Jason Derulo – Swalla | My Parents React (Ep. 24)

– Where in the world is Superwoman today? Technically, I'm in Dubai (magical sounds) What up, everyone, it's your girl Superwoman and even though I'm in Dubai, I'm reversing back in time back to my house in L

A Cause you've been asking me for 84 years for my parents to react to Jason Derulo, Swalla Look, ugh, ugh and before my parents react to it, know that in two days I have my Dubai show What? Okay, stop, shut up, I'm done Okay, cool, go, cut

– First time Siri, Google – Hogwarts – Computer – Inception, high five (gasps, screams) – Today we're reacting to Jason De-Rollo

– Ja-son Derulo, Jason De-Rollo – Uh, Swa, Swalla? – Swalla – Swalla Swalla Okay, come, play

Niki Minaj, oh no, no, no – T-Y Doll-A Money Dollaring – Oi, what wrong? – This a story about a diabetes – Oh, I know this man, huh, Weekend – I'm a star boy, uh, uh, uh, uh – Eating too much candy, you die, see? – Star boy

– Not even one minute and already bum bum a moving like a thisa – You thirsty? Look on the bloody floor – Hello? Call a plumber, water bled everywhere – Why he keep saying drank? Drank, da, da, da, da Oh, I know, over your exo

– What does sheme sheme – Huh, who's Jimmy? – Who's swollen? ♫ Shimmy shimmy, yay, shimmy yay, shimmy ya – Madepo, stop madepo ♫ Drank, swalla-la-la, swalla-la-la ♫ Swalla-La-la – Socks must be so wet – Somebody clogged bloody toilet – Oh! – Oh-kay, okay

– Frp, frp, frp – I think a maybe she doing squats – Brand deal – Brand deal – Ad

– Spawn (shrieking) – So many brand deal, you still can't afford clothes – This is not how you do couples yoga, okay? – Nobody feeling thirsty, okay? Everybody very hydrated – I don't think you know how to play guitar – Oh, Lilly, call the beast

– Why don't you sit on bloody sofa why you on the ground, IKEA always having bloody sale, right? – Oh, oh, oh – Twinkies – This a Bumble Bee? This is Transformers? – When you have to be Niki Minaj at 1pm, but play Tin Man in Wizard of Oz play at 3pm – When you in Game of Thrones, but your crown too big and it fall – When you order sunglass but they accidentally send you one pair for the Hulk

– When somebody play ring toss, but they miss the bottle and they catch your head – She wearing bloody Saran Wrap – She take bloody plastic from sofa and make pant from it – LeBron have nut allergy? – Happy holy, huh? – I don't know what more high, his bloody voice or little vein – I feel like I'm on bloody drugs

– This is not how you do sit-ups, okay? – You see this right here? This everything wrong with the world – This is why obesity rate growing – This is why gas so expensive – This is why people don't get YouTube notifications This is why new iPhone don't have head phone jack I have no idea what the Swalla, who Jason and what happening

– I need two Advil, one glass water and one week off – Everybody that got turned on by Jason Derulo, say I, I, I Superwoman, I, I Yo, if you wanna check me out in Dubai, I have my show in two days lillysinghbookcom/tour is where you can go, link is also in the description I'm also going to the rest of the world, Australia, New Zealand, Trinidad, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, all those places so get your tickets because I wanna hug your face

Let's go to the end card – Yo, did you like that video? If you liked that video, give it a thumbs up comment below, let me know what else do you wanna see my parents reacting to the last video is right over there vlogs from tour are right over there make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday, one love Superwoman that is a wrap and zoop, swalla, walla

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