Kermit Memes In Real Life

– Well, we're going on our second date Isn't he cute? – Mhm

Almost as cute as his fiancé, but that's none of my business – Damn, Jessica looks so good in this picture of us – Crop her out (scissors snipping) – I hit five million Instagram followers – (giggles) Yet, your last picture only got 50 likes, but that's none of my business

(slurping loudly) – Ugh, I should just finally update my computer – Remind me tomorrow – I'm like really into meditation recently Namaste – Mhm

That must be why your bank account is sitting still, but that's none of my business (slurping loudly) – I'm so happy I'm working out again – Order pizza – No, no more Time for bed

– One more episode – I hate flying I just can't stand airplanes – Yet your head is always in the clouds, but that's none of my business – My period's a day late

– Buy a crib – I think I'm gonna make another draw my life video – First, you should learn how to draw your eyebrows, but that's none of my business – Okay, listen Let's just have a mature adult conversation about this

– Throw a tantrum – Kevin keeps texting me You know, he seems really sorry – Respond with "K" – He hasn't responded yet

Okay, stop He's probably just busy – Put Drake lyrics in your Instagram caption – Girl, don't even get me started, okay? You know she tried to hook me up on a blind date? I'm like, I am not that desperate – You know, I've been sippin' tea across a hundred thousand tweets, but you still more thirsty than me, but that ain't none of my business

– Damn, the lighting here is perfect for a selfie – Show some cleavage – Shut up – Yeah, I only eat organic and natural foods – Hmm

Yet your personality's so artificial, but that's none of my business – Okay, honestly you're rude, Kermit I don't have time for you – Mmm or the time to find foundation that matches your skin, but that's none of my business – You're not even real

– Mhm, mhm Just like your lashes, but again that's none of my business – You're a puppet There's literally a hand up your butt – Oh! More action than you're gettin', but that's none of my business

– You're just a dated meme – Hmm – Okay, you know what? I'm an adult, so I'm just gonna walk away from this Bye – Stab him with your fork

– (clears throat) What up, everyone? It's your girl Superwoman and yes, that's what the inside of my brain looks like This is such a goofy video, but I kinda sorta love it If you enjoyed it, please give me a thumbs up because I am sweating buckets right now from that costume and I wanna know if you enjoyed it, so if you did, take a second, let me know by clicking the thumbs up You can also comment below letting me know what other memes do you want to see me reenact? Do you wanna do the "why you do this"? Let me know If you wanna check out my last video, it is right over there

It is called "How To Make A Sandwich For Sexists" My second vlog channel is – Can't help but notice that you didn't click subscribe yet, but that ain't none of my business

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