Kids With Technology These Days

– Oi Lilly! Help me do some housework! – Not right now, Mom! I'm about to do a livestream! – Who coming over? – No one! I'm broadcasting from my webcam! – You never buy me tickets for no show! (sigh) – Broadcast live Let's go

What up, everyone? It's your girl, Superwoman And welcome to Ask Superwoman Live – Huh? Lilly! Answer phone! (needle scratching) (phone ringing) – Not right now! I'm busy! I'm becoming a DJ! (needle scratching) – Lilly! Help me! (toothbrush whirring) – I can't right now! I'm getting my teeth cleaned! – Lilly! – Right, fix the eyes a little bit Change the white balance Yo, (kabinda), lens swap over here! – Pass me remote! – Not right now! I'm making a feature film! (cooing) – Look at the little baby eating! Lilly! – Not right now mom, I'm printing photography! – Lilly

Lilly! – Mom, not right now, I'm shopping – Lilly! – Not right now, I'm exercising! Want to know what's going to come? I'll show you what's going to come What about a T-shirt reference? – Lilly! – Huh? I'm busy I'm editing my vlog on my main channel video (phone ringing) – Lilly? What are you doing? – I can't talk right now, I'm taking a road trip

– Lilly, eat your food and get a (cool) okay? – Shh! Not right now, I'm saving the galaxy (vacuuming) – I'm in class, hold on – Lilly! – Yeah, right — – – Come do the dishes! – Mom, not right now, I'm doing something! (crosstalk) – Lilly What are you so busy doing? Huh? – Mom! I'm Skypeing Miranda while listening to music on my Bluetooth speaker while shooting a video of me recording another hit song because my phone is too busy updating its software – Shut up, shut up, I don't understand, okay? Go do laundry! Huh? – Are you kidding me? (sighs) – Mom, how do you use this thing? Yo! So as you can see, technology is kind of, sorta my life

I mean think about it, without technology, I'd just be talking to a mirror right now Which I don't do So, I've teamed up with Dell to challenge Team Super Which means one of you unicorns is going to win a Dell laptop plus some other awesome sauce stuff! So I want to know, I want to know, I want to know, how do you use tech to create your own superpower? And no, that doesn't mean sleep next to the microwave so you can become radioactive because that's a bad — Should I do that? — No! Bad idea! Right? But, how do you use tech to give yourself extraordinary, everyday abilities? Like, what if there was a device that let you store every memory you've ever had and then relive it the next day like it was yesterday? OMG! Well this is your time to shine Team Super! Flex your brain powers and give me your super powers Leave your best, most creative answers in the comments below

Be sure to tag Dell and use the hashtag #LEARNITSHAREIT and #CONTEST And the winner gets a Dell laptop and other awesome stuff! And finally, if you liked this video, make sure you give it a big thumbs up, comment below If you want to check out my last video, it is right there And if you're on a phone and your adtations don't work, don't worry, I'll also put it in the description Make sure you check out the video I did with Dell right over there, it's beautiful and will hit you in all the feels

I'll also put that in the description And make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday and I'd love for you to be here One love, superwoman, that is a wrap And zoop!

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