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– This is a PSA for your face What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman and honestly, I didn't feel like fixing my makeup or fixing my hair, I just wanted to be my natural self

Is that okay? Can we still vibe? With the rise of social media came the rise of tomfoolery, am I right? Like, remember back in the day when things were private and if you did something wack only the seven people in the room would know about it? But today? Nuh-uh! Okay? The Internet is a display case for all of your trash and mistakes And that's exactly why there needs to be a code of conduct between friends, because that's our only protection, okay? I mean, okay, yeah, we could also just stop doing dumb things, but who the hell is that responsible? So this is my PSA, even though, to be honest, it should be common sense Don't tag your friends in the following types of pictures: number one: questionable party pics You guys, let's take a picture! Come, hurry up! (electronic music) (party guests chatting) (Lilly gagging) Emphasis on questionable If I'm at a party and I'm still on two feet and my mascara's not down to my chin, yo, take a picture, tag me, I probably look cute

My legs are probably shaved, less to FaceTune But if I'm at a party and my clothes just aren't doing their job, you know what I'm talking about, like the bra strap is just down to– that's the number one sign, the bra strap is just down there, okay, and if I'm not even trying to conceal my double chin, yeah, don't tag me! You need to keep that ish private, okay? And I know what you're thinking, you're uploading the picture, tagging me, like, "Oh my god, look at us, (grumbles) "such cute memories, oh my god!" But the thing is, like, I don't even remember that night I was blackout drunk According to me, that night never even happened, I don't even have that outfit, I was never there, I don't even remember how we're friends Not to mention, the only thing that you're actually reminding me of is that I'm wasting my life, and to be honest, my mom does that all the time, regularly, so I don't really need the picture

My hair really bein' a hot mess right now I like it Number two: pictures with my ex And see, like, you already know how this goes, because you could be super loyal to your bae, but then you go to party and you see your trash ex there and you're like, yo, I don't even care about you, my ex, okay? Because my boo at home, yeah, my boo lets me hog the blanket, okay? My boo doesn't even touch the thermostat, okay, he just sweats it out My boo puts my phone in his pocket when we in the club because he knows that my dress ain't got no pockets, my boo is bomb

I don't give an F about you! But, then this happens: come on, let's take a picutre, c'mon! (electronic music) Somehow, some way, a group picture situation occurs in which your ex and you are in the same ecosystem and you already know what's gonna happen the next day, your bae is gonna wake up like, "I saw you were at a party last night, huh? "Who was at the party?" and then you just gonna be like, "Party? What? What party? "Oh no, you know what, it was a solo party "Actually I was the only one who showed up, "You know, actually, I don't even think I went to a party, "No I was in the bathroom!" "Oh yeah, I saw your ex was there" And rah, rah, rah, so on and so forth Don't tag me in the damn picture with my ex in it Because now I'm in the club holding my own phone because my dress ain't got no damn pockets

Yeah, wait for that video, okay, coming soon Number three: selfish pics You ever take a few pictures with a friend, and by a few, I mean like 45, because let's be real, these days, why are we idiots? No one takes one picture anymore Why is that? Like, it makes no sense We be taking the exact same picture over and over and over again

You ever take a picture of just food and just like, alright, got one Let me just take seven more just in case Why are we doing– there's too many gigabytes in the phone, that's why Oh my god, I sound like an old person Anyway, so you have 45 pictures with your friend, and she posts the one where she looks bomb and you look like a steaming pile of turd

Let's take a picture! Can you take a picture of us? (electronic music) (Lilly sneezes) Here's the thing, it's one thing to post a picture where you're like, okay, I can see how maybe you thought, you know, this was cute from a distance, an angle, but no, this is just like any sane person could see that I look horrible, like horrible, in this picture And I know exactly what you're trying to do, you're trying to use my ugliness to increase your beauty, and you know what? That's selfish And to be honest, I'd do the exact same thing, you just beat me to it Number four: here in spirit You ever been in a situation where you could not go to a party but all your friends are at this party having an amazing time, and you're just like, really sad about not being there, so then they do this stupid crap? – Guys, let's take a picture for Lilly

– Let's do it! (electronic music) (camera clicking) – Let me get this straight, right? To make me feel better about not being there, you are going to take a picture and tag me at the place that I am not, because I'm there in spirit? No, you know what would be even sweeter? You not showing me all the fun you're having and tagging me in all the fun– letting me know that there is no fun happening at all What do you mean there in spirit? What am I, Casper? Don't be dumb! Yo, what's cookin', good lookin'? If you like this video, yo, how many times I gotta tell you? Click subscribe, it's free, and what's the worst that's gonna happen? What, you're gonna see my videos on your page? Boo effin' who, just do it (laughs) Last video over there, second vlog channel over there, I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop, I hope you have a great day (kiss)

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