Lilly Singh’s (AKA IISuperwomanII) Seven Bucks Moment!

Hi, my name is Lilly Singh I go by Superwoman on YouTube

I am a huge fan of The Rock I know everything about him And I'm thrilled to be on this channel, once again And so happy to share with you my Seven Bucks Moment [MUSIC PLAYING] My Seven Bucks Moment was, definitely, my last year of University

University because I'm Canadian Not college, I mean University I was getting my Psychology degree because, to be honest, that's what my sister did I was in my last year of getting this degree, just hating my life, to be honest Nothing really, truly made me happy

And that's because, you know, growing up I always used to be really fun, and really creative I grew up in an Indian household But I was always the tomboy, and the loud one [HORN SOUNDS] And the life of the party in the middle of the dance circle I wanted to be this larger than life person

But somehow through school, and you know, pressures I convinced myself that, OK I actually just have to go to school I was sitting there not being creative and hating my life Somehow that threw me into this bout of depression for about a year, which is really strange for me

Because growing up, yeah, I had family problems And I had, you know problems at school But I never, really, was that phased for such a long amount of time I had no goals and ambitions And anyone who knows me now would be like, what? I remember there were so many times, when there were so many friends that I would try to reach out to me

And I would ignore their phone calls I didn't have an appetite I would literally lie in bed most of the day doing nothing I literally thought that, no Your purpose in life is to be sad, now

And this is who you going to be, a sad person who does nothing During depression, I think some of the weirdest things for me were The things I would convince myself I was not worthy of Even just like walking down the street I would get very uncomfortable being around people

Because I used to feel like everyone is looking at me Because I'm clearly this person who exuded negative energy Really, I just needed to like, to love myself I think And I didn't know how to And I didn't think I was worthy enough to

I even, a lot of people don't know this, I even came up with this scheme in my mind to restart my life Where I would move across the world And I went as far as like sitting my family down and saying, hey, there's nothing for me in Toronto I'm going to move to India To the point where my parents started, like, crying

Every morning I would wake up and just feel like the worst version of myself all over again Something inside me was just like, stop Like, dude is this who you want to be And maybe when University ended I thought, OK, that chapter is done What's next? And I think the what's next prompted me to, well, let's make sure it's not that

Whatever you were experiencing during that period of your life The discovery of YouTube really helped Because when I was in the bout of like, maybe I can be creative Well behold, I discovered a YouTube video And it was someone in their house making a video

It was a comedy video being creative And I thought, wait a minute, this is a thing People make videos for random people on the internet It's a thing They were bad, my videos were bad

They were not funny They were not good I'm awkward A part of me was also like, what, are you actually good at this? Or are you still worthless, and not worthy of people watching your videos And all the same doubts again

Anyone who's been through depression knows that it's not something that you just, are like Oh, I'm depressed JK No, I'm not anyone It's very much so a battle that's constant

There's ups and downs You can have the best day And tomorrow be like, eh never mind, we're actually back to depressed I'm in Mexico I'm with my family

Wonderful resort I should be happy This is a happy scenario, there are palm trees There's hot men There's alcohol

There's colorful drinks There's a drink called Superman I remember sitting there, everyone is cheers-ing And I felt extremely unhappy I wandered to the beach in the middle of the night

Don't try this at home And I sat in the dark on the sand for like an hour just talking to myself And this is probably the first time in my life that I had a major talk with myself And I said hey, you know what you are right now? You're ungrateful Because you are in this amazing place with amazing people, healthy, food on your plate

So much going for you, and you are sad Let's figure it out I talked to myself for an hour on that sand I decided that the moment I landed back in Toronto I am going to put 2000% of my effort into YouTube And into creating

I got up off the sand I finished the trip in Mexico I landed And from then, every single day has been writing scripts It has been editing videos

It has been teaching myself how to do those things Creating this life for myself that was full of all the positive vibes, and energy I need And it was a hard journey Because I sucked a lot of the times And I got rejected a lot of the times

And sometimes I was too weird And sometimes people said I was too loud, or too ghetto Or my skin's the wrong color, or whatever it is But I was like, no I know what it feels like to be unhappy and not have a hustle

And this is my happy that I'm going to create And that was Superwoman So, Superwoman is a superhero that essentially saved Lilly I learned that fighting for happiness is one of the hardest things you'll ever fight for Because the only thing worth fighting for, and if you fight for it

And if you decide to be happy And if you really, really just dig deep And listen to your inner voice It is possible for everyone Thank you so much for listening to my Seven Bucks Moment

I hope it was inspirational in some way to you Huge thank you to Dwayne for allowing me to be on his channel And for being such a massive, massive inspiration to me I love you from the bottom of my heart Also if you like what I talk about and kind of like me

If you kind of, sort of, maybe I make videos on the internet you can check out my channel It'll be somewhere there And I wrote my published first book It's called "How Bawse

" It's available lillysinghbookcom If you want to check that out, that would be really, super cool Other than that, go conquer life Because you're going to nail it


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