times, you get back up 900 times Trust me, I fall all the time I was falling through most of my life

If I fell on Monday, on Tuesday, the sun still rose And if I fell on Wednesday, on Thursday, the sun still rose, because, you know why? It doesn't matter if you're miserable or not, the world doesn't care if you're in a good mood, or it you're happy The sun will always still rise the next day And you, my friend, will be left behind So brother, sister, from the heart, get back up! And do it for you

And let me tell you what I mean by that If everyone went out and tried to seek revenge on everyone who hurt them, the world would be hot mess Moreso than it already is I would have killed Fido by now I would have been a compulsive liar

I definitely would have bombed Rims headquarters I'd be a player I'd be a crappy friend And I would back stab people just for fun Straight Friday the 13th status, just– But no, because two wrongs do not make a right, and a lot of people ask me, "Lily, is the reason you work so hard and try to succeed because you want to prove all those people wrong? All those people that hurt you and said you couldn't do it, you want to make them feel stupid?" And my answer, honestly, genuinely, is no

My success should not be driven by the need to make other people feel stupid What would I accomplish by that? But you know what my success is driven by? The need to prove myself wrong Because back in the day, yes people did hurt me They hurt me so bad Trust me, I know what that hurt feels like

But do I want to prove them wrong? No, I want to prove myself wrong Because for a moment I did feel worthless, I did feel like I wasn't good enough So I prove that Lily wrong, that old Lily Lily, f– you, I will prove you wrong I don't need to define my goals by proving other people wrong and neither do you

So don't keep in mind all the people that hurt you, to seek revenge on them, no Just remember how they made you feel, and prove that wrong Because you're better than that And if along the way, a few people feel dumb, so be it! So this is my video to tell you, I know stuff happens in life People fall, there's ups and downs

You may feel worthless, pathetic right now You may have given up, but I'm here to tell you to get back up And do it for yourself Thank you guys so much for watching I made this video because Melvin Johnson asked me to

So if there's a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, leave it down in the comments below, and I'll see what I can do I'd also love to know, what did Lily say that had the biggest impact on you? What message really meant the most to you, that you're going to immediately apply to your business or life, leave it in the comments and I'm going to join in the discussion Finally I wanted to give a quick shout-out to Marisha Rodriguez, RishyCup TV, thank you so much for picking up a copy of my book, and sharing it on Facebook I really, really, really, really appreciate it So thank you guys again for watching, I believe in you, I hope you continue to believe in yourself

And whatever your one word is, much love I'll see you soon You know when you're pissed off or having a bad day, and you just feel like the universe is against you, and everything's going wrong Let me break it down to you, okay The universe does not give an f– about you, my friend

Nobody cares to piss you off Uh, hello, who do yo think you are? Mother Nature, Zeus, Gandalf, frickin' Dumbledore They have other ish to do, they're not spending their time plotting against you Ain't nobody got time for that It's simple

If you want to have a good day, act like a good person What you think you could just be rude, ignorant, and be obnoxious to everyone and they're going to treat you well? You should write a book How to be Dummy for Dummies Homey, let me break it down for you If you send out back vibes by lying, cheating, stealing, anything

Making fun of people, gossiping, posting a hate comment under my YouTube videos You, my friend, are putting your focus, energy and attention on negativity so throughout your day, what do you think you're going to recognize? You're going to notice that "fat girl" That idiot guy, that scratch on your car, that person that cut you off, and you're going to totally ignore, that fine guy, that person that held the door open for you, or your own friend that you haven't seen in 10 years, walk right by you But not to fear, you might be stressed out, you might be thinking, "yeah, really how can I send out good vibes?" Lily, tell me which number I should text a message: good vibe Because you so used to being a surrr face

It's really simple, stop right now, pick up your phone, send a nice text message to someone Tweet someone a compliment @iisuperwomanii, just sayin' Message an old friend, go hug your family You know what, stop the video right now Stop the video right now

Pause the video, pause the video I'll wait right here, go 'head Are you back? Are you back, okay Well now that's you're listening to me anyways, click thumbs up, like the video Stay cool, moving on

I think one of the messages I'm very big on in my show, is I don't like to say things that are cliche', or cute and adorable, I like to real I tell my audience that some people wish for their dreams, and other people work for their dreams Be the person who works for your dreams It's not going to be pretty, it's not going to be cute, it's not going to be fun all the time It just is going to take a lot of hard work

And I encourage you all to do that It's not enough to dream a dream, you got to work for it Always, everyday, everyday (laughs) From the very beginning, I'm myself Asian female making videos, I mean, I get racism and sexism, and everything combined Of course, I think no matter what you put online, there's going to be controversy

I've learned very quickly on the internet, you cannot please everyone I have a video called 10 Reasons to Smile and there's still dislikes on it That's an indication that no matter what you do, people will dislike it And there's been controversy over me being an Indian female talking about relationships, and talking about kissing and talking about those things and The best I can do is do what I think is right and that's what I'm doing

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