Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean | My Parents React (Ep. 15)

♫ Said we're running out of time ♫ What do you mean? ♫ (music) (horse neighing) – What up everyone? It's your girl Superwoman And ya'll have been requesting this video for so, so long

I know it's been a minute since my parents have reacted to anything So please enjoy my parents reacting to Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" (burp) – Hello – It's been very long time I'm a little bit nervous Oh hello

(giggle) (playful music) – Hello (playful music) When do you sing Chandigarh Sector 17? – Today we'll be reacting to Justin Bieber – Biebs – BJ, I mean JB – My brother – Belieber

– Okay, let's do it Hello – Fever (gasp) I'm doing shame shame! No, no, no! Lily rewind this one I say rewind this one

People see my bra I don't want them thinking I'm getting bra, okay? I have no boobie Nothing, that's it Okay, let's go – Oh, horror movie? – You know I like Justin Bieber

He have that one song I really much like What it called? – Final Destination! – Ah yes, ♫ that's what makes you beautiful ♫ I liked that one Raining, it must be in the UK England, London – Gangsta money, look at me

– This is Justin Bieber? He's so big – You play with fire you just might get burned – That's right don't play with fire, okay? Always clean your room – She miss arm when she was putting on top She go, "Oh my!" – Hey, cover yourself! – A knock knock, who there? Bieber

– This a pant, this a pant? What does Justin Bieber have on his head? ♫ What do you mean ♫ – Why he wearing lipstick? – What this? This Justin Bieber or Donald Trump? – Already? – This how you say hello? – What happening (stuttering) she have? People sometimes have like that in the behind them like she – Hello Dirty Look Oh my, this is how you say hello? Hello, how, look, first of all this is not a pant

– You know, maybe they are hot fever Bieber fever – This is what kids do, you see, this is dirty This is how kids doing, you see? Mommy, I'm going to school study Oh my god! – Okay, maybe they are married, they must be married – Why you taking? It very hot? Turn on air condition! – Are they fighting like this? I wish I fight like this

– Oh, look at my underwear, they have name on them They spell name wrong, okay? Justin Bieber It says something else on it – Okay, okay, he not popsicle That's not healthy

– Stomach is not for licking Stomach is for eating roti and dal – Look, look, they are doing naked Oh, I'm naked, let's argue, what? How was your day baby? Oh baby, how was your day? – Look, what kind of head this is? You Justin Bieber or Jessica Bieber? – That's right, put on clothes, put on clothes, okay? Don't make me take my shirt off I am better this guy with bloody nine pack over here

– No, what do you mean? What do you mean, huh? – Oh, look Jim Carrey the Mask He's coming, that's it – Take them away They are doing dirty things Go, get off

– He's name is studio junior coming – That's right Take her Take her Boarding school, that's right

(claps hands) (exaggerated punching sounds) – That's right, you see? That's it He going to take you to mall, buy clothes That's it They're dead – Look at this

Look at this Look at this We getting kidnapped but we going to calmly sit in trunk and we going to kissy (kissing sounds) Do cuddling We going to die but that's okay

– Ah, I understand They in the Hunger Games – Kill them Kill them This easy to get escape when you do kidnapped, huh? If this easy why they have Taken movie two and three? That very girl get taken three, four times

– That's right, that's my brother – Look at this one We going to kill you Okay, one second, let us have conversation over here (kissing sounds) Do you trust me? – I am Justin Bieber, of course you bloody trust me

I am millionaire – Jump, jump Stupid idiots – See? Look, now they dead You know why? Kissing before marriage

What the hell is this, huh? – He trick her! – What the bloody hell is this? Prank? Was it a prank? What this a Jessie Jeana? Do you do Justin Bieber or do fouseytube? – This is how it happens these days? – If Manjeet ever do like this to me, I bloody kill him – This how you get girl to like you today? You kidnap her? – What kind of, I'm going to kidnap you But really we having party – And then you give her a bloody skateboard? Okay, she like it, she like it Okay, you Justin Bieber

You get man to kidnap me every day I don't bloody care This is romance these days, this is romance Back in my day romance was proper You meet someone You ask to marry

Romance This bloody garbage – But you know one thing in this he's very handsome (claps her hands) (snaps fingers) ♫ But you wanna say no ♫ What do you mean? ♫ Oooooh ♫ – Oh I see him doing nae nae Nae nae! – This video very dirty, okay? I saw– I saw that girl bra, bra

Very, I never wear bra, I don't do like this I don't do these kinds of naughty things No, I don't need wire Why I never, I never wear like this I see her panty

Red panty In conclusion this video very dirty Very naughty Very bad But the song very good

♫ What do you mean? (claps hands) ♫ Running out of time (claps hands) Do double time (claps hands) ♫ Ooooh! What do you mean? ♫ – You know I very confused because I got my flu shot, but I still get the Bieber fever – Maybe if I do like this, ♫ What do you mean? ♫ Nah, I just look like the girl from the Grudge still I hope you enjoyed that because I had so much fun shooting it although I didn't shoot it yet and I'm shooting this in advance, but I'm sure I had so much fun shooting it But you know I got to tell you something so cue end card

Yo! Tomorrow I'm going to Mexico for seven days from the 12th to the 19th for a little bit of vacation, a little bit of a friend thing, but I'm doing to be my daily vlogs still So if you wanna follow along on the adventure, I will be doing my daily vlogs on my second challenge If you wanna check my last vlog, it is right there My last video is right there If you like this video, please give it a big thumbs up

Make sure you comment below letting me know what your favorite part was Like yo! While you're here, why don't you just like hit the subscribe button because I'm making new videos every Monday and Thursday and I'll still be making a video Monday and Thursday even though I'm in Mexico because yo hustle hard! One long Superwoman that is a wrap and zoom

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