Indian Parents Explain Why Girls Get Their Period

(knocking) – 'Sup – Hello

– (laughter) Hello – So Lilly's not apologized yet so I still have her channel So I decided today I am going to make a video, okay? I am going to answer your question, off internet – That's right, that's right An A and Q, okay? We are going to answer your Q

Q-ooooooo – I have computer here Laptop – Computer – Apple

– Google – Okay, question: "Paramjeet," Yes, hello, hello "Why do girls get their period?" (record scratch) (silence) – Hello? What kind of What is it But – Period? – This the kind of language you're using on the internet? Where are your parents? – Ah, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay Girls get a period because when they're talking to someone and that person finishes their sentence, they say, "period, here you go" "Thank you" – Okay, that's okay, okay, that's okay, that's okay

I'm going to tell you – Periods – Periods (nervous laughter) – Commas, question mark, number sign This is the English language

– Hooooo! – You know, hockey has three periods, okay, basketball only has four period – You see, a girl has two ovaries in her body – That's right, yeah Ovary, not under-y No no

Over – Every month, these two ovaries start fighting – Arguing Hitting each other Ahhhh! – It's like that Mean Girls movie

– You steal my boyfriend? No, no, he's my boyfriend! – I buy this dress first! No no no I buy this dress first – I see dress white and gold No, I see dress black and blue (growling) – I hate you! – I'll unfollow you from instant gram! – It's like a war inside – It's like one ovary's the Night's Watch, and one ovary's the Wildling

That's right They're having war over the wall – Uterus wall – Uterus That's right

Not me-terus No, no Uterus – All this fighting means injuries, okay? That's why the ovaries inside start bleeding – One ovary's nose bleeding, one ovary has a cut on arm, ah, ah, ah bleeding, bleeding! – They're fighting for five days, sometimes six days, seven days

If you get daily maybe three, four days – This is why a woman always complains about pain – Oh! Cannon boom inside! Oh, sword inside! Oh no! Ohhh! – And this is why they want chocolate They want chocolate because it helps the pain Chocolate is medicine

– Ohhh! – Snickers: medicine Reese's: medicine Okay? Mars bar: medicine Okay? M&M? Medicine – Ooooo! – If you're a man, you need to learn these medicines

– And then, eventually, they stop fighting – And that's it! War over! Everybody's happy! Mommy's not yelling, daddy's safe! – And they get along very nice They're holding hands, everything's great, but they always get in a fight once a month Something happens once a month – Maybe one ovary don't pay rent

Maybe one ovary never washed dishes – You see, this is why when you have a lot of girls in the same place, they have periods at the same time Because one girl's ovaries are not fighting, they're very nice, they're holding hands, they're friends, then they hear another girl's ovaries fighting, and they start taking sides – I can't believe Melissa's left ovary thinks that dress is nice That dress is ugly

What? I think that dress is very nice! What! I can't believe you! (chattering and hissing) – Huh? Huh? (fighting noises) That's why doctors use that speaker to check belly, okay? He's checking, "what are they talking about inside? Huh? "What are thy talking about?" – Like a three-way call! Hello! – And when a woman gets pregnant, that's right, it's because ovaries stopped fighting for a little while They decide, "We're not going to fight at this time "We're going to hug" When they hug, they make one bigger ovary That's why I have a bump

You see? You understand? – Also, after a certain age, ovaries get too old and tired They can't fight anymore No more strength, okay? So they're inside the stomach, sitting in wheelchairs, okay, watching Netflix No more fighting No more bleeding

– They're wearing peace sign shirts inside – ♫ One love ♫ – And this is why girls have periods – This the facts – And this is why also you should always wash dishes and listen to your parents – Correct

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Okay Thank you Okay Go to your room! Okay Go to your room

Did you see people watching video? Like they don't have no bloody schoolwork? Huh? (serious music) (typing) – Ahhhh

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