Life During a Pandemic

– Lilly! Why the sink full of dishes, huh? – I'll do it later – Later when? – Later Mom, I'm busy

– You're always really busy – Social distancing means changing how we greet people Moving away from contact – No physical contact, huh? You know what, Mom? I'll do the dishes when I'm good and ready – What you say to me? – And if you don't like that, you can do them yourself

Because it's not bothering me – Oh really? – Yeah and you know what, another thing From now on, when you come into my room, you have to knock You know why? Because, I could be talking to a boy Or a girl

To be honest, your rotis, aren't even that round They're more oval-shaped – Oh, they oval, huh? – And guess what, after you made me close my eyes in that scene in Titanic, me and my friends, we watched it after anyways – Oh, did you? – And don't even think about threatening to smack me because they said on the news that we're in a pandemic so you're not allowed to do physical contact – Pandemic, huh? – No, we're in a pandemic, that's what they said on the news

– Oh, the news said? – Yeah, the news said – What else the news say? Tell me what the news said Tell me, tell me what the news say, huh? – You're coming closer than six feet – Okay, okay no problem Okay

(screams) At first, I was really scared of everything going on But then, I found a silver lining – [Friend On Phone] Hey, I think we should cancel dinner on Friday (phone notification dings) (email notification dings) – [Reporter] Coachella, will most likely be postponed – [Reporter] The mayor of Austin announcing that he is issuing order that effectively cancels South by Southwest

– Hey, I don't think I can come to your birthday next year You know, considering everything going on I just think we should break up For safety I might have to cancel my gym membership

For obvious reasons That's the stuff As an anti-social person, this is my moment (sighs) Things are crazy right now Wanna watch World War Z? I mean with everything happening in the world

Did you hear they're locking down all cities? No, every single city Oh wait, nevermind, that's not true Ooh, let's watch 12 Monkeys Check out this virus meme Look at this virus meme

So dumb, but so serious There's like no toilet paper I am not leaving my house Do you wanna go to the Bahamas for like, $19? Should I Amazon toilet paper? Hey, you wanna watch Contagion? My friend has a friend who works with the government, and he was saying that the virus can live through fire Yeah, hold on

Oh wait nevermind, that's not true I think we should buy a fishing rod (Blabbering) The Walking Dead (Blabbering) Wait, do I feel hot? 50% of the canine population has the virus now Yeah, for real

Oh wait nevermind, that was fake (clears throat) Wait, is it hot in here, or? (coughs) If you had to, would you eat dog food? Hey, you wanna look? Wait, did you wash your hands? Dude, Amazon is sold out of toilet paper (coughs) – I'd like to buy some stuff – Okay, what you need? – I need something strong – I got you

– Sanitization Nation, baby (exhales) Kills 99% of bacteria, that's that mean clean right there – What's that one over there? – That's that Miley Virus Kill those germs like a wrecking ball – I'll take one of those

Actually, two (exclaims) – So you must think this is 2019 $20 a bottle, son! – I heard you got the hook up on the TP – I got the two-ply to die to for How many wipes you anticipating? – Man, I need a whole roll

My girl got a big booty, like Kim K Yeah, I liked it at first, but now a player broke – Get well off that Cottonelle (spray bottle sprays) – I need a little extra Protection – I hear you loud and clear Oh my bad, wrong box I hear you loud and clear

That's that vroom vroom for your immune I'll take it, thanks (plastic wrap crinkling) – Hey, how's it going everyone? Lilly here I hope you like this video I truly hope it made you laugh because I know personally for me and my life during difficult times, comedy has been such a beacon of light and makes me feel lighter in my day

So I hope this video did that for you All jokes aside though, what we're going through as a community, and as humanity, is very serious so I wanted to provide some information that will help you or people you love First of all, misinformation is not going to help anything so I've included links to the World Health Organization and the CDC in the description Please check out those links for reliable information Please practice proper hygiene, practices washing your hands, social distancing whenever you can, if your job allows for it

Of course, I know that there's a lot of struggle with economics and finances and mental health, and anxiety is a really real thing as well So if you're suffering from any of that, I feel for you I've included some resources in the description for you as well And lastly, if you're able to donate, there's a lot of really great causes that are helping organizations around the world, whether it's food banks, or mental health related things I've donated, if you would like to donate, links are in the description

Stay safe, stay healthy I hope this made you laugh We're in this together Bye! Hey, I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you are staying safe and healthy and this made you laugh

If you wanna laugh some more, check out my last video A little preview of what's coming soon on my channel, a new video coming soon Make sure you subscribe because we're making videos on here! One love Lilly, that is a wrap, and zoop!

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