Instagram Pictures Pt. 2 | My Parents React (Ep. 19)

(horse galloping and neighing) – Hello – Where in the world is Paramjeet doing here? – We are here in Rio, Brazil for vacationing

– Rio have lots of Olympic soccer and lots of boy with no shirt No shirt boy (grunts) So bright Oi, Lilly you bring sunscreen – I'm here relaxing and Lilly come up to me and say, "Daddy

" – Bloody – Fan keep Facebooking, Twittering, saying "We want Manjeet" I say okay, my fans want me I make exception you know? – Today we're doing part two reacting Lilly Instantgram – (groans) My muscle hurting

I've working out in gym (humming) That's okay, Brazil – Brazil Rio Computer

– Wait, what? Stories? This is Snapchat? Oh, the same thing now I throwing shade – Okay, hello Hello, I'm doing video Pay attention

Picture number one – This a nicer picture Lilly, you look very nice – This girl so nice Who this is? This not Lilly

This girl pretty – A lot of time when she doing this photo shoot thing like that where she look very pretty, people coming up to her and say, "Oh my God, you look like a Manjeet" – Look, so nice Look at me Lipstick on lip looking like a girl

(cries) This my daughter (sniffs) – Hello – Why are you doing like this, Lilly? Oh Lilly, you have lice? Why you always scratching your head huh? Remind me, check your head after okay? Ha? What the bloody hell this one? "When you're dancer grab your boob and booty" – "And you want to thank Jesus" – This is why you have dancer, huh? To grab your

And your booty? – (laughs) No Jesus don't like like this He told me

He's my friend He calls her Lilly, when they're grabbing her – You want someone touch your booty? You just call me, okay? I hit that one very hard (snickers) – Next picture, okay (gasps) – One second, hold on

Hello, ambulance? My daughter having seizure – What happened here? – Look at me I'm Lilly – Bless you – Someone step on my foot

– Somebody punch me in stomach – I am having diarrhea (rhythmic breathing) I am, I am giving birth – Good, good, good That's my dumb daughter

– You look like a stupid face Dumb head – Ah, voice voices I know – My head hurting Because I am so stupid

– She performing this one Holding head, oh My head hurting Because I never listen daddy – My head hurting 'cause I don't clean my room

– Oh, my head hurting Because daddy's so cool I want to be cool like daddy but I don't I don't know how – Mm, d'you know? Maybe lice are hurting her

Lilly, let me know – I know this one Fourth Harmony girl, this one She's singing, ♫ Work, work, work, work ♫ – Oh, look at this one What a pretty girl

Look how nice she dress Such nice smile, nice hair So good Then Lilly, look I, no, I don't understand why Lilly getting so many view but can't afford clothes that properly fit

– You have psychology degree, okay? Not the green sham sham – Lilly, your bra's showing Your bra (gasps) Lilly, you drinking? – No see, no You know what they say on news? They say if you drink, you going to jail

That's it They said new policy Brand new law Anybody caught drinking, going to jail Even if you using rubbing alcohol, okay? 10 years jail

– Drinking very bad, okay? Thank you Parent allowed to drink, okay? Shut up – For kids, for kid Not for parent Parent allowed

Parent have to taste You see Okay, yes see This one poisonous You see, I will check

(clears throat) – Oh, this one virgin Don't worry Like me And like you should be – Rio de Janero

(cooing) – Look at this picture full of amazing people – This a great picture – And then Lilly's standing there naked Oi, why can't you wear sleeve? – This picture make me proud, okay? Right here, right here In my lung

– I don't understand how this conversation happened Malala, they're great girl, helping girls Alicia Key, they're very nice song single And then you have Carly, very nice model Then you have Lilly

I draw beard on my face – And my name Lilly I draw beard on my face You so dumb You see, I never do like this

Do I do dumb thing like this? Where'd you learn this from huh? I never do like this dumb dressing like a man So stupid – This one also from Voices Look at me My mommy pay tuition

– Look at me Daddy paying for bill – Look at me I am using fake money – Look at me

I don't know how to pay taxes Wait, there's a fly in there? (laughing) Nothing Perfect What the bloody hell happening here huh? – Now you taking a shower on Instantgram? – This how you do Instantgram huh? – No, no Why don't you also take poo-poo? Take a picture of poo-poo, post of that one, or comment below

Let me know Guess what you think I eat – I'm going to report this one Where is my phone? I am reporting – Also you know after you take shower Lilly, how dirty shower is huh? Looking like a bloody carpet in there okay? – That's right

It's offensive to me I'm her daddy – Jasmine, Aladdin They go in shower, they fly on carpet that you make from your leg hair Dirty

(gasps) – You not tell me you meet Drake – Lilly, you met Drake? – Why you not tell me? Drake my brother – You never tell me you meet Drake I love Drake – Yesterday, you know, Drake email me

He say he become prince of some small country Now he want transfer me five million dollar, you know? – You know, I do prayer for him Other day You know why? Because he's sex god – He always doing like this

Like – He turn six upside down like a roti – He must be calling India Poor connection Oh, hello

Hel– Hell– Hello He doing like this (humming) – Oh, I'm sorry I'm getting little wetter This a virgin? – Like this

(giggling) – Rio Oi, what happening here huh? (gasps) – The Rock – You trying to make pebbles? – Hey, Rock You trying to kiss my daughter huh? Please do like this I am such a big fan, man

– Rock, Rock If you're watching this one, can you introduce me Vin Diesel please? – I approve you want to marry daughter You call me Like this – I want him show me fast and furious

You know what I– (gasps) Oh, sorry Manjeet what? I'm coming I give you birth after nine month Okay? I raise you I clean your poo-poo I teach how to do pee-pee

And you do like this to me? You flirting with my men? Girl You know how I feel about this Zac Efron ever since High School Musical And you do like this? You are my own bloody daughter betray me huh? You know what all the other aunties say? You know They say we are OTP They say they ship

And you do like this? My own blood Do like betray me! One more, one more – Okay, hold hold hold hold I don't, I don't know if just me, but I think I look like this guys Am I in this picture? I don't

I don't remember my hair is being blonde – If you like this video– Oh shut up You have to like this video You don't have bloody choice – Okay, that's it

Good– Oh! – Follow me on Instantgram Iiparamjeetii I am making very nice picture and I'm wearing sleeve, okay? Because I am not dirty girl – They put a spice in They definitely a little bit of spice in this I think they mix it with permanent marker

I don't know – Okay, thank you Goodbye (laughs) (laughs) – Yo, I hope you enjoyed that video If you did, give it a thumbs up because it was so hard to shoot

I'm literally tucked away in a corner of the hotel that we're in, in Brazil So give it a thumbs up I hope you enjoyed it My parents do actually Instagram accounts that you can follow Links are in the description

Comment below letting me know what else do you wanna see my parents react to Because you know, I just wanna make you happy That's all I wanna do You can check out my last video right over there It is called Type Of Friends Part Three

My vlog channel right, is right over there I did some cool 360 vlogs in Brazil that are super dope if you can check out Also, huge kind of announcement That is kinda sad but good But kinda sad but good

I will be taking a week off as I am flying to Kenya in A couple hours and I will not have access to Wi-Fi or electricity So for the next week, there will be no vlogs and no videos

It will be a one week hiatus I'm gonna miss you so much I don't even know what– no I'm genuinely like so I'm kind of excited But I will see you a week from now Thank you for your patience and understanding

But yeah If I do have any electricity maybe I'll tweet and Snapchat So if you miss me, maybe you can find me there but I'm not really sure And this outro's really long so I'm gonna go now I love you so much

Thanks for following me along in this journey Where a bunch of some dope girl love stuff in Kenya And I can't wait 'til you see it So, one love Superwoman That is a wrap

And zoom (speaking in foreign language)

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